This is my alternative ending to Of Mice And Men. Its set after Lennie runs away after killing Curlys wife. Hope you enjoy it and please comment!

Lennie turned to the sound of rustling in the brush. He sat motionless, quivering. Voices rose. Angry voices. Lennie rocked slowly, staring into the stagnant lake.

"George" he moaned softly. "I said I was sorry George. I didn't mean to hurt no-one honest George. She screamed is all. I didn't mean no hurt to anyone George!

He looked up into the trees. It was quiet now. Lennie glanced around in wonder. Where had the voices gone? Maybe George took them away? "Told 'em I didn't mean no hurt" He glanced around again.

Standing silently behind him, gun aimed squarely at his forehead was Al Witts. His sheriffs badge gleaming in the sunlight. Behind him stood Slim, Crooks, Candy and Curly, all with anger burning like a fire in their eyes.

"Gimme the gun! I wanna shoot 'im where it hurts!" Mad with rage Curly tried to barge through the men to get to the gun.

"NO!" cried Slim. "Don't scare him. You've seen what he can do. Don't scare the bastard." He grabbed Curlys arm and clung on while Curly shouted "You let me go! That bastard killed my wife. Im gunna kill him!"

"I didn't mean no hurt" a soft, terrified voice rose among the frenzy of shouts. Lennie was still crouched down, cowering in fear. Like a rabbit caught in the headlights. "Tell them I didn't mean no hurt George."

Lennies' eyes were fixed on a solemn figure at the back of the group. His hat was bowed low over his red eyes. The mob turned and fixed there gaze on an immobile George.

George raised his head slowly. "Lennies …. different" he said in a broken voice. "He can just be a bit strong sometimes. Let him to jail Sheriff. Don't be hurting him. He didn't mean no hurt."

George never once looked at Lennie while defending his case. Instead he just turned and and walked away, dropping something in his wake. Curly ran after him.

"Don't you be on his side u two faced git! Don't you ever come back to my ranch you hear me!" Curly stopped suddenly.

"Fine" said Al Witt. "We'll take him in. Now don't be scared Lennie your gunna be fine" Lennie nodded, still gazing after George.

"No he wont. That bastard killed my wife. He's gunna pay!" Curly was running forward. "STOP!" screamed Slim and Crooks, dashing to grab him. Lennies eyes shot up….

A gunshot pierced Georges ears. He spun around as birds soared from the trees. A single tear rolled down his whiskered cheek. On the road ahead, a tiny rabbit leaped into his burrow. And George smiled.

Hope you enjoyed it. Sorry about the ending. Just so you know I wrote this in the dilect of John Steinbeck's original characters. So the grammar is meant to be a bit off! DISCLAIMER: I don't own any characters! Please leave your thoughts because I would love to hear what you think. Thank you