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The next few days went by in a daze. Deidara and I had finished up the whole apartment and it was baby ready now. Which was good since the baby was coming in only a few days. The last bits of paperwork needed to be arranged and then we could pick her up at the hospital. Procedure or something. So next Thursday we will be picking up our little girl. She will be almost a year by then, so we did miss some of her growing up, but it's okay. We still have so many years to go with her.

One thing I am not so happy about is that we had planned Sasori's introduction night on the Friday right after and both Deidara and I need to be there. Deidara to arrange everything and I to actually introduce the new artist to the audience and I have heard it will be a busy night. Many people are planning on coming already, so I hope the little girl can handle it. I don't want to leave her with a babysitter on her second day with us. I'll just stay a little shorter than Deidara will and stay with our baby most of the time.

A hand wraps itself around my neck and I look up from where I am sitting on the couch. Deidara is leaning over the back of it and gives me a sweet smile. 'Ready for the party?' he says mockingly, knowing I wasn't looking forward to this party at all.

Today we would be having our baby shower and of course I didn't know this until yesterday. Why? Because Deidara decided to plan everything behind my back, so that he could invite my mother. Yes, my mother. And then some other people, but after he said mother, I kind of stopped listening. I hope he doesn't have anything else planned to happen today, because mother would be enough to handle as it is. Now she will also know where we live and that was what I had been trying to avoid. What if father finds out after that?

I turn my head away from him, not really in the mood to talk about this subject again. I just hope I will survive this day at all. This will also be the day we announce the little girl's name we gave her. Somehow I am kind of excited to tell my mother, to see if she likes the name. Stupid mother's approval.

The table is filled with food already and drinks are cold in the fridge. The people could be arriving any minute now and Deidara was actually very excited. Running around the house with this big smile on his face. He was also just very cheery due to the whole we are getting a baby thing and it still made me smile, just the mother is coming to visit didn't really do the trick.

And then the buzzer went off, signalling the first people had arrived. I hope that it's not my mother already, because I can't handle having only her and Sasuke here, assuming she will be coming with my little brother.

Deidara buzzes the people up and stays at the door until they are there. I ignore the whole small talk they do there while the blonde takes their coats and wait till they make their way to the living room. They will come talk to me, so I don't have to stand up at all.

And then three redheaded males and a blue haired girl get into the living room and all shake my hand, except Konan who gives me a big hug. 'Hey, Itachi. I am so happy for you two. Finally a little girl,' she says happily, holding my hands when she does so and making little jumping motions.

I can't help but share her happiness. I still remember how happy I felt when we were told we were getting the little girl and I could still tear up because of it. 'Yeah, it still feels kind of surreal, but she will really be here in just a few days,' I answer and I can see her smile change to a soft and understanding one. Not so strange since she was now sporting her own big belly, being six months pregnant already. Yahiko and she had been together for a long time already, longer than Deidara and I have been, so it was about their time.

After they had all sat down and even Sasori congratulated me, we were getting along better now that we were going to work together, the room started filling up more. I was surprised to see Naruto here as well, but his explanation was that Deidara had invited him and he felt like he needed to talk to Sasuke. I didn't think this was the perfect opportunity now that our mother was tagging along, but it was their business, not mine.

Deidara hadn't even joined us yet, still opening the door for every person that came in. I was worried he would be stuck there the entire party since people would be leaving at some point as well. Maybe I would have to take his shift soon so he could actually enjoy the party he had arranged.

'Hey, Itachi. Is it okay if I go play with Ita? I need to gather my thoughts before Sasuke arrives,' Naruto suddenly says and I only nod in response, understanding what he means by that. I wish I could do the same. I point him to our bedroom and he disappears from sight. Wish I could disappear.

I make some small talk with Yahiko about his restaurant and I promise to make him a new painting in exchange for a free meal. Konan immediately offered to babysit, but with her being so big already I wasn't sure if that was smart. It surprises me she isn't having twins.

And then the sudden word I had been expecting all day was suddenly spoken. 'Itachi,' called out the soft voice of my mother. The whole room fell quiet as if they all knew that something major was going to happen, which they didn't. Like I would go spill my problems to people I hardly know. Hence my glare at Deidara right after. But I needed to turn around for that and then I also saw my mother. It felt weird to have her there and I quickly looked away again, trying to avoid this getting more awkward and I certainly failed.

'Maybe you should give your mom a tour, Itachi?' Deidara offered. Bastard. But I couldn't really deny her now since Deidara had suggested it and I reluctantly got up off the couch. I gave the rest of the group an apologetic wave, not meaning it at all, and left them. I assumed Deidara would now take my place, but he stuck to my side like glue. As if I couldn't be left alone with my mother. It wasn't like I was going to send her away or harm her or something. I wasn't violent at all.

A small nod should be enough to tell my mother to follow me and of course she did. Only then did I notice Sasuke had been standing behind her and he looked awfully pale and I do mean paler than usual. I wonder what is going on in that boy's mind.

Deidara latched onto my arm and happily followed me towards the kitchen. He was really going to keep an eye on me. Sasuke actually came as well, even if he knew the apartment by heart.

