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Chapter 14 part two

"What are we going to do with him?" Malik asked as he poked the current body that held both Akefia and Bakura. Marik was helping him by poking the other side. They really couldn't help it. The little boy's cheeks were very squishy. Kefie squirmed and wiggled around in the couch of Yugi's house.

"I don't know," Ryou said with a sigh. "I suppose I'll need to get a job and send him to school."

"To school?!" Bakura exclaimed. "No! I had enough of that when I was stuck in your body."

"Couldn't you just go into your Soul Room?" Yami asked as he raised an eyebrow at the two Egyptians that were continuing their poking spree, only the little innocent boy was replaced with the ex-Spirit of the Ring. Bakura was quite pissed off about the whole thing to begin with. Yami found enjoyment in this and started to poke him as well.

"Stop it! That's irritating!" Bakura replied as he crossed his arms. "And no, I can't seem to access my Soul Room right now. It could be because of how the Millennium Ring was destroyed, or something similar to that."

"Then where do you go when Akefia is out?" Ryou asked, and was greeted by an eye twitch from Bakura, so he corrected himself before the other could yell. "Kefie. Where or what do you do when Kefie is out?"

"I'm still there," Bakura said as he pouted. He would never admit that he was pouting though. "It's more like I'm a ghost outside of the body, and I can't really communicate with everyone unless I take over. Does that make sense?"

"Oh, I understand what you mean," Yugi said as he smiled. "It's just like what the Pharaoh did when we were dueling. I'd feel the same thing. Didn't you two feel the same thing?"

He looked over at Marik and Ryou, who stared at him with strange looks. They both shook their heads at the other. Ryou looked at the other direction, not wanting to explain what happened whenever Bakura took over his body. Marik, however, was fine with explaining what happened whenever Malik took over his body.

"You see, the reason why I never had that experience, Yugi," Marik started out and paused to think about how to put what he was trying to say in simple terms. "Malik is just a greedy person that wanted as much screen time as he could get. That's why he stuffed me down so I couldn't come out and take away his screen time with my flawless, sexy personality."

"What screen time?" Yugi asked as he tilted his head. It was actually more amusing than it was cute to see the other tilt his head, as his hair would do a little bounce. "Were we on TV the whole time or something?"

"It's a figure of speech!" Marik replied with a pout. He wanted to help Yugi understand that he probably had the nicest counterpart who was willing to share a body, but he noticed now that he only confused the other.

"Well, actually," Yami said as he took out a DVD that Kaiba Corps made of the Battle City Tournament for the home TV sets. He actually watched it with Kefie and Malik in the game store. He still remembered that there was footage of the contestants sleeping, even though he found that creepy. "The whole thing was taped and live."

"So there was screen time?" Yugi asked as he looked at the DVD. "Oh, I saw that. I just forgot about it. It was a really long time ago, you know?"

"Yeah," Malik said, laughing. "Remember, that time where we were dueling on the blimp and you lost?"

"Don't bring that up, Malik," Bakura growled out. He remembered alright. He remembered that the only reason he survived was because he hid his soul into the Puzzle. If it wasn't for that, then he would have been food for the monsters in the Shadow Realm.

"But they have it on tape!"

"They what?!" Bakura shouted, as he snatched the DVD from Yami's hand without the other had a chance to blink. Even when the thief was in a small body, he was still skilled. "How did they get that game on tape? How do you even know this?"

"I watched it?" Malik asked as he raised an eyebrow. "Having your own body can be boring."

Bakura sighed and sat back down. It wasn't long before Kefie took over and covered himself with a couch pillow. He didn't want his face to be poked at again. He peeked a little from his protection of fabric at the others, and waited for them to assault his cheeks, but Marik had found himself interested in the DVD of Battle City Tournament. Actually, the other wanted to know whether he looked more appealing in a lavender top than in the new top that he was wearing right now. It was apparently very important to him. He needed to know if his fashion sense was rusting or something like that. It was hard to make out the point of what he was saying half the time; even Malik had trouble.

"Kefie?" Ryou asked, as he lowered himself so he was seeing the other eye-to-eye. "You have to go to school sometime next year. Mama and Yummy can't babysit you forever."

"Why not?" Kefie asked with a pout. "It's more fun when I'm with them."

"Well, at school, you'll be able to make your own friends," Ryou pointed out. "Wouldn't you like that? Well, other than 'Kura being there bothering you, I think you'll enjoy making new friends at school."

"But, what if I make new friends and Ry is all alone?" Kefie asked as he hugged the pillow cutely. "What if I don't make any friends?"

"I'm sure you'll make friends," the other replied. "You're a sweet boy."

"He'll probably have a lot of fangirls," Malik said with a chuckle. "Imagine Bakura's face when there's a bunch of little girls fawning over him."

"Malik, he's only 3," Ryou said, shaking his head. "He's not going to have fangirls."

"Hey, you never know," the other said. "Besides, it would be interesting to see how Kefie plays them around. I swear, the little kid can get anything he wants with a smile. He could probably get away with murder."

"Don't give the Spirit of the Ring any ideas," Yami warned, as he did not want to see a sudden case of murder on the news when he was drinking his morning coffee. That would not be pleasant at all.

"Don't worry. Bakura's smile is the kind where you'd suspect him even when he has a perfect alibi."

"'Kura said that he rather steal from someone named Kaaa…Baba!" Kefie said with a smile that was so very innocent, but it was turned upside down as Malik and Yami laughed out loud. Even Bakura was laughing with them. It was kind of a weird sound to hear all three of them laugh at once.

"Kaiba is called Baba?" Yugi asked. "Oh, god. That's hilarious! I should tell him."

"I don't think you'd want to do that…" Ryou said, shaking his head, but smiling nonetheless. He was looking forward to the future. It actually seemed really bright.