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Chapter 1

Nightfall had loomed over the city of Tokyo. Outside, Neon lights illuminated every corner and street, making the city come alive. Inside Nana's apartment was pitch dark with no lights on. There she sat against the wall in front of the window, with one extended leg resting on the floor, and the other retracted to support her draping arm. Her body was languid, and her mind exhausted. Strands of dark, disheveled hair partially covered her lowered face. Her body odor was characterized by a concoction of alcohol and pungent perfume.

Mindlessly, she lit a cigarette held between her slender fingers. The smoke rose, clouding the space around it, only to diffuse further into the vast darkness.

"Here is to the friendship that will never return, Hachi." Nana raised another beer bottled and guzzled down all at once.

Just at that moment, Nana's cell phone buzzed, breaking the icy silence in the room and interrupting her thoughts. Could it be from Hachi? Nana almost got up to reach her cell phone, before she reminded herself that Hachi hasn't contacted her since she left her for Takumi, their baby, and that big fat mansion of his. Six months, not a single reply to Nana's text messages, not returning a single phone call. Not a single word from her.

This time, it was no exception. The text message was from Ren. At first, Nana wanted to ignore all connections with the outside world tonight, but piqued by her curiosity, she read,

"I'm surprised to come home and find you missing. Is this some sort of punishment for not having replied to your texts earlier? If so, please come over so I can apologize...in bed"

A smirk appeared on her face, then she read his next text.

"I got a little 'gift' for you tonight, too. That'll make you come, won't it?"

And Nana did head for Ren's place. That night, she ended up in his bed again. The two young people were ecstatic, experimenting with all sorts of worldly pleasures. When the two calmed down again, they cuddled together. Ren held Nana in his arms, gently stroking her hair.

He noticed it.

"Nana..." Ren murmured.


"You seem a little preoccupied tonight, did you think I wouldn't notice it? Tell me, what's going on in that mind of yours right now?"

Nana laughed, and teasingly whispered in his ears, "Your insane lovemaking."

"Is that so?"

"Thought I'm not sure... if it was you or the 'gift', or both. But one thing for sure is, the gift certainly enhanced the experience."

Ren laughed, and so did Nana.

"That stuff was a little too strong, wasn't it, Nana?"

"No, just my type of intensity."

Nana smiled at Ren, but deep down inside, she knew that his words were dead on. He was right, there was something on her mind tonight. She couldn't help but think about Hachi the entire time. She thought the intimacy with Ren would make her forget about Hachi, yet it did nothing but leave her in a deeper state of confusion. Now, she wasn't even sure about how she felt about Ren. He always always there to provide her physical satisfaction when she needed it, but was that love? She loved him, she was sure, but she wasn't so sure if she still does. She had always thought Ren is her lover and Hachi her friend. Now she wasn't so sure as the boundaries began to blur and get very, very hazy.