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The group of boys in the house looked over at the door and saw Data and the girl. Upclose, they noticed that she had blue eyes and bracelets hung from her wrist. Chunk laughed nervously and looked at Mouth with a glare, then looked back at her.

"Hey Allison... Here so soon?" She looked at him, confused at his wierdness.

"Uh, yeah. Data wanted to show me his inventions and when we were done, he thought it'd be a good idea to come here afterwards. Im not intruding am I?" She asked, looking between Mouth and Chunk.

"No no no, you're not intrudin! Not at all!" Mouth stated, looking her up and down and smirking.

She smiled and nodded then focused on Mikey, smiling.

"Im Allison Skye! Its nice to meet you!" Mikey took another hit from his inhaler and nodded.

"I-Its nice to meet you too, uh, Allison. Im Mikey." She nodded and looked over at Mouth.

"And you are?"

"Names Mouth."

She looked at him and tilted her head.

"Do you have a real name?"

She waited but he didnt respond so she looked over at Mikey, hoping he would give her the name.

"Clark." Mikey stated, moving away from Mouths glare.

"Alright Clark, its nice to meet you too. And Im assuming since everyone else has been introduced that youre Brand?"

Brand just nodded and continued to work out, not really caring.

"So why have you come to the Goon Docks?" Mouth asked, leaning against the wall.

Allison looked down and frowned a bit.

"My parents are kind of in debt and Chunks parents said I could come stay here until they can get everything sorted out. I wanted to come visit anyways so it kinda worked out." She smiled and looked up. "Besides, I needed to meet all of you. In Chunks letters and phone calls I've heard so much about all of you!"

They all looked at Chunk and he shrugged.

"What did he tell you?" Brand asked, slightly interested now.

"Oh, he didnt say much. Only let me know the need to know details I guess. Said that you were dating some girl and how you love to work out. He mentioned how Mikey had slight problems with words but was basically the will power and leader at the time you guys went into the cave for One-eyed Willie's treasure and that Data had some inventions, which is why I was with him. I find inventors interesting! They all seem to act the same!" She finished and smiled at them.

Mouth smirked and crossed his arms.

"So what did Chunk have to say about me?"

She looked at him smirked.

"Your nicknames Mouth. Do I really need anymore information?" She stated, raising an eyebrow.

He frowned and uncrossed his arms, stuffing them into his pockets and looked away. She rolled her eyes and smiled a bit.

"He also happened to mention that you speak fluent spanish and youre a ladies man, or youre trying to be anyways. He also told me how you can be a complete jerk to him and sometimes you make him get him angry on purpose."

He flinched slightly when he noticed the slight hint of anger in her voice when she said her last sentence. When he nodded a bit, she went over and sat next to Chunk who had been quiet during the whole thing. He talked to her quietly then started talking to Brand about some car chase he had saw, obviously making up the story as he went along.

Soon, all the boys were talking to eachother while Allison listened, adding something in every now and then. She smiled and couldnt help but think that her time in Astoria would be amazing