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Fanfiction Written by; Dean Donnell.

Chapter 14

Lex adjusted his tie as he walked up to his desk and sat down, quickly booting up his computer and accessing the internet he navigated his browser toward S.T.A.R. Labs' website.

He flexed his shoulders briefly and made himself comfortable in his seat as a predatory smile found its way onto his face.

"Now we begin."

S.T.A.R. Labs

As Tayuya walked back into the computer room she saw Chloe hard at work clearing up the image, the person pushing Lionel out of the window in the photo was no doubt bald.

Definitely Lex, Tayuya thought to herself.

But they needed the photo crystal clear to prove that.

"I see you're almost there Chlo," Tayuya observed, smiling behind her mask as she spoke.

"Almost," Chloe confirmed without looking away from the screen "in a few minutes Lex will be getting fitted for an orange jumpsuit."
"Definitely his colour," Tayuya agreed, a smirk on her lips.

"Agreed," Chloe nodded "It'll keep him from playing mad scientist with-wait a minute what's this?"

Chloe frowned as a flashing red icon popped up on the screen.

"Something bad obviously," Tayuya surmised, her brow furrowing as she said this.

"Yeah, someone's trying to hack the system," Chloe agreed "but whoever they are they never met Chloe Sullivan before-I'll have our little hacker heading home with his tail between his legs."

Chloe went to work, intent on accomplishing just that, however after thirty seconds her teeth were gritted in annoyance.

"Six firewalls in thirty seconds-what the hell?" Chloe asked rhetorically "who is this guy?"

"He's good obviously," Tayuya observed "he must be after the photo."

"You read my mind," Chloe nodded as she inserted a flash drive into the nearest available USB port and began transferring the last save of her work clearing it up "dammit-he's already in the system, but if I can transfer the file onto the flash drive before he wipes it-."

Suddenly the computer shut off and all of the lights went out.

"Too late."

The dimensional transporter room; Earth 1

Emil Hamilton was waiting in tense anticipation for Clark Kent's return as he paced back and forth, the longer this took the more danger Bethany was in.

He was alone here, having expressly forbidden anybody else from being present during this particular inter-dimensional trip.

Abruptly he was drawn out of his musings by the distinctive hum of the device activating, there followed a blinding flash of light and when it cleared Clark was standing on the pad flanked by four strangely dressed individuals whom Emil could only assume were shinobi from Konoha.

"Clark-you're back," Emil observed "and you brought some passengers I see."

"Yes I did," Clark confirmed "these guys have agreed to help us keep Bethany safe for a while-meet Sakura, Temari, Naruto and Rock Lee."

"So this is Earth One," the Green Clad young man who had been introduced as Rock Lee noted "if what I have heard about it is true it is a most youthful place indeed."

Emil's face took on an unmistakeable 'what the hell?' expression.

"I'm afraid you're gonna have to get used to that Emil," Clark noted dryly.

"So this is the world where Tayuya of the Northern Gate is living now," Temari remarked dryly "supposedly she's turned over a new leaf-not sure if I believe that though."

"She has," Clark insisted "she's been living as a member of my family for a few weeks now, the girl we brought you here to protect happens to be a close friend of hers."

"Well I guess we'll see how much she's reformed by how much she's willing to risk for this friend of hers," Temari decided thoughtfully.

"She's okay," Naruto piped up cheerfully "one of the good guys now-we'll keep her friend safe for her Clark; believe it."

Lana Lang stretched tiredly as she set her briefcase down by the door upon entering the Kent farmhouse, for the last two hours she had been dealing with the insurance company and organising contractors to get the Isis building repaired.

What a headache, Lana thought tiredly I don't blame Clark, Kara or Tayuya though, they were just protecting me-the one I blame is Brainiac, but he's dead now or destroyed or whatever happens to AIs when they end their lives.

"Clark, Kara, Tayuya-I'm home," Lana called "you would not believe how difficult it can be to organise a few builders."

"Clark and Tayuya are out at the moment Lana," Kara informed the young founder of the Isis foundation "they had something urgent to take care of."

"I see," Lana nodded "do you know when they'll be-."

Lana stopped as she caught sight of the other person who was there.

"Bethany," Lana observed in surprise "what are you doing here?"

"Long story short Bethany has some psychic abilities that have put her on Luthorcorp's radar," Kara informed Lana "she was attacked, Tayuya saved her and brought her here to keep her safe."

"And that has to do with why Clark and Tayu are out at the moment right?" Lana asked as she connected the dots.

"Clark and Tayuya are out because Tayu is keeping Chloe safe while she digitally cleans up an incriminating photo of Lex and Clark is summoning help from-some old friends to keep Beth safe," Kara replied simply.

"I think I know the friends you mean," Lana deduced "they will be useful."

"Yeah-they can be quite handy when you need-," Kara broke off, noticing that Bethany appeared distracted and worried about something "what's wrong Bethany?"

"I have a really bad feeling that we're being watched," Bethany replied "and not by anyone friendly."

Kara paused for a moment, tuning in her super hearing so that she could listen in on the area surrounding the farmhouse.

"I hear tyres and an engine," Kara reported "the engine is fairly heavy duty-probably a van or SUV-it's pulling up outside."

Lana walked over to the nearest window and carefully pulled the curtain aside as she peered out of it.

"Guys-a black van just pulled up outside," she reported "some men are getting out of it-they look paramilitary and they're armed."

"They must be working for Luthorcorp," Kara deduced "how the hell did they find out where Beth is so quickly?"

"We can't let them take her," Lana stated, steely resolve in her eyes.

"Agreed," Kara nodded as she cast a glance at the now terrified Bethany St Michaels "when they try to bash the door down I'll be there to greet them-I am bulletproof after all."

As soon as Kara had finished speaking they heard a loud crash from the front door-Bethany jumped at the sound, her eyes going wide in panic.

A moment later every loose object in the room began to shake.