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The three young werewolf boys have been traveling for days, hardly stopping for food or rest. They were desperate to get to their destination as fast as they possibly could.

They were currently running through a thick dense forest. The sun shone brightly above the forest canopy, streaking through the breaks in the leaves, hitting the moss covered rocks and lighting up the little stream that was running parallel to the boys. Yet they paid no attention to the beauty of the forest. So close were they to their goal that they barely paid attention to each other.

While they were running full speed toward the center of the forest, hoping to make it their before nightfall, they often did not pay attention to what was on the ground. They often tripped and stumbled over the debris of the forest floor or over each other. Always urging each other on and to go as fast as they possibly could.

The boys did not pay attention to how exhausted they were. They ignored it in the hopes of upstaging their traveling companions.

Around mid day, the three decided to slow their pace down. Rather than an insane full sprint run, they toned it down to a light jog and a couple hours later decided for a brisk walk.

Late evening that same day, the three werewolves came to the center of the forest. The sun was still shining through the trees, although it was dimmer than it had been earlier this same day when the three were running at top speed.

Yugi glanced around warily at his surroundings. He had a very bad feeling about this. He sensed that something was watching him, yet he knew that it was not Bakura. Whatever was watching them, Yugi knew that it was something else, something more sinister.

He wished to express his concern with the others, but he did not want to alert whatever was watching them that he knew that they were there hiding behind the trees and using the bushes as cover.

Yugi heard a sickening crunch and he felt something splinter beneath his paw. Normally, he would dismiss this as just a breaking twig. Yet this, this was different for the material that had just recently been broken beneath his paw was smooth, not rough like a twig or branch should be.

Glancing down and lifting up his back paw, Yugi saw that he had stepped on not a twig or a branch, not even a rock. Yugi had stepped on a skull, a human skull to be exact.

"Uh, guys? I think you should come and check this out!" He yelled, still gazing at the skull that he had just stepped in, unable to move, petrified by the thought that he just stepped in a human skull.

My foot is stuck in a human skull, this is nasty and gross. Ew, that's nasty! There are centipedes crawling around my foot! Oh God, it's going up my leg. Don't scream like a girl, don't scream like a girl. OH GOD, IT'S A SPIDER! WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME THAT THESE THINGS HAPPEN TO!

And this was how Joey and Atemu found Yugi, frozen in place with his paw up in the air and a look of panic bordering on hysteria frozen on his face.

"What, did you step on an insect or in a pile of decomposing rodent shit?" Atemu asked, laughing.

"No!" Yugi said indignantly. "If you must know, which I think you do need to know, I got the unfortunate luck of stepping on a human skull. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion, by looking around, this place is that we have come to the battlefield that was described in that old history book."

"Yugi." Joey began admonishing. "This skull could have belonged to a human that could have been an exiled criminal from Norwich. The city is located near this cite."

"Really, well, that is possible yet I am positive that this is the old battle site." Yugi said without hesitation and pure confidence.

"How can you be so sure of yourself, Yugi? I think Joey is right." Atemu said.

"Come on, we have better things to do than stand over a criminal's broken skull." Joey said, turning away.

"Like finding the real old battle field." Atemu said, following behind Joey without giving Yugi a second glance.

That is, until Yugi said something to the both of them that made them stop in their tracks.

"Well, if you guys want to waste your energy reserves go ahead. I'll just sit here quietly and wait for you to return when you figure out that you were wrong and I was right." He called to their retreating forms, sitting down and leaning against a nearby tree.

Joey and Atemu stopped dead in their tracks, turning slowly to face Yugi. Huffing, they backtracked and made their way back to him, crouching down to eye level with him.

"What do you mean, Yugi ?" Jason sighed, pinching the bridge of his snout twixt his eyes, not willing to deal with Yugi's stubbornness. He was rather inclined to disagree with Atemu and leave Yugi where he was sitting and start looking for the old battle field himself.

"Yeah, what gives you the idea that this is the old battle field?" Atemu questioned gently.

"Do you two ever take a look at your surroundings? You know what? Don't bother answering that, we all know that you don't. Because if you did bother to take a look at your surroundings." Yugi said, ignoring the glares that they sent his way. "Then you would have noticed the rusting shields and swords, not to mention armor that is littered throughout the forest floor." Yugi said smugly, gesturing to the swords and shields that were old and rusting away with his furry paw.

For the first time, Joey and Atemu decided to take a closer look at their surroundings and look in the directions that Yugi was pointing in. All three of them stood up and looked on in awe at the forest floor.

They took in all the skeletons that were covered in moss and the rusting shields. The spears with the heads of skeletons impaled upon them.

They walked slowly, turning around in slow circles, trying to process all that they now saw. They tried imagining the Great War that had taken place on the very soil that they now stood upon.

Yugi glanced up at the sun that was streaking throughout the forest canopy to where a beam of light shone on a skeleton's head. It seemed to be laughing at him, grinning with empty eye sockets.

