Chapter 10

Somehow, telling Hachi about the break-up made Hachi and Nana closer together, and removed some of the emotional barriers that were there before.

One evening, the two girls were in the kitchen, together, cooking for dinner.

"Thank you, Hachi. You don't know how glad I am to have you back."


Hachi's cheeks turned rosy. Her heart started to beat faster. Why though? Because of the setting?

Just because they were in the kitchen. Since when did classical conditioning work on Hachi? She must really be a puppy now, or a psychologist's favorite toy to experiment on.

Hachi told herself to ignore those random thoughts, yet she couldn't.

"Ouch!" She accidentally cut her finger when she was slicing a cucumber. Blood soon gushed out of the wound.

"Hachi... oh you clumsy puppy." Nana laughed, and went to get her a bandage, "Here, allow me."

Hachi's heart started to race again as Nana's delicate fingers touched hers.

"Are you blushing again, Hachi? Or is it a fever this time?" Nana said, half-sarcastically.

"Well, the steam coming out of the pot is making the kitchen's temperature rise... so, yes, it's a little hot here. That's why my cheeks are turning red."

"Really... is that so?"

Nana didn't want to tantalize her anymore.

"Alright, dinner's ready, let's go..."

Hachi was still frozen in time, staring blankly at the kitchen counter.


"Oh, right! Sorry... My mind was elsewhere for a second."

That evening, Hachi was lying on her bed, rolling back and forth, with the flashbacks of what happened earlier in the kitchen going through her head.

"What am I going to do? How am I going to live with Nana from now on when a single touch can make me nervous like that."

Hachi couldn't fall asleep. She finally decided that it would be better if she just told Nana the truth about her feelings toward her. If she had told her everything, she wouldn't be nervous anymore. After that, she'll go on as if nothing has happened, and remain best friends with Nana. Is that even possible, she asked herself?

She had to at least try.

Hachi got up, impulsively, and went over to knock on Nana's door.

"Nana, are you asleep?"

"No, come in."

Nana was reading a book. It was 'Crime and Punishment' by Dostoyevsky. So that was the kind of book Nana liked to read in her spare time. When Nana saw Hachi come in, she smiled and put down her book.

"What's up?"

"I'm so sorry to be interrupting you while you're reading... but I can't fall asleep tonight... can we talk?"

"Scared of ghosts?"

"No, it's not that..." Hachi looked to the side.

"Come," Nana moved over and patted on her bed, giving Hachi space.

"Can I?"

Now Hachi was scared to even sit on Nana's bed now? What the heck was wrong with her? Before they have always slept next to each other and she didn't feel nervous.

"Hachi, what's wrong with you." Nana laughed at Hachi's shyness. "Eight months and you're not used to sleeping on my bed anymore?"

That sounded wrong, Hachi thought. Wait, no, that didn't, she was thinking too much.

Nana finally grabbed Hachi by her shoulders and made her sit on her bed.

"Lie down. There, now what do you want to talk about?"

"Nana... I think I am in love."

"Oh? With whom? Nobu?" Nana leaned closer toward Hachi, making her quiver now.

Now the two girls were lying next to each other and facing each other, just like they always had.

"No... it's not him."

"Well, you've always had a thing for Yasu. Could it be him?"

"It's not Yasu!"

"My god, don't even think about Shin. He's way too young."

"Nana! It's not Shin either! It's a wom-"

"Someone I haven't met, cool."
"Nana... it's..."

Nana waited for Hachi's response. Hachi didn't finish. What Hachi did instead, was giving Nana a peck on cheek. Wow, what a bold move, Hachi thought. Why did I do that!

There was an awkward silence for a long time, and Hachi felt her body temperature soaring. Now she was too embarrassed to even look at Nana.

Nana suddenly bursted out laughing, with one hand covering her forehead.

"I get it. so I'm the one you are into, that's why you are so troubled, isn't it, Hachi?"

"Well... yes" Hachi answered modestly, "I'm so sorry Nana! I don't know why I kissed you on the cheek, I shouldn't have."

Hachi started to fidget.

"You're so cute when you are shy like that. It's not your fault for liking me."

"Nana, I know that. I know you love Ren and always wi-"

"Shush. Let's not talk about him."


Another long pause intruded their conversation. Both Nana and Hachi could hear each other breathing. Both girls simply stared up at the ceiling.

"Nana, I know you're not into girls, but I just can't help it."

"Now I really don't know what to do. Should I continue to be your friend, Hachi? Or..."

"Please don't leave me, Nana, just ignore my feelings! I will try to suppress them. I'll find a new boyfriend soon! Yes, I'll get back together with Nobu. That will make me forget about you."

"No, I won't let you do that."


"You'll only hurt Nobu even more by doing that. If you're in love with me, you can't possibly force yourself with another guy."

"You're right. Maybe I should just leave all of you then, and start a new life. Good night, Nana, I'm going."

Hachi got up from Nana's bed, and just when she was about leave, Nana pulled her back down onto her bed.

"You're not going anywhere tonight."

"But... I can't face you like this, please let go of me, Nana! I feel so embarrassed."

"I love making you feel awkward and uncomfortable, it's really fun. If you were me, you would know how great this feels."

Hachi sighed. What a sadistic woman Nana was, she thought.

It was painful, so painful for Hachi. She wanted the woman next to her, yet she'll never be able to have her. Nana will never take her seriously. Hachi, for the first time, had actually wished that the dream where she and Nana were together was real. Not like this, lying next to each other as friends.

"Sexual desire is a scary thing, especially for a woman." Hachi muttered.

"What did you just say?" Nana couldn't hear her.

"Oh..umm. Friendship is a beautiful thing, especially for a woman. Anyway, I'm going to sleep. Good night, Nana."

Hachi turned so that her back was facing Nana. Nana gave her a weird look. Hachi buried her head in the blankets.

"Hachi... you're going to suffocate if you continue to bury your head in the quilt like that."

"It's ok, I like it."

"I'm going to take them off you if you don't do it yourself."

"Please don't!"

A mumbled voice came from underneath the blankets.

"Oh, what a child you are."

Nana sat up and tried to pull the blankets off Hachi, yet Hachi hung onto them tightly.

"Let go of them, Hachi!"

"No... I'm too embarrassed!"

"Fine, then do it until you are smothered." Nana said.

Hachi finally pulled the blankets off her, and when she did, Nana caressed her face with those delicate fingers of hers, setting Hachi's face on fire.

"Nana, please stop it, you know if you keep on doing that you'll only lead me on!"

"I am well aware of that."


Was Nana doing this, on purpose now? Did she...

Nana drew Hachi's body closer to hers, then kissed her passionately on the lips. Nana's lips were so soft, so luscious... Hachi had wished that this ephemeral kiss would last forever.

"Hachi, you know that dream you had a while ago, where the two of us kissed each other and slept with each other?"


"How about a dream come true, tonight?"


"I love you too, Hachi."

"As a friend, I know."

"Friends don't kiss each other on the lips, and do what we're about to do, genius." Nana said teasingly.

Hachi was surprised to hear those flirtatious words coming out of Nana at first, but then, she chose to close her eyes and let her instincts guide her. All she knew at that instant was that she was madly in love with Nana, and that Nana wanted her too. And that's all that mattered, for now.

-The End-

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