Dedication: Phoenix Retribution

"I hate you. I will never love you." Cato hissed.

Amethyst looked down. She already knew he hated her. Cato continued to glare at her. Finally, the waiter arrived and placed two iced coffees on the table. Cato drank it in two gulps while Amethyst sipped slowly. The cold liquid ran down her throat and it felt good in the heat. She finished the coffee and Cato stood up. Without another word, he left the restaurant. Amethyst sighed and got up. She walked back home where her mother and brother were waiting. "How did it go?" Her mother asked. "Fine." Amethyst answered. "Oh really?" Max said and Amethyst nodded. Max shrugged and left. Amethyst's mother looked at her and smiled. "We need to go out today."

Amethyst nearly groaned out loud. "Again?"

"Yes. We still need to find you shoes and some jewellery."

"But Mom-" Amethyst got ready to protest.

"No buts. The wedding is in a month."

"Alright." Amethyst nodded slowly and then walked up to her room. Max joined her a while later. "So tell me the truth. I know you're hiding something."

"I am not. It went well. That's the truth."

"And did Cato mention," Max paused and took a deep breath before continuing, "mention Clove again?"

Amethyst didn't reply. Max understood instantly. "Well he's going to have to accept you sometime."

"No, he made it quite clear that he wouldn't."

"I'd hate to be in your position."

"Shut up." Amethyst growled. Max held up his hands and backed away. After a while, he looked at Amethyst and frowned. "He must've really loved her." He said slowly and Amethyst nodded in agreement. "He still does."

Max stood up and walked to the window. Amethyst took a pillow and clutched it to her chest. Max left the room and Amethyst fell back on her bed and closed her eyes. She missed Clove, her best friend, and she couldn't stop the tears that flowed freely down her cheeks. Before she knew it, she was fast asleep.

Amethyst continued walking even though her feet were killing her. Her mother was walking in front of her. They had visited a million shops and still her mother wasn't satisfied. Amethyst had tried to tell her that anything was fine. It was just a wedding after all. But her mother had turned watery eyed and had hugged Amethyst.

"It's my only daughter's wedding day. It has to be perfect."

Amethyst decided not to argue. They entered another designer clothes' shop and ran into Cato and his parents. The mothers hugged each other and started talking instantly. Cato was scowling and his father was frowning as he checked out another suit. "Cato how do you think this one looks?" His father asked. Cato frowned too and glared at the suit. "It's the same as the other thousand we've looked at."

"Cato don't take that tone with your father." Cato's mother scolded. Cato scowled again. "I'm out of here." He said and walked out of the shop. Cato's parents shared twin sighs. His mother looked sadly at the place where her son had stood. "He just doesn't accept the fact that she's gone."

Amethyst's mother nodded slowly and waved a hand at Amethyst, indicating that she was free to leave. Amethyst walked out and went to the small ice cream shop next door and bought herself a blueberry Popsicle. She licked it and felt her lips turn blue. She smiled sadly when she remembered blueberry was Clove's favorite flavour too. The two would come to the shop often to get ice cream. And then she was reaped and nothing was the same again. She was turning the corner when she bumped into someone. Amethyst looked up to see Cato glaring at her as blueberry juice ran down the front of his white shirt.

"Uh... I'm really sorry. I wasn't-"

"Whatever. I don't care." Cato sneered and looked away.

Amethyst looked at Cato and spoke softly. "You know she was my best friend. She promised me that she would come back for me. I was just as broken as you were. Maybe even more." Amethyst tried to hold her tears but a few fell.

"I. Will. Never. Forget." Cato said and walked away. Amethyst watched him go. He was right; he would never forget Clove's death. But neither would she.

Amethyst fidgeted as the stylist did her hair. The stylist glared at her and she stopped for a bit before fidgeting again. In the end, the stylist had quickly finished the hair style and walked out of the room, not even bothering to check if Amethyst looked right or not. Her mother entered the room and burst into tears (not the first time). Amethyst hugged her mother and wiped her tears. Just then Max came in. Their mother left and Max smiled at his sister.

"You look... gorgeous." Max said and hugged Amethyst. She nodded slowly.

"Clove's supposed to be here, not me. Clove's supposed to marry Cato, not me. Clove's supposed to have won and lived and have come back to me. She promised." Amethyst started to cry. Max hugged her again. "It's okay Amie. Please don't cry."

"She promised Max. She promised." Amethyst said again.

"I know she did." Max continued to hug Amethyst. After a while, they broke apart and Max wiped his younger sister's tears. "You'll do just fine. Just try, try to forget."

Amethyst nodded even though she would never forget.

Cato hadn't looked at Amethyst when she came in. He was staring off into space. It was only when she joined him did he realize that she was actually there. They turned towards the priest and the ceremony began.

One hour. Cato had been in the bathroom for one entire hour. Amethyst knocked on the door again and received no reply.

"Cato? Cato?" She called but still received no reply. Amethyst clutched the doorknob and twisted it, it was locked alright. She went and called the servant, Ralph. He furrowed his eyebrow.

"Young Master should have come out by now. How peculiar." Ralph felt the doorknob and then thumped his body against the door. He tried again but this time with more force. The door swung open and Amethyst let out a blood curdling scream.