'Oscar wake up' rose said kneeling down beside him. They were both covered in black ash and rose couldn't find emerald. Carrie and the others were helping the agents out but she hadn't seen emerald since the fire started. She had ran out here hoping to find them both, safe and sound, but she only found oscar lying on the ground, no sign of emerald.
'Oscar?' she said nudging his arm. He moaned and opened his eyes.
'Rose?' he said sitting up and wiping the ash from his eyes.
'Oscar...you're eyes' rose said looking at him.
'They're grey' she said and he looked at her.
'They got her' he said.
'Who, who got her?' rose asked.
'Jade' he said and rose knew it was her who had set off the bomb. They stood up and dusted most of the ash off and ran back to help the others out. Part of the fire had been put out but someparts were still blazing.
'Carrie!' oscar shouted.
'I'm over here, come help!' she shouted back and they ran over to her. She was helping a female agent out from some rubble and frank wasn't far behind her.
'Oscar, there you are, where's emerald?' he asked and oscar looked at him. Frank stepped back.
'You're eyes' he said.
'Can we talk about this later' carrie said helping the agent up and she smiled gratefully.
'Yes, lets do this first' frank said, hesitantly moving past oscar.
'Whats up with him, i don't bite do i?' oscar said and they smirked. They helped other agents out as the older agents helped put the fire out. Stark was ordering agents around who were un injured and the skul agents who were trapped when it came down were pulled out and arrested. The three of them walked over to one of the vans where frank was and looked at the gadget infront of them. It was a sphere, completley smooth with a timer on the side. It was deactivated now but oscar knew jade had the remote.
'This could go off at anytime' frank said turning to them. He still looked weary of oscar and his grey eyes but he could at least talk to him.
'What we need to do, is find the remote and shut it down' he said and they nodded.
'Jade has it' oscar said and frank looked at him properly.
'How'd you know?' he asked.
'I saw her on the roof, she had it in her hand' he answered.
'What did it look like?' he asked.
'Like a cylinder, but with a Big. Red. Button on top' he said cheerily shoving his hands in his pockets and smiling. Frank watched his movements. He was acting childish. Oscar rocked on his heels and sighed.
'Now what?' he asked looking at frank.
'We find jade' he said.

'I wonder who thought of the name for a pencil?' oscar said leaning back on his chair in HQ flick a pencil. He flung it up in the air and caught it again.
'Oscar, you feeling ok?' carrie asked and he looked at her. He pushed the chair away from the desk so it stopped beside her.
'Never better' he answered smiling widely.
'Frank, whats up with oscar?' carrie called over turning her head to look at him. Frank looked up from the gadget he was fixing, his large googly glasses on and shrugged.
'Just think about it, who made that word, it didn't exist before they made it' oscar said studying the pencil.
'Yeah oscar, thats the point of naming something' rose said sitting down and turning on the computer.
'That means everything has a name' oscar said pointing the pencil at rose and kicking his legs up, before walking over to the computers. He started typing faster than rose had ever seen anyone do. She looked at the screen to see files upon files being opened with different names and gadgets in each one. All the while oscar never took his eyes off the screen.
'Aha there you are' he said pulling up another file and turned to rose.
'Everything has a name, the only problem is finding it' oscar said and the file had the bomb and the detonator blue prints and instructions.
'But...how did you do that?' rose asked.
'Experience' oscar shrugged sitting back. Carrie and frank looked at each other then went over, reading the file.
'So to turn it off we don't need the detonator, we just need that' frank said pointing to the small pencil on the screen. Oscar smiled.
'So thats why you were going on about the pencil' carrie said and oscar frowned.
'No, i was just thinking about pencils' he said and smiled.
'You're impossible to understand' carrie said and oscar laughed.
'So where is it?' rose asked and oscar turned back to the computer. He started typing and an adress popped up.
'Lets go' frank said and they shot off.

'We need to find a way in, pass the guards, over the railings and into the lab' rose said and oscar sighed.
'Or we could use this' he said opening a small hut.
'Whats that for, is it like the TARDIS, bigger on the inside?' rose joked.
'Sort of' oscar said walking through. They were outside a large facility in the middle of a wood.
'Oscar?' carrie called.
'Oscar!' she shouted getting scared. He stuck his head out.
'Well come on' he said and he went back in. They followed through and found a ladder going down.
'Ladies first' he said patting rose on the shoulder. She turned to him and scowled.
'Just trying to be polite, all you had to say was no' oscar muttered before hopping down. Rose smiled and followed with carrie and frank behind. They landed in a small tunnell just tall enough to stand up in. Once they were all down oscar turned to his left.
'Off we go' he said walking and they followed. They walked for about 10 mins before they came to a shaft going upwards. Oscar looked up and smiled.
'One way in, thousands of corridors and one way out' he said to no-one particular, lifting the hatch and setting it down beside him. He pulled himself up and looked through. He dropped back down and looked at them.
'All clear' he said cheerily jumping and swinging his legs up behind him. Carrie helped rose up, then frank who helped carrie up and they looked about.
'This way' oscar said and they followed him.

'Do you think he's alright?' edward asked.
'I'm sure the little buggars fine' stark said pacing the room. Edward stood leaning against the wall with his arms crossed biting his nails. He started walking past the window and paced back and forth.

They walked through many corridors when oscar stopped.
'Whats the matter?' carrie asked. He saw the flash of red. Jessica. He looked around.
'Are we lost?' rose asked.
'No...no, i...just thought...' he stammered turning around again. Where'd she go? He saw her. She smiled and waved then vanished. He shook his head.
'This way' he said taking off in the other direction.