I didn't take much time showing off the rooms we had, but my mother of course stayed a little longer in the baby room. Picking up all the stuff we had gathered in the previous weeks. She took extra notice of the red dress I had picked out so long ago. 'I think you picked this out, didn't you, Itachi?'

A blush spreads on my cheeks and I nod slowly. I don't know why she knew, but that just showed how much she really does know me. It can't be that obvious I would like a red dress. It makes me smile in the end, but I don't respond really. She spends some more time studying it, a big smile present on her face. I can tell she is glad she was actually here, that she was somehow in her son's life again.

The last room I show is the bedroom and of course I had forgotten Naruto was there, playing with little Ita. Sasuke doesn't notice until he fully gets into the room, stepping aside from us and not being able to make a run for it anymore. His eyes widen as they meet blue ones and I hear both of them suck in a huge breath. I hope this wasn't going to get awkward.

Mother noticed something was off as well and she also knew Naruto. I think she knew about the relationship all along and just kept it a secret. She ignored the awkwardness now as well and just glanced around the room, of course spotting the half nude painting I made of Deidara. She just smiled at it, thinking her own little things about it.

When she was done looking around, she grabbed Deidara's hand as if it was the most normal thing in the world and led him towards the room. We certainly will be talking about this later. The little bastard doing a lot more behind my back. 'I think those two need a little space, so why don't we join the rest in the living room again,' my mother said sweetly and it actually kind of irritated me. She was treating us like kids again and I have been living on my own for years now. She better not try taking control of this whole thing.

I stalk past them and move towards the living room. I was not in the mood to comment on that. She is really a sweet woman, but she shouldn't have meddled in like that. What if Sasuke didn't want to talk to Naruto at all and now was forced to?

The party seemed to be going alright, all of the people chatting together. Someone hands me a beer and I gladly take a gulp. I feel someone take my hand and when I glance down I see it's Deidara, shooting me an apologetic look. I relax a little now that he is close again, my mother setting my on edge. I wasn't really that angry with her, but it was just a lot to take in right now. She couldn't act all motherly when I haven't seen her in such a long time.

'Maybe it's time we announce the name?' the blonde whispers softly. I push him forward a little and step behind him, while I do so I see my mother stand in the corner of the room, giving me small smile. I shoot one back, knowing it was not entirely her fault, even at all.

I wrap my arms around his waist and lay my head on his shoulder. The room went quiet again, for the good reasons this time, knowing we had something important to tell this time.

'May I have everyone's attention, please?' Deidara calls out excitedly, clapping his hands even and having a big smile on his face.

Now it was my turn to proceed, because of course the blonde made us rehearse this. I didn't think it was necessary, but he threatened to make me sleep on the couch for weeks and well that was not okay. 'We want to announce our little girl's name now,' my voice resonates through the room. 'We've been thinking about it for a while now, different names crossing our minds. We even considered the names our parents would've given us if we were girls, but decided they were horrible.'

Deidara points up his finger and says softly with a grossed out face. 'Ino.' Yes, even that was rehearsed…

'But then the right name came to us after hearing a mother calling it out on the street to one of her own little girls,' I continue and I nod at Deidara to continue.

'And we decided on the name,' dramatic pause, 'Nicola.'

The whole room is filled with aws and cheers and Konan is close to tears for some reason. Hormones probably. It's hard to get another word in and I don't even try. Just let them have their moment, together with Deidara who gladly joins in and talks about the name.

When I turn around to see my mother, I notice she is gone. I search for her and find her in the room together with Sasuke and Naruto. The blonde is still sitting on the floor, playing with Ita, but his mind seems to be somewhere else. Sasuke is sitting on the other side of the bed, his back towards Naruto. His cheeks are stained with tears and he is biting his nails. He seems stressed out. I wonder what they talked about.

I hadn't noticed mother who was standing just to the side of me, but then she suddenly grabs my arm and smiles up at me. 'Nicola is really a beautiful name and I know that we will all be calling her Nicky, right?'

Of course she knew that. We still had to tell everyone else, but mother knew of course. I sometimes really hate her.

'She's called Nicola?' Sasuke suddenly asks, his voice sounding a bit off and he swallows roughly. I nod back and he smiles a bit weird. I'm not sure what to make of it at this point. It smiles again in mere seconds and he keeps talking, needing to share with his brother right now. 'I've decided to tell father about me and Naruto,' he says softly, his eyes focused on the wall in front of him. 'So if it's alright with you and Deidara, I would like to stay here with you for a few weeks again.'

I don't want to refuse him, I really don't, but I have no other option. 'I'm sorry, Sasuke. I'm really happy you decided to tell and I hope you will become really happy with Naruto, but we won't have the room with Nicola coming in a few days. We will be focused on her and she will need it. She needs to know we are her parents, so where would that leave you?'

He starts crying again, but I can't do more for him. He needs his brother, I realise that, but his brother can't be there for him right now. I want to offer something, but I have nothing. Naruto looks at him, worry clearly in those blue eyes and I see the same emotion in my mother's. We can't do anything to help him now. He is on his own…

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