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He walked out to the balcony and allowed the cold breeze to tousle his hair around. He smiled as a star shone extra brightly, trying to catch his attention.

"I saw you when I stepped out, love." He whispered. A warm breeze hit him and he let out a sigh.

"Happy 35th anniversary." He said and watched as the star twinkled brighter. Suddenly, he felt something sting the right side of his neck. He reached up to touch the area and just as his finger hit the sore spot, everything went black.

She was there, he knew it. He could sense her presence and as his eyes fluttered open, he saw her figure standing in front of him. She held out a hand and he took it in his much bigger one. She was the same as always. The same white dress with pearls on the bodice, the same ribbons intertwined in her hair, the same white Lilly tucked behind her ear, the same smile...

"Happy anniversary." She said and he smiled as well. They wrapped their arms around each other as smiles graced their lips. He pulled away after a while and touched the Lilly.

"Is that the one I gave you?" He asked and she nodded and placed her fingers on top of his.

"I never take it off." She answered.

They stood there for a while longer, just staring into those eyes both of them loved so dearly. And then she took his hand and pointed towards the horizon. "Walk with me." She whispered.

Together they began walking, past the flowers of the meadow and the cold river. She led him to a small cottage where smoke was rising from it's small chimney. He didn't say anything, trusting her completely, and walked besides her silently. Their fingers were intertwined and their smiles almost identical except hers was softer and his was happier. She opened the door to the cottage but didn't stop inside of it, she continued walking. The back door was opened and then they were in a different world. A world of darkness where the stars twinkled brightly and there was no ground underneath them. He watched as she pointed to a star in the far East.

"That's my mother." She said and pointed to one next to it. "And that's my father."

She pointed to one in the North. "There's your father." She whispered, knowing that his father was always an emotional topic to discuss with him.

He nodded and she squeezed his hand, leading him towards another door. They stepped inside and entered another world. A world of pictures. He saw his sons dancing merrily in the fields and then climbing a tree. He saw his brother petting his new dog and his wife running after their daughters. He saw her brother smiling at his wife as she held their newly born son. He saw many more pictures, of him and her, when life still existed within her.

And they traveled. Through the deserts and mountains. They wandered past memories and tears. And finally, when their journey ended, he asked her. "Am I going to leave now?" As he always did.

And this time she replied. "No, you have come to stay."

And then he nodded and they intertwined their fingers once more and walked through one last door. And even though their journey ended, their love continued. Forever and ever.

The End.


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