It was an important day today. The adoption agency was stopping by to check out our house and see if we are actually ready for the little blond girl. Deidara has been running through the house the entire morning already. Setting everything into place and making sure nothing embarrassing was still laying around like when Sasuke and Naruto had been visiting us.

While my lovely boyfriend was running around the apartment, I was just lounging on the couch. I could be stressing like he was right now, but what good would that really get us? The adoption agency would find us so stressed, that we still wouldn't get the baby and I might even cry when we get that news. Every time I look at that picture, I just picture Deidara and me as this loving family. I can see her growing up, playing with the neighbors' children and later on dating one of the sons. I would be the protective dad while Deidara would only find it cute.

'Do I look okay?' Deidara suddenly asks, looking pretty flustered. I look him up and down, thinking he of course looks good. He is the most beautiful guy I've ever met, but I would play this game along. It was always fun to tease him.

My eyes narrow a bit, taking in his full appearance. I can see him fidgeting under my gaze. He's scared for what I'm about to say and that makes me want to smirk, but I keep it in, for now. 'Well, what would she think about your lip piercing? I mean don't you think she would find it a bit too dangerous or something?'

The blue eyes widen and a mouth hangs open slightly. Deidara stares of in the distance, letting the words sink in. 'Shit, shit, shit,' he calls out, running to the bathroom. With a chuckle I get up off the couch and follow after him. He's fidgeting with the piercing, unable to get it out since it's been in there for a long time already.

'Stop,' I tell him as I stand behind him and wrap my arms around his waist. He looks back at me through the mirror and I see he's on the verge of tears already. He is so stressed! 'She won't judge us just because you have a piercing in your face, Dei. She might just tell you you need to be careful when the baby starts to grab things. You don't want it to get pulled out.' Deidara nods slightly at my words, but I see he still wants to take it out. So I need to pursue him a different way.

I wipe the blond hair out of his neck and softly start kissing the tanned skin. Immediately Deidara reacts by laying his head on my shoulder, giving me extra room to kiss. I kiss up his neck, reaching his jaw and then his cheek. I continue my way until I reach his soft plump lips, but instead of kissing him on his lips I take his lip ring between my teeth and give it a soft pull. A soft whimper leaves his lips and that's when I do smirk.

'Don't take it out, Dei. You know how much I love it,' I murmur. I turn his body so we are now facing each other and I keep nibbling on the lip ring, sucking his bottom lip in my mouth. Tanned arms are wrapped around my neck and I can feel Deidara's tongue sweeping over my bottom lip. Deidara was finally relaxing, so I let him take over the kiss, his tongue dominating my mouth now. He was always so soft and tender that even when he's dominating the kiss it still feels so hesitant.

And then I feel a hand glide down my crotch and I know Deidara is relaxed enough. But I believe we still have some other things to do before we can actually go to the whole hand rubbing over crotch stuff. Though it feels really nice… I should say something about it, but I can't feel the need to actually do so. But we are saved by the bell, our door bell. Deidara jumps backwards suddenly realizing what was going on and runs towards the door. I chuckle again, slowly following after him. I lean against the wall, looking at how Deidara buzzes the lady up. He's all back at being stressed again, but at least he forgot about the lip piercing.

It doesn't take the woman long to get up, but we both hear two women speak. That was unusual? They had made an appointment with Shizune, so they hadn't expected anyone else. At least they could hear Shizune speak, so she was here.

With a confused look on Deidara's face he opens the door, not immediately letting the two women in. 'Good morning, Deidara,' I can hear Shizune say. 'Sorry, lady Tsunade insisted on coming along since she wants a good home for the blond girl now.'

Okay, well I can see why she wants a good home for the baby, but did she really not trust Shizune enough to be the judge of that? Well, no worries. We got it all planned out already. Deidara let the two women in and I can see the blonde woman with the big boobs hastily glancing through the apartment. So much for saying hello.

Shizune does walk my way and extends her hand for me to shake. 'Good to see you as well, Itachi. Completely ready for us?' she asks sweetly and I'm immediately reminded why I like her. She was nice about everything and really made you feel comfortable. She was a lot better than her boss who still hadn't said a word, but had found her way into our kitchen. Which Shizune doesn't really tolerate, seeing her stalk towards the kitchen as well and dragging the blond woman back out. 'Excuse me for her rudeness. She doesn't know how to behave around other people,' she spat, glaring at Tsunade.

Deidara chuckles awkwardly at the comment. 'That's quite alright. We have nothing to hide,' he answers. This earns him a suspicious look from Tsunade, but still she didn't say anything to them.

