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Fanfiction Written by; Dean Donnell.

Chapter 1

Smallville High, the Principal's office.

Feels strange to be back here, Clark thought as he opened the door and looked inside, his little sister Tayuya was waiting inside and the Principal of the school as well.

The call from Tayuya's school had been unexpected, but not really surprising; in retrospect Clark realized that he probably should have seen this coming.

Given her past the young girl was likely to still have some anger management issues and that could easily lead to incidents like this.

It was actually surprising that this hadn't happened sooner.

In any case Clark seriously doubted that Tayuya had been the one to start what had happened, though from what Clark heard over the phone she had taken things too far.

Not like I'm one to talk, Clark thought as he caught Tayuya's defiant gaze I've been known to lose it a time or two myself.

"I know what you're gonna say Clark," Tayuya told him defiantly, the very image of a rebellious teenager "the shi-creep deserved it."

"What did he do Tayu?" Clark asked with a sigh of resignation, obviously now was not the time to reprimand her for taking things too far, that would come later once she calmed down "did he touch you inappropriately?"

"Worse," Tayuya replied "he tried to feel Bethany up."

Clark looked to the opposite side of the door, catching sight of Tayuya's new friend Bethany St Michaels, Bethany nodded, confirming what Tayuya had said.

The other teenager's face was smeared with dirt, and her hair was mussed.

And why was she wearing those huge sunglasses indoors?

"Duncan McAlister is a pervert," Bethany stated flatly.

"Have a seat Mr Kent," Principal Wagner offered "that way we can discuss what happened properly."

"Thanks," Clark replied gratefully as he sat down "so Tayu, I know this Duncan guy was sexually harassing your friend, was that worth breaking his jaw over? Not to mention those three fingers of his that you also broke? And the two cracked ribs? And the other bruises and abrasions that you inflicted on him?"

"Yes," Tayuya replied flatly "it was worth it all right nobody does that to my friends, besides he didn't just grab her tush Clark, when she pulled away and told him off for it he hit her."

"What?" Clark asked shocked, Tayuya's actions were almost understandable when that was taken into account.

Bethany slipped off the dark glasses, revealing that her left eye was badly bruised and swollen almost shut; in that moment Clark knew it for certain.

Duncan had deserved a punch on the jaw, but still-in her anger Tayuya had clearly taken things too far.

"Standing up for your friends is all very well," Principal Wagner told Tayuya sternly "but there is such a thing as excessive force; that is what has happened here, in any case I won't have violence in my school."

"Well then I hope you're punishing Duncan for what he did to Bethany," Clark noted "because this never would have happened had he kept his hands to himself, and hitting her like that was completely unacceptable."

"He will be brought in here as soon as the doctor has finished treating his injuries," Wagner assured Clark "he's facing expulsion for his actions, now what your sister is facing isn't quite as harsh but she did take things too far so I'm thinking about-oh-two weeks detention and if this happens again she will be required to attend anger management classes."

Tayuya's face fell at the mention of that.

Still, Tayuya thought to herself it could be worse, Duncan's family could be suing for compensation, thanks Beth, I owe you one for that.

When Duncan's family had been in here earlier they had been threatening to sue Clark for everything he owned over what Tayuya had done, Bethany had stepped in and sweet as you please told them that if they didn't sue Clark for compensation then she wouldn't press charges against Duncan for sexual harassment and assault.

They had backed off quickly after that.

"Well it looks like I lose my lunch hour for the next two weeks," Tayuya muttered "and my Saturday mornings, thanks a lot Duncan."

"If you'd controlled your temper this wouldn't have happened," Principal Wagner told her sternly "maybe he did deserve a punch on the jaw but breaking bones is taking it too far."

"Yes sir," Tayuya finally relented "I'll try to watch my temper in future."

"Good," Wagner replied "you're free to go for now, just remember that your lunch hours and Saturday mornings belong to me for the next two weeks."

"Fine," Tayuya nodded "I'll be at the damn detention room when I'm supposed to."

"Two weeks detention," Tayuya muttered as she sat beside Clark in the family pickup truck hating herself for losing control like that "I know Clark, I took it too far, it's just-."

"You don't like to see people hurting your friends," Clark nodded with a sigh as he drove toward the Kent farm, school had let out by the time everything was sorted out so Clark was driving her home "I'm hardly one to criticise, I've been guilty of the same thing, but Tayu this is a serious matter, with your strength you could have killed him losing control like that, you may not be Kryptonian but you're still much stronger than a normal girl."

"You gonna lecture me Clark?" Tayuya asked "cos I don't wanna hear it right now, I know I screwed up okay."

"Damn right you did," Clark replied sternly "but I think Wagner's already lectured you enough on that."

"You're disappointed in me aren't you?"

"A little," Clark admitted "I do understand why you did what you did though."

"I'm sorry," Tayuya apologised "I'm trying to be a good girl but-."

"You are a good person Tayuya," Clark assured her "it's just that you have issues, it's funny you know."

"What's funny?" Tayuya asked, raising an eyebrow as she did.

"To look at you now it's easy to forget the way you used to be," Clark replied "and what you've been through, remember those things and it goes without saying that you'd have anger management issues."

"Think I should see a therapist?" Tayuya asked.

"Finding one who can keep the secret might be a problem," Clark replied "but you are getting better you know."

"I'll try to make you proud of me again Clark," Tayuya promised.

"You don't need to do that," Clark assured the young girl "the fact that I'm disappointed over one thing you did doesn't mean that I'm not still proud of you as a person."

"Thanks," Tayuya replied "I'll try not to disappoint you again."