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Ron is on Bonnie's apartment. He first thought of bringing her to a restaurant but opted against it. This is too personal to be said in public despite them not being heard by the others.

It's been a week since they'd been to the Rockwaller's. Bonnie was always in a happy mood reason why he wasn't able to tell her his decision. He couldn't do that to Bonnie.

Ron sat on the sofa and waited for Bonnie. When she emerged from the kitchen, he spoke. "Bonnie, we need to talk." There, a start. Why does he have to start with the exact words that Kim used when he broke up with him?

Call it woman's intuition but Bonnie knows that this is it. Ron has finally decided. And he's choosing Kim. "Go on, Ron." She said.

"Bonnie, I'm sorry. I wish I have a delete button in my life so I can delete her, her memories and the feelings I have for her. Then I can love you with all that I am. Because that is what you deserve. I just don't know why I still want her. Maybe because it is hard to let go of someone I know would hurt me but will give me happiness." There. Finally. He said it. Ron waited for a reaction from Bonnie. His eyes met hers. Tears brimming but she shut her eyes before they fall. "Bonnie-"

"Save it Ron." No anger in her voice. "If you love her then I accept it. If she's the one to make you happy, then be with her." Bonnie touched Ron's face. "I admit that I hoped you will choose me. Not because I love you but because I know I won't hurt you. At least not intentionally. But somewhere deep down, I know that it's Kim you want. You might not have noticed it because of the pain but I know eventually you will."

"Bonnie that I really wish that we can be together. I know you would never hurt me... But remember when I told you I will get there... I almost did... I almost did love you... but truth is... I never got there." No tears in Ron's eyes but they are red. "I never wanted to hurt you Bonnie. I wanted to protect you from all the pain in this world. But still I ended up hurting you."

"Yes I am hurt Ron, deeply." Bonnie said no longer holding back the tears. But you know what, you also made me happy. I got a friend who's got my back. I was in deep shit but you pulled me out of it. You gave life a meaning that I am now living no longer existing. And it's because I met you. So Ron, if being with Kim would make you happy then so be it. I will still be your friend forever. For now though, I just want to heal. Try as I might, I am hurt. So hurt."

"Bonnie, I don't know what to say but will you ever forgive me?" Ron asked.

"Ron I am not mad at you. I am hurt yes but it doesn't mean that I hate you. How can I after all the things you did to me. Neither am I angry with you. I already accepted it. It's just painful and I need time to heal."

"Bonnie, thank you. Thank you so much." Ron said.

"Now get your lazy ass up and talk to Kim. But don't make it easy for her now, will you?"

Ron drove to Middleton. The talk with Bonnie was painful for him too. He was never the type to hurt anyone be it physically or emotionally. He even can't hurt Kim. But Ron feels like a huge weight has been lifted off his chest.

Ron stopped at Bueno Nacho's. He may be into some drama in his life but he can't ignore the rumbling in his stomach. Ned, now the manager, served him personally. After all, he is Bueno Nacho's VP but more than that, Ned considers Ron as a friend. Funny thing is that the seat that Ron and Kim occupies all the time before is empty. He opted to seat there, after all, it has a great view.

How do I tell Kim? He asked. I forgive her. For everything. But if I am going to start again with her, can I trust her? Trust her the way I trusted her before? Am I ready to be with her again? Ron's thoughts were cut off as he noticed someone occupy the seat in front of him.

"Hey Ron, it's been forever since I last saw you. How are you doing?" Monique rambled in front of him. Clearly excited to see her long lost friend.

"Been better Mon. You look awesome."

"Thanks. I am surprised to see you here. Business?"

"Not really. Just need to talk to Kim." An uncomfortable silence followed. Ron, looking outside while Monique had her eyes at her food.

"Ron, I need to tell you something." Ron looked at Monique urging her to continue. "You see, last week, we saw you and Bonnie at the food court."

"I see. We?"

"That is Kim and I. So you and Bonnie now? I can't say I blame you for having a girlfriend. I mean you and Kim broke up years ago."


