They were pulled into the cells and seperated into two's. The agents laughed at them and left them in the dark. Oscar sat against the back wall with his dad and brung his knees up to his chest, he hated the dark. Emerald was in the cell beside him with cleo and rose and carrie were in the one across from him. His dad moved beside him and he leaned his head on his shoulder. His dad smiled and they sat in silence. They saw a light coming from beside them and looked to see cleo still had his spy pod. He handed it over to edward who sent a message to m.i.9 and their coordinates. Their spirits lifted as they waited, hoping they would come, maybe stark wouldn't but the others might.

Jade pushed the door open and they all looked at her. She smiled and walked up and down, inspecting them still smiling. She clicked her fingers and the two agents with her grabbed oscar and emerald. They were pulled out and the others were shouting at jade who ignored them. They were pushed outside and pulled towards a room. Emerald looked over to oscar who was visably shaking.
'Oscar whats the matter?' she whispered to him and he shook his head, not taking his eyes off the door. They were pushed in and saw it was an empty grey room with no windows or heating. They were shoved down so they fell inside. They laughed and slammed the door shut, leaving them in the dark again.
'Oscar, are you alright?' emerald asked sitting up and looking around for him. She moved over and found him against the wall, still trembling. She could see his eyes were wide and alert and his breathing was quick. She sat beside him and leaned against him, still wondering where they were. But there was one good least they had each other and noone could take that away from them again.

The next few days went by and they hadn't been seen by the others and they were starting to get worried. They paced their cells for the full day but no news came. Oscar and emerald were kept in the dark, starved and cold. They sat in silence, glad that they were atleast with each other. Oscar just wished he could see his dad. He had only just started to remember everything and now they were gone, taken away from him. After a week they were sure m.i.9 weren't coming. One night emerald woke up to a noise of metal on metal. She stood up and walked over to the door. She leaned her ear to it and could hear people talking. She stepped back then ran over to oscar. She shook his shoulder and he moaned.
'What?' he mumbled opening his eyes and emerald stumbled back. His eyes were grey. Oscar jumped up and looked at hers.
'Emerald you're eyes are grey' he said cupping her face and looking at them.
'So are your's' she said and he looked scared. The door banged again and oscar looked over to it.
'Who's there?' he asked emerald and she shrugged. Oscar looked around the room and noticed a small vent. They must have changed the legal into a gas and filtered it through. He stood back from it and looked to emerald.
'Vent' he said and she looked up. She sighed loudly and there was another bang and they jumped.
'Guys you in there?' came a familiar voice.
'Cleo!' they shouted running to the door. There was a sharp clang and the door swung open. They ran out and saw there were m.i.9 agents runnig around the base and fighting skul agents. The ithers were there and oscar hugged his dad, glad he was with him. Now he was here he could do anything. They started running and found frank and stark controlling the mission. Frank turned to them and noticed oscar. Oscar winked like last time and frank smiled brightly. They went to help and soon the skul agents were disarmed and neutralised. Oscar looked to emerald and saw her eyes were still grey then he remembered his mum. Emerald nodded as she was thinking the same thing and they both said.
'Roof' and started running, the others behind them.

They burst through the door in time to see the helicopter take off. Frank held up a sort of gun and fired it, implanting a tracer chip into the helicopters bulk. They went back through the door and saw the agents leading the skul thugs into the vans. Oscar looked to his right and saw jessica standing beside him. He smiled and she smiled back. Everything was right again.

Then there was the explosion. And darkness overwhelmed everyones vision. Oscar fell to the side and coughed as the fires fumes choked him. He tried to sit up but his body felt heavy and woudn't do what he wanted. He looked about and saw the others lying beneath the cloud of black smoke. He forced himself up and pain shot through his side. He ignored it and looked for his dad. All he could see was the thick black smoke and the roaring fire, but the thing is he couldn't hear the roar of the flames or the screeching of the sirens, all he could hear was emerald screaming. He jumped to his feet and looked around.
'Emerald!' he shouted as loud as he could.
'Oscar help!' she shouted back her voice full of pain and pleading. He ran towards her voice and saw her being dragged away by two skul agents. He ran after her, forcing himself to run faster, wishing he could catch her. Jessica ran beside him and he found the energy to keep running. He bounded out the door and was hit with a wave of heat. He coughed more and sheilded his vision from the bright flames licking at his face and clothes. He saw an open door and ran for it. He ran through and saw her. Emerald was still screaming his name but all he could focus on was jade. She was standing holding the detonator that had blown the base to cinders laughing madly. He tried to run to her, to get to emerald, to get somewhere but his body wouldn't do it. He was frozen. When he came to his sense he ran as fast as he could towards the helicopter waiting to take emerald away from him. He was knocked over by an agent and fell to his side, pain exploding in his head. Everything was slow and quiet. He saw them taking her and her struggling against them but he couldn't move. The last thing he remembered after emerald disappearing was whispering her name.
'Emerald' then he blacked out.