As he looked, he could swear that he saw flashes of the past, little glimpses into the long ago wars that had taken place. He saw, as if he was standing there himself, upon the gory battle field. Werewolves fully fitted in battle armor, carrying pure silver swords like the one that was attached to his hip. Running and howling at the full moon, they clashed head on with the human horde that was fast approaching the werewolf army.

He watched as the werewolves were falling under the might of the humans, saw flashes as the werewolves called a swift retreat. Watched in relief as some of the werewolf warriors managed to make it without incident and gazed sadly as the werewolves who were not fast enough were captured by the human army.

Stared on as the ones that had not made it off of the battle field were tortured and killed by the humans. Their fur was stripped off of their body and used for mundane things not worthy of a werewolf. Watched as they were defiled, even within death; a place where they should be allowed to rest in peace. The humans had no qualms about denying them any peace.

"This was a massacre. Not a war, a massacre." Yugi whispered.

The other two nodded in agreement as they glanced around themselves. So enraptured were they in their surroundings, they did not hear the approaching footsteps coming up behind them.

Yugi jumped a foot in the air and whirled around to face the dark shadow that was behind them when the being decided to speak, announcing its presence to the other two werewolves.

"Yes, it was indeed a massacre. If you haven't figured it out already, it was an ambush. The humans were a lot smarter than the werewolves had anticipated. Even brute strength could not save them." The dark shadow said quietly.

"Who – who are you?" Yugi stuttered.

The dark shape turned to face them, looking Yugi dead in the eyes. "Me? My name is Pegasus. My full name given to me at birth, by my now deceased parents, is Pegasus J. Crawford. I am known as Maximillion by most though. That was the name that I had been gifted by my Sire."

"You're Sire? What do you mean? And how come you have been following us?" Yugi asked, confusion written plainly for all to see on his face.

"Ah, you are a warrior for your pack I take it." Pegasus said. "Or not. I take it that you do not understand a word of what I am saying. That's fine. We have all the time that the world sees fit to offer us, seeing as how we all happen to be immortal."

"You mean to say, that you are a werewolf as well?" Atemu asked excitedly.

Pegasus chuckled lightly. "No, I am as much a werewolf as you are cabbages. No, I am a vampire. You know, those blood sucking monsters that humans think are parasites?"

Joey and Atemu started to back up, trying to pull Yugi back with them. Yet Yugi held his ground, looking Pegasus straight in the eyes.

"Yes," Pegasus said "You are a warrior, yet you are more of a scout than a foot soldier." He stated.

"Wha? What do you mean I am a warrior? What do you mean by sire?"

"You are a warrior. I can tell by the way that you observe your surroundings. You notice things that your companions do not. You have noticed my presence when your friends have not."

"So, that does not mean I am a warrior or a scout." Yugi said stubbornly. "And you still haven't answered my question about what you meant when you said your sire."

"A sire is the one that turned a vampire. For example, there were two people, a man and a woman. The man was a vampire and turned the woman into a vampire, the man then became the woman's sire." Atemu said.

"I can understand perfectly fine without the example and the tree branches." Yugi said, annoyed as he watched Joey act out Atemu's example with a rock and a tree branch.

"Back to the matter at hand, it does, in fact, mean that I know that you are a warrior."

"I hope you realize that made hardly any sense." Yugi said deadpanned.

"Shut up and listen to me for once! I am five hundred years old."

"Damn you're old. I mean, I knew you were old but..." Yugi trailed off.

"Shit, you're ancient!" Atemu finished for Yugi.

"Can you people shut up and listen to me?"

"Sure, sorry." Joey said, scratching the back of his neck."But, whoa, oooold."

"I remember the times when the humans and werewolves were friends, then when they turned on one another."

"You're telling me that we were actually friends with humans? You've got to be joking!" Joey said incredulously.

"Just shut up and listen to him, you moron, before he kills us." Atemu hissed.

"I'm not a moron you idiot!"

"If you weren't a moron, you would shut up and not argue with me!"

"Would you two shut up and listen!" Yugi screamed, pulling at his hair.

"As I was saying," Pegasus glared at them before continuing. "I remember when the werewolves came to the vampires for help. Four hundred years ago, we vampires agreed to help the werewolves. We showed your race how to make them better, stronger, than they had previously been."

"I don't mean to be rude and interrupt what seems like a great story." Yugi began. "But what does this have to do with me?"

"I'm getting to that part. If you would just sit still and listen without interrupting like a good pupi,l you would know by now!"

"Alright, alright, sorry for interrupting."

"Any way, as I was saying before. We showed them a way that they could hold silver without getting burnt. This battle took place 300 years ago. You have been given the ability to hold silver without damage." Pegasus said, gesturing to the sword at Yugi's side.

"Your point?" Yugi said raising his eyebrows.

