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So we eventually just decided to get a new number so my father can't call us anymore. Yes, we were stupid for not doing that before, but we came to our senses and eventually did it. Deidara still zoned out at times, but he didn't want to tell me what was wrong. I wish I knew what my father had said to him. I have no idea if I will actually ever find out.

At least we had something else to get our minds off things. The adoption agency is stopping by tomorrow and the apartment needed to be almost baby proof. Of course she will give us some notes about what we can improve, but I think we already did a pretty good job. We had some extra help moving my painting stuff to the art gallery. I needed to give up the room so it could become the baby room instead. It pained me deeply, but there was just no other way. The apartment isn't that big, but we can manage here. Eventually we have to move when the baby gets older, but for now this would be perfect.

I didn't really like who were helping us with the move of my stuff. Deidara had called his previous coworkers from the restaurant and asked them to help, without my consent of course. Like I wanted to see the guy who made out with my boyfriend. We moved passed that point, but the vision will just never leave me alone whenever I see the redhead's face. And then we also have the other redheaded brother who keeps glancing my way. The only ones who are fun are Yahiko and his girlfriend Konan. That was still the weirdest date ever, but it got me back together with Deidara, so I didn't mind that much. It was a nice memory and Konan really was fun.

'Itachi, can you help me move these last paintings. I need to know where they will go.' I turned and see the smallest redhead behind me. Great, now I actually have to be alone in a car with him. And he is moving my precious paintings? There wasn't anyone else here since Deidara was already at the art gallery with my car, so we really didn't have another choice.

I nod at Sasori and immediately he walks away towards the door, not waiting for me to follow him. With a sigh I still do since I definitely do not trust him to be alone with my paintings. I think he was moving even the most special one I made and if he ruins that, he will pay for it. Literally and maybe also in some sort of physical way. He would need to be punished of course.

When I get outside, Sasori had disappeared out of sight and I really have no idea what his car is. I glance around the parking lot, but don't see any car starting. This is annoying. Where did the damn guy go? And then the door back door of a van was slammed shut and the small redhead walked around it. Sasori had a van? Why? Didn't he work in a restaurant? Why would he need a van? Didn't matter, I still needed to get into that van anyway. Another sigh leaves my lips and I walk over to the van. Sasori was already in the driver's seat and started the car. The look on Sasori's face told me that he liked me as much as I did him…

As soon as I close the car door, Sasori drives off, not even waiting for me to get my seatbelt on and actually be safe in that crappy van. At some point I sort of feel comfortable with the way Sasori is driving, which is like a maniac, and I turn to look at my paintings in the back. Okay, I didn't feel safe, but I wanted to make sure my babies were actually doing okay. And Sasori had actually tied them together with sheets between them and tied them to the wall. He had done a very good job to preserve them right and it stunned me. But then I noticed something else in the back. Were those puppets?

'They are safe. Don't worry,' the little redhead grumbled, making me want to strangle him. I sit back in the chair and angrily stare out of the window. Okay, maybe we were both acting like little kids, but at this point I just didn't care anymore.

But the puppets won't leave me alone, so slowly I turn my eyes back at Sasori. 'So you make puppets,' is the only thing I say. Let's see how he responds to this…

A red eyebrow goes up and for a moment those brown eyes are at me. 'Yeah, it's something I do in my spare time. It relaxes me,' Sasori says a little softer than before. Did his tone in voice just change?

It feels like I need to continue this conversation, like Sasori wants me to, but I don't understand why. I don't really want to know about his puppets. Why would I care in the first place? So he makes puppets. Great for him. 'Painting relaxes me,' I only respond, not wanting to talk about the puppets anymore. Damn puppets from the guy who kissed my boyfriend.

The brown eyes slightly narrow and the lips suddenly are formed in a thin line. What's the matter now? I definitely didn't say the wrong thing. We then get to the art gallery and park right in front of the door, but Sasori doesn't make a move to get out of the van. He actually turns to me, his brown eyes holding something like sadness and anger in them at the same time. Okay, he wasn't about to lash out at me, right? 'I need to ask you a favor,' he begins softly and I'm already intrigued. He wants a favor, huh? 'I've been working on these puppets for a long time, but they aren't selling and I don't have the place to show them in.'

I feel my eyes narrow. I know exactly what he wants and I really don't want to help. 'So you are asking me if you can put some in my art gallery,' I say softly and the redhead nods at me. My eyes move away from him, staring at the dashboard instead. I don't know how to respond, but I feel those brown eyes on me, almost pleading me to say yes. And then my lovely boyfriend saves me by opened the door and flinging his arms around me. 'Took you long enough,' Deidara says, pulling me out of the car and kissing me softly.

