The last chapter... It's short and just really a summary of what happened and then of what's going to happen. So enjoy the last bit!


It wasn't long before father died after we had visited him. There was just one more time where I visited him with Nicola, just so he could spend some time with her and I could sign some papers. We were actually getting quite some money from him. It wasn't like we truly needed it, but it was nice to have a bit of savings when we did. There was no saying in how long our art gallery would stay popular and after that we would have nowhere to go. So we saved it, except for our wedding of course. It was small and sweet and just everything Deidara wanted and therefore what I wanted. He looked so happy and beautiful with tears in his eyes as I put the ring on his finger.

Father couldn't be there, but we arranged everything so quickly that we could show him photos and also some videos. I've never seen my father so happy, even with his hollow cheeks and paper thin skin. Somehow it made it harder when he did pass away. He had finally turned into the father I had needed all those years and I lost that so soon again.

At his funeral so many people came, faking that they actually cared, but they just wanted to see it with their own eyes. Was the asshole dead or not? Some even tried to ask if they were getting money from him now that he was dead. But father had only left his family money, meaning only mother, Sasuke and I. A lot of people were angry because of it and mother was getting sued from all directions by people who she had once considered friends. It had gotten so bad that she had stayed with us for a few days, just to escape it all and spend some time with her granddaughter.

But eventually it all settled down and we all moved on. We actually got used to this new life pretty quickly, but maybe for me and Deidara that wasn't so strange. We hadn't really seen father much before, so now we just continued on, but without me hating my father's guts of course. I still didn't forgive him, but I didn't feel bad about it anymore. It was just a neutral feeling at this point. He was my father and that was nothing to be ashamed of.

'Itachi! Get that box out already! We have no time to stare at things. The moving van will leave soon enough!'

Oh, I forgot to mention that we were also moving. Nicola was getting big now and we needed more room. Also a place to put a dining table and well, with father's money we didn't need a mortgage to actually get the house, so it was easily paid for. Yeah, we really got that much money. Not even I was aware that the man was this rich. Sasuke was pretty happy he was inheriting the company and would get even more when he starts to work there. He also quickly got a place for him and Naruto, something alike to Deidara and mine apartment. And mother sold the house, finding it too big for her alone and she got a small flat nearby the beach. She just wanted a calmer place and relax. She was even thinking about getting a job just to do something with her time.

'It would've gone a lot faster if someone was keeping an eye on Nikki while I carried all these boxes,' I call back and then grab the little girl, who had been running through the now empty living room and bumping into stuff along the way. She was three now, so just incredibly happy all the time and running was like her favourite thing to do. Especially when it was running after Ita. Poor cat… Thankfully he was already in a carrier, so we can get him to the other house easier.

Where the hell was Deidara even? Telling me to carry stuff, but leaving me alone with Nicola as well. It's not that easy when mother left with the car to bring stuff over already and when Sasuke and Naruto were off somewhere doing god knows what. No, I seriously don't want to know what they are doing. I hear enough from Sasuke as it is.

Eventually I find my lovely husband in our old bedroom, labelling the last box. 'What's in there?' I ask, seeing the slight blush on Deidara's face and the jump he makes after he hears me tells me enough. 'Oh, it's the dirty stuff, huh?'

'S-shut up!' So easy to get him flustered. 'I already labelled it as private things, so we are already at risk here. So keep your brother away from this box.' Yeah, the boy would definitely try to sneak a peek, just so he could tease me with it or something. Not that I would be impressed, but Deidara might just die.

A chuckle leaves my lips as he lifts up the box and clutches it as if his life depends on it. That deserves a kiss, but I only get a short one before he's out the door already. He was making sure this would end up in our car and probably would find a place before all the other boxes do. So shy…

One more time I glance around the bedroom, it now completely empty. The painting of Deidara gone, the bed holding so many good memories gone. Then I step out of the bedroom and walk over to the bathroom, remembering how we taught Nicola how to brush her teeth and now she wanted to do it five times a day at least, because apparently it was so much fun. The living room, now empty of Nicola, apparently already strapped into her car seat. I remember watching Disney movies with the little girl and the lap dance I had once given Deidara when it was still only the two of us. The kitchen where we had learned to cook and where we had made a mess of more often than succeed. And then the last room. The room where I used to paint and which Nicola had made her little place now.

It was all empty.

The thought was strange. It felt like we were starting over or something. Maybe we really were. Or this was just a new beginning. A way to change our life and make it better. We were moving to a place where there were good schools and where Nicola could play on the streets once she was old enough. It was safe and it would be fun. That was all we wished for.

Back in the living room I run into Deidara and I see his lip shaking a little, trying to keep in a sob. Slowly I wrap my arms around his back and pull him into a hug. He clings to me and just sobs a little on. We were both sad. Saying goodbye to this place was difficult enough. This was where our happiness had truly started together.

But it was something that needed to happen. Choices were made. First it was only for Deidara, but this last choice was not. We made the choice for Nicola. And our life would start existing more out of choices for her. Everything to make her happy and have her grow up in the best way possible.

Nicola, these are all choices for you.

Won't let nobody hurt you
Won't let no one break your heart
And even though to you want to
Please try to never grow up

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto

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Lyrics are from Taylor Swift with Never grow up.