"The point is that you have been given glimpses of the past, of this battle, correct?" Pegasus asked.

"Yes, yes, I have." Yugi said hesitantly.

"You have a connection to the warriors that once stood here in our place. You have seen how they had died and seen that they have been able to hold silver. Only the warriors of the werewolf pack had undergone the process to give them that particular ability. It was a great honor in the old times. Only a select few were given this honor, because the process could kill them. The ones that survived were trained in the ways of war and became warriors, the protectors of the pack."

"What is this process? I haven't gone through any process. I was only bitten by a werewolf." Yugi said confused. Similar expressions could be found on his friends faces.

"Exactly, you dimwitted fool! The whole process was to take the pureblood werewolves and bite them while they were in their human form! It was extremely painful for those that agreed to go through with it and some died from it. Others went insane from the dreams that they experienced. They thought it was real, for the dreams were exactly like reality. They ended up killing themselves to rid themselves of the madness."

Atemu looked sharply at Yugi when this was said. Yugi's eyes widened as he thought back to the pain when he was bitten, to the dreams that he had nearly gone insane from, to his inability to transform. It all made sense, except for the fact that his parents had been human, not pureblood werewolves.

"But, the ones that had been fortunate enough survived and made it, they were gifted werewolves. Although, they were extremely sensitive in the beginning. A voice that grated on their nerves could make their ears bleed from it. They could hear and see more than a normal werewolf could, even their fellow purebloods." Pegasus continued, ignoring the looks that the three werewolves were sending each other.

"And they are able to touch silver without any physical repercussions." Yugi finished.


"So you are saying that Yugi is a pureblood? How? He lived with humans all his life!" Atemu cried.

"I have been watching this young cub for a while, ever since he was born as his parents had begged of me."

"Who were his parents then?" Atemu asked.

"Have you not figured it out yourself? Very well, I will give you one more clue. His parents belonged to your pack once upon a time, Atemu Sennen." Shadow said as if this should reveal all.

The three boys, though, did not understand what he was going on about. It still did not explain to them who Yugi's real parents were. Although, Yugi had a nagging sense that he knew who Pegasus was referring to, but he didn't want to believe it. He still wanted to cling to the idea that his human parents were his biological parents rather than accept the fact that they adopted him.

Although, it will explain why I looked nothing like them. He thought with increasing depression.

"Yes, you know who your parents are, or rather were, don't you, Yugi." Pegasus said knowingly.

"So you are saying that Bakura is my brother? That, that thing is related to me?"

"Yes. Well, you're not as dumb as you look, are you? I guess miracles really do happen once in awhile." Pegasus laughed.

Neither Yugi nor Pegasus noticed the widening of Atemu's and Joey's eyes, or the shocked intakes of breath that they took.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to Yugi that he never thought to ask before. "How come it is so painful though?"

"The reason that the transformations are so painful is because those that were chosen, they are born a werewolf. They are pureblood werewolves and when a pureblood werewolf is bitten by a werewolf, and if they do not know that they are a werewolf, then they will be forced into their heritage early and they will not be ready for it. That is why it hurt you so much more than any others that had suffered through it before you. You never ever bite a pureblood werewolf, especially if they do not know about their heritage, and are not mentally ready for it."

"Why can't they be bitten?" Joey asked

"Pureblood werewolves can't be bitten by another werewolf because they have to be eased into it and get used to the idea before they can begin to transform." Explained Pegasus, a bit miffed at Joey for cutting him off

"So what happens when you bite a pureblood werewolf that is unaware?" Joey asked.

"When purebloods are bitten and forced into it, they will have nightmares and the transformation will be excruciatingly painful because of the venoms of each werewolf are fighting each other, the natural and unnatural." Pegasus explained.

"So because I was a pureblood, when purebloods are bitten the two venoms begin to contradict each other, counteracting certain werewolf traits and increasing others?" Yugi asked.

"Yes." Pegasus said, looking approvingly at Yugi.

"You must not say this to any other werewolf. This secret was only shared to help protect the werewolves, but they went insane with it. That sword is a product of it. All the history and weapons of the old days were locked up because of it."

"How come they went crazy?" Yugi asked.

"Because they thought that if they turned every werewolf into a protector that they could be better than anything. They started to try to control the other races, like the humans and the vampires as well as the mages." Pegasus said.

"The sword that you carry now was forged by wizards. The werewolves believe that if you hold it then you will never fall in battle. It had been given to the king of England a long time ago. Werewolves ended up killing each other for it, and so we hid it in a cave along with the rest of the history, in hopes that history would not repeat itself."

"I see. Well, don't worry we will not breath a word of this to any others." Atemu said.

"Shh!" Yugi hissed. "There are others in this forest besides us, and they are approaching fast, at an alarming rate actually." He said urgently.

Before Pegasus or the others could comment on this new revelation, they were swarmed by werewolves. All they could do was hope that their conversation had not been over heard, before they were knocked unconscious.