He pulls me towards the back of the van and opens it to get the paintings out. I hesitate for a moment, seeing that Sasori isn't getting out yet. We can't talk about it right now, he knows that, but I can see the hurt in his eyes. I'm not sure what the hurt is focused on. On Deidara or on the conversation we had. It's confusing and I still have no idea how to respond to it.

'Ita, I was thinking we can hang some of these paintings up for the public to see. Some have been there for a while and we also have some empty spaces from paintings that have been sold. I think we need some new material.' Deidara just immediately starts arranging things and I quite like it. He always takes charge of the art gallery and makes sure everything is running smoothly. The only thing I have to do is actually paint and I love to do that and I actually think Deidara loves to do this.

'Alright, you can hang some new ones up,' I say softly and a brilliant smile forms on those luscious lips. Deidara immediately wants to climb into the back of the van, but then suddenly Sasori is there and shoots him a glare that he cannot enter the van. And now my lovely blonde is looking sad and I just have to wrap my arms around him. 'Dei,' I whisper. 'I left your painting at home. I want to hang it in the bedroom. What do you think?' A shy blush forms on his face and he turns all cute. I know how to compliment my own boyfriend and he forgot all about the rude treatment Sasori gave him.

His blue eyes stare up at me and I see this sweet smile on his lips all for me. 'Why not in the bathroom and give everyone a scare when they need to use our toilet?' I can't help but laugh. No one would be scared of seeing him in the bathroom, but I'm not sure if I would like other people seeing my boyfriend half naked. So I just lean down for a kiss to make him shut up. We only stop kissing until we hear someone clear his throat.

'We can move the paintings now if you two are ready,' Sasori says sarcastically. Deidara looks down guiltily, but I really don't care what Sasori just thought of that. I just step up to him and reach for one of the paintings, not breaking eye contact with him. Let's see who will look away first… And of course I am the winner. No one is that mean to my boyfriend and he expects me to open up my art gallery to him. He really should change his strategy.

Deidara follows after me and one by one we bring the paintings inside. Sasori is obviously avoiding both of us, but that's okay. Deidara feels more comfortable that way. Weird that he invited Sasori in the first place then if their relationship is still a bit forced. But maybe Deidara hadn't expected that and thought everything would be alright by now… Something I will probably never know as well.

Finally we've moved all the paintings and Deidara is happily hanging up some new ones. I just leave him to it since he knows best where he wants them and Yahiko and Konan are still out there to help him lift. I want to arrange my little room where I have to paint now and I need to be comfortable there. I move some stuff around, place my paint and brushes in a cabinet and eventually I'm pretty satisfied with how it looks. It might need to be decorated a little since it looks pretty boring, but I'll leave Dei to that.

Suddenly the door opens and the little redhead stands in the doorway, looking at the floor. His hands are fidgeting with his shirt and his feet are shuffling over the ground. He doesn't dare to look up at me and doesn't even say anything, but I know why he's here. I just can't immediately say yes, you can place all the puppets you want in my gallery and see if they get sold. 'I need a good reason for why I should place your puppets in my art gallery,' I just say. He really needs to talk about this.

Sasori takes a step into the room and glances around. He walks over to the cabinet and picks up some paint from it. He doesn't look at me as he starts talking. 'I liked Deidara a lot before you came along,' he starts. 'And I saw you snatch him away right in front of me. It hurt for a little while, but I got over that. And then later I hear you've become a painter and you have your own art gallery, which is doing really good as well, and I see you have another dream come true. Dreams that I wanted to become true.' A confused smile forms on his lips and he shakes his head, although I don't understand why. 'All these things that are happening to you, were my dreams as well.'

I stare at him, unsure of what to say really. So my dreams have come true, but I've made a lot of sacrifices for that. 'I don't see my parents anymore, because I made my dreams come true,' I only answer and for a split second I see Sasori's eyes widen in shock, but it fades so soon again, making place for stoic face that I know all too well on my own.

'I'm sorry,' he says plainly before turning around and walking away from me. He's about to leave the room and I know I have to say something. I can't just let him leave like that. Dreams should come true and there is already one dream that can come true anymore. Or at least that's what I'm counting on.

I stop looking at him and turn to a new canvas, my brush slides over it with a fiery red color sticking to it. 'I want 20 percent of what you make on the puppets. That will be the rent you pay for having your puppets in my art gallery. If you don't sell enough, I will have to remove them since they will take in place where my paintings could've been. We will arrange a special evening where we introduce your art in two weeks, so make sure you have your best puppets ready by then.'

Sasori stands completely still in the doorway, his hand grabbing hold of the doorframe. I hear a soft noise leaving his lips, a sob I think. His shoulders shake a little, but I don't turn to him, I just keep painting, the red replaced by brown now. 'Thank you,' I hear the broken voice say and I smile softly. Maybe, just maybe, I can make one of his dreams come true.

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto

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