Title: There's A Boy

Fandom: SuperWhoLock

Genre: Poetry, Angst

Characters: The Winchester brothers, Sherlock, John Watson, the Doctor and his companions

Raiting: K+

Warnings: -

Summary: Kind of a character study of the main characters in Supernatural, Sherlock (BBC) and Doctor Who, some parallels and peotry stuff. :)

A/N: I want SuperWhoLock to be real so so bad. English is not my first language. So be fair ;)

There is a boy

There is a boy who puts his brother to bed,
a tired smile on his freckled face.
He tries to laugh, but inside he's sad
and his heart his running a constant race.

There is a boy who loves the game,
eyes glinting, his mind shining bright.
But he's different, he feels the shame,
he's out of this world, he isn't right.

There is a boy who has more than one heart,
changes his face and dies again and again.
The weight on his shoulders tears him apart,
his hearts are full of mem'ries and pain.

The brother smiles back and shares a tear,
for the man who never was a boy.
He grieves for words he wont ever hear
for the freckled face devoid of joy.

The former soldier puts up with the man,
whose brain is bigger than all burning suns.
He sees it all, but follows the plan,
there's no boy, but again there are guns.

The faithful companion follows the ship,
the ancient, never dying blue box.
They save the world with a sonic whip
the boy had died, his planet perished on rocks.

All of them suffer and have burning souls,
all of them have seen the devil in disguise.
But they haul the bad guys over the coals,
while the boys are still living behind those eyes.