Title: The Doctor and the Pond.
Autor: Kritty
Set: Somewhere between 5x01 and the 6th season finale; Era of Eleven.
Pairings/Characters: -/Amy Pond, Eleventh Doctor
Genre: Shortest Drabble in the world, tiny bit H/C...

Summary:A scene between Amy and the Doctor. *lol*

A/N: English is not my first language! I'm German, so please have mercy :)

The Doctor and the Pond

Amy stroked the Doctor's index finger. So thin and long, so young and yet so old. The left side of her friend's mouth lifted a bit.
„You're worried, Pond. You're getting ridiculously emotional ridiculously fast these days."
Amy huffed and shook her head.
„Don't be silly."
„Never. I am the wisest creature in the Universe. You know it."
A smirk was forming on his dirty and sweaty face, but after a second it crumbled, the Doctor's eyes lost their focus and he wet his lips, seeing something Amy wasn't able to. She bit the inside of her cheek , watching how his gaze jumped right and left and back, how his breathing got faster.
Her heart beating a marathon, she grabbed the hand of her friend, hard.
„You wont shut up, but you're not actually saying anything." she whispered.