"Ron, Kim told me what happened in your office weeks ago. What she did to you is wrong. Just plain wrong. And I am not saying that you take her back. But I know, I know that she loves you. Truly loves you maybe more than she did the last time. I saw her hurt when we say you and Bonnie that day. Then she told me that if I see you, to tell you, that she loves you. It doesn't matter if you love Bonnie. She knows she can't undo the things she has done. But she wants you to know that she loves you and if Bonnie will be the one to make you happy then she doesn't want to interfere anymore. And she wants to apologize for what she did."

"But Monique… I love Kim. I chose her!"

The surprise in Monique's face was evident. For the first time, she doesn't know what to say. "You chose Kim? But last week, you were holding Bonnie."

"She needed me that time." Ron told Monique what happened that day as well as how Bonnie and him met. How they began their relationship and how it ended with Ron choosing Kim.

"Wow, that's a lot to take."

"I know. But I am sure now that I love Kim. And she may hurt me again I know but I am willing to take a risk. For her."

"Ron, can you trust her again?" Monique asked the same questions that he had in his mind earlier.

"I had the same question earlier. But now I know that I can. It may take some time but I know I will." Ron stood. "I have to talk to Kim now." With that, he left Bueno Nacho heading over to the Possible's.

Anne answered the door and was surprised to see Ron standing there. She gave the young man a tight hug with tears in her eyes. "We missed you so much Ron. Come in."

"Thank you Mrs Dr P." old habits die hard. "Is Kim there?" he asked.

"Yeah I will just call her." Anne said with sadness in her eyes. She then went upstairs to call Kim. "Kim, honey, will you please come out. You have a visitor downstairs."

"If its Monique mom tell her that I will meet her tomorrow instead. I need to finish packing my stuff." She said.

"Honey, its not Monique. It's Ron." Anne was surprised when the door suddenly opened revealing a disoriented Kim.

"R-ron? Ron is here?" she asked. "Did he say what he wants?" Kim said sadly.

"No sweetie but he is looking for you."

"I-I'm not sure if I am ready for face him." The two Possibles headed inside Kim's room and sat on the bed. "I already gave him up. He chose Bonnie. I already decided that I am giving up on him. If it's Bonnie that would make him happy then I won't force myself to him anymore. He deserves happiness after all I've done to him."

"Kim, if that's your decision, then I'm glad. Finally you realize that love is sacrificing. But I suggest you talk to him. Let him know. Tell him what you have to and listen to what he has to say. You have known each other for years now. Talk to him. If not for your relationship then at least for your friendship. You've been friends longer than your brothers' existence. At least it's worth saving that." Her mother said.

"I guess you're right mom. Let me just fix myself." Kim said.

Couple of minutes later, Kim emerged in the room where Ron is in. "Hi Ron." She said. Her eyes not meeting his.

Ron gazed at Kim. Still beautiful. "Hi Kim. I am here because I want us to talk. Do you want to go for a ride?" he asked.

"S-sure." Kim said not knowing why Ron decided to invite her. To be all honest, she thinks that he would just yell at her. Though if she's going to think about it, Ron wouldn't do that in their house. Maybe that's the reason why.

Both were silent during the drive as if lost in thoughts. Kim thinking if Ron can forgive her while Ron is thinking how to tell Kim that he wants to start again. Their thoughts ended as Ron stopped in the Middleton Park. It is night time already that there are very few people in. Ron and Kim walked over the park bench and sat there.

Finally, Ron broke the silence. "Kim, you said you wanted to talk to me. Please go ahead." Ron said.

"I'm sorry Ron." She started. "I've been saying that a lot lately." A sad smile escaped her lips."

"That night Kim, my tears fell because of the pain I felt when you told me that we're over. It was hard to let you go but I did because it will make you happy. Because Kim, just like what I said that night, your happiness is all that means to me."

"But I was never happy." She said silently. So silent that if Ron wasn't sitting close to her, he would've missed it. "Not without you. I told you in your office that I realized right away the wrong that I've done. I should've went back right away, but I got afraid."

"Afraid of what?" he asked.

"Of admitting a mistake. I am Kim Possible. I can do anything. Apparently, admitting I was wrong is just something I cannot do back then though. Then, when I was ready to admit my fault, the nagging feeling just won't go. Took me three years to finally stop that feeling and go back here to apologize. But still, my selfishness got the best of me. Yes I wanted to apologize to you Ron but I wanted to do it so I can have you back." Kim is now in tears as he held Ron's hand. "But it's wrong. Now, I am apologizing again to you Ron but this time not for selfish reasons. And, don't worry, I won't bother you and Bonnie anymore. I am glad that she makes you happy." She ended.

Ron was silent as if taking in what Kim told him. "Bonnie was extraordinary Kim. She made me make my first step into moving on. She had me at my worst, you had me at my best, still you chose to break my heart. And she never left me." No emotions can be heard on Ron. He said these as if he is commenting on the weather.

"I want to be honest with you Ron, that day in your office, I was hoping that you would say that's its still me you want. That we can be together again. But now, I've accepted that it's Bonnie who can make you happy now." Her tears won't stop flowing. It's like her heart is being shredded. "All I want you to know is that I love you. Always have. And I hope you can forgive me."

"I forgive you Kim." Kim automatically turned to Ron. "I don't think I was ever mad at you." His thumb wiped away the tears coursing through Kim's cheeks. "I found someone else Kim. Bonnie is sweeter and nicer than you. She even learned to cook for me even though she blasted my kitchen to oblivion." He laughed silently as he recalled the incident "She listens to me when I got something to say and she cares for my feelings the same way I care for hers. I know we're perfect for each other. But there's just one problem... I still love you more than her." With that Ron, brought Kim's lips to his for a gentle kiss. "I was wrong Kim to think that my love would ever change for you. I might have locked it up somewhere but it was never gone neither did it lost its intensity. Because my love is like earth which continues spinning. Just like the river that would never stop flowing. I still love you KP. When you came back, I tried to avoid you. But whenever I take one step away, I always find myself coming back to you." Ron placed another kiss on her lips.

Kim couldn't react. Her tears still flowing but her heart is jumping with glee. Ron chose her. She held his face. "R-ron… I- Thank you. For forgiving me. For loving me. For bringing back our yesterday."

"No Kim, I don't want our yesterday." Ron said. "I want to start anew. The past hurt me bad. I'd rather start again. Will you? Will you start again with me?" he asked.

"Yes Ron. Yes I will." Kim kissed Ron. "I love you so much Ron."

"I love you too Kim. More than I could fathom."

Three years later…

"Ron, will you please pay attention to me." Kim stood in front of Ron's gigantic TV. "You've been there for hours now."

"Awww KP…" Ron whined.

"Can you please get dressed now honey." Kim asked as she snaked her arms to Ron. We will be late for your party."

Ron pulled Kim closer to him. "I think we still got plenty of time KP" he said as he kissed her neck.

"Ronman has to wait. This is YOUR party." She said without much force. After all, she likes what Ron is doing.

"Fine then." He said as he got inside their room to dress.

Starting a new relationship was not easy for both Kim and Ron. Ron struggled hard into trusting Kim that he follows her everywhere. The two even brought back Team Possible as Ron is always beside Kim guarding her. Kim on the other hand still has doubts regarding Ron forgiving her. The two almost broke up but decided to sort things out. After a year, Kim moved into Ron's place in Upperton. It was a snail's pace into them building their relationship but they got there anyway.

The two arrived at the party. It was set to celebrate Ron's Presidency of Bueno Nacho corps after the owner retired of old age. When the two arrived, Ron was called out to the stage to give a few words.

"Thank you everyone for being here. My success in this business wouldn't have happened if it weren't for you. Much as I would like to discuss business tonight, I hope you guys don't mind if I take this opportunity to ask something to my girlfriend, Kim Possible." A loud cheering was heard as Ron approached Kim in her table and knelt in front of her "We've been together since Pre-k. Had our moments of laughter and tears. Danced together and fought together. Been around the world together. And despite all the problems we had, we are still stuck into each other like we're glued. But I just want to tell you Kim, that despite you not finishing a level in the wimp mode of Zombie Mayhem, destroying