First, she was absolutely fascinated by this new Kamen Rider. The idea of another hero there supporting a fight against Zodiarts, supporting Gentarou and the club.

That's why she became so angry with him when he showed as an enemy, a villain, someone not truthful. She lost her temper, screamed, defied him. Thinking about it hours later, she thought it was very bold, he could have seriously hurt her if he wanted. And this was what made she think about he.

How could he be an enemy, why he stopped? None of enemies had stopped or blinked until hurt her or other humans. He couldn't be an enemy.

And that's how her fascination came back. With a new perspective, of course. With a sharp eye, she saw so many times that new guy running, and suddenly, meteor was there! Coincidence? Maybe. Certain, never a good friend.

She was weird, strange, bizarre for others, but when something was bothering her, meant she was on track. And Sakuta Ryusei bothered her since the beginning. The way he appeared on the club, wanting to be a member but never giving a smile or a handshake, the absurd quickness in learning about the switches and pairing with Kengo, that was suspicious. More than everything, he usually disappeared every single fight. and she could notice, moments before Meteor appears. Coincidence? Not at all... But she never told anybody, nether him.

Days, weeks, passed and every hour they spent together was a discovery about other and she could tell Sakuta Ryusei was a fake.

It was hard, but she needed to avoid that suspicious feelings. And, just when she was off that feeling, the truth came out, they were the same person, Sakuta Ruysei and Meteor. The liar and a kamen rider.

I was easy. forgive him for kill Gentarou, and for being a liar, and for hide the truth. And when she found why was so easy, things became more simple.

She knew exactly what she wanted. Stay around and be with him, and maybe, just maybe, he felt the same way.

Only time could tell.