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"Guys! Hey guys! Let me in!" Chunk yelled, looking over the white picket fence.

"Jerk alert!" Mouth yelled to Mikey, sneering.

"Mouth, let me in!"

"Only if you do the truffle shuffle!" Mouth stated, smirking over at him.

"Oh come on Mouth!" He said, a pleading look on his face.

"Do it!" Chunk sighed and stood up on the boulder, pulling up his shirt and doing the truffle shuffle.

"Mouth, just let him in." Mikey stated, pulling the string that set off the invention that opens the gate.

Chunk thanked Mikey and rushed to the door and inside the house.

"Alright Chunk, so what are you doing here today?" Brand asked, pulling on his workout set.

"My cousin is coming and my mom wants her to hang out with us while she's here so I wanted to make sure it was alright." He stated, taking deep breaths.

"U-uh yeah sure." Mikey said, shrugging and taking a hit from his inhaler.

"So how is she gunna know where to go if youre already here?" Brand asked, looking at Chunk like he was an idiot.

"I told her where to go and plus, she's with Data anyways. They got talking about one of his inventions or somethin."

After a few minutes, the group heard two people talking and looked out the screen door. They saw Data and some girl. She was sort of pale and had black hair that hung down her shoulders in curls with some pink streaks. She was in jeans, a pink tank top that stopped just a bit above her hips, and some converse.

"Are you sure she's related to you?" Mouth asked, looking from her to Chunk, causing Chunks cheeks to heat up in anger.

"Yes Im sure we're related!" He almost yelled, glaring at Mouth.

"Uhm... Chunk?"