The dark haired woman rolls her eyes and then smiles back at both Deidara and me. 'Can you show us around?' she asks kindly, holding her clipboard up. The thing already frightened me, because the answers on that will determine our future. Whatever Shizune sees here will be noted and rated as good or bad. I do not like that clipboard at all.

'Of course. Follow me,' Deidara starts. He always was a friendly host and now was no different. 'We'll start in the kitchen you had already discovered and make our way through the house like that,' he says, nodding at his own plan. He walks towards the kitchen and the two women follow after him, me right behind them.

When I get there I see Shizune walking through the kitchen and checking some stuff. She looks in the cupboards and the small table against the wall. Tsunade on the other hand just stands there, arms crossed in front of her chest with nothing else to say. She really was a strange woman. Deidara thinks the same thing, inching closer to me and eventually hugging me to get away from the scary blonde. He could be so cute.

'Alright, on to the next room!' Shizune exclaims, pen shooting up in the air. We both stare at her with wide eyes and immediately she starts apologizing. We definitely hadn't expected an outburst like that. Carefully we make our way out of the kitchen, Deidara keeping an eye on the dark haired woman. The next room is the previous work room and now the baby room. We hadn't done much decorating yet and not much stuff was there, but a crib would be coming soon. Sasori had actually promised Deidara to make one as a thank you towards me. I still felt strange about it, but also very grateful. Cribs were rather expensive.

Deidara and I walk into the mostly empty room first, followed by the two women. They both curiously glance around and then stare at us, waiting for some explanation why this room was empty. 'This was the room I used to paint it, so that's why you can see some paint splatters all over, but I've moved my work to the art gallery and now this will be the baby's room. We'll start getting it ready as soon as possible, but we wanted to wait for the answer before we actually started,' I tell them and Shizune nods at my answer, smiling softly at me.

'So I guess we should move on to the next room then?' Deidara asks awkwardly, unsure of what else to do here now. I chuckle at his him and rub him over his head. Seriously he can be so cute sometimes. I guide him out and I can see Tsunade watching us with a look I don't understand. I ignore it since saying something about it could make our change of getting the baby smaller.

We got through the bathroom and bedroom without a problem, although Deidara kept glancing at our naughty drawer… Like that wouldn't catch their attention, but they didn't ask, so everything was still fine. I had no idea what Shizune had been writing on her clipboard, though I did try reading it of course. Too bad she held it close to her chest, shielding it from my eyes. Damn woman.

Now we are sitting in the living room and Deidara and I are ready for the final talk. Usually you would just hear if your house was ready for a baby, but we would actually hear if we would get the little blond girl. Deidara started fidgeting with his shirt and even I felt rather anxious. Shizune was still writing some things down on her clipboard, but Tsunade was just staring intently at us, as if she was trying to read our minds or something.

Deidara shifts closer to me on the couch, his hand reaching for mine and immediately I entwine our fingers together. His blue eyes look up at me and I can see a small quivering smile forming on his lips. I lean down and kiss him softly, trying to comfort him. I don't like it when he looks like that. I'm afraid as well, so how can I really comfort him? He leans closer and I pull him into a hug, rocking him back and forth slowly.

Suddenly the blond woman stands up and walks to the door. 'Shizune stop writing, we are going!' she exclaims and we fear the worst. Would she really just go away and never come back? She couldn't tell us the bad news like that.

'Lady Tsunade!' Shizune yells back, but still stands up. 'You can't just walk away like that. We haven't even discussed if they are getting the girl or not,' she pleads.

The blond woman turns around in the door way, staring at the three of us. Deidara and I had stood up as well, trying to see both women. 'Of course we did. They are getting the baby. Any couple that is still in love like that after five years of being together, can love a baby just as much. This little girl deserves parents like them.' Resolute she turns back around and walks away, not even leaving any room to ask questions.

I can only stare at the now empty doorway, unsure of what to say to that. We're getting the girl, is all I can think about. We are really getting her.

'Okay, well I guess that answers that,' Shizune says uncomfortably. 'The apartment looks good, so my answer would've been the same. I guess Tsunade was just looking for something else in this case. The last couple broke up right before the adoption was final, so she wanted to make sure you two would stay together until the very end.' She smiles at us and her kind words really help. Of course Deidara and I aren't going to break up. He's the love of my life. 'Now I do have some final things to tell you. When the girl reaches a certain age, you probably need more room than this, so eventually you will need to move. And after I took a look at your fridge, you'll need to change the way you eat,' she ended with a wink. Yeah, yeah, we still can't cook. 'Now I will be on my way.' She followed after Tsunade out the door and waved goodbye. We were still just staring at her.

'Ita, we're getting a baby,' Deidara whispers from behind me and that's when I choke up. Tears sting my eyes and I let them run freely over my cheeks. 'We're getting a baby girl,' he whispers again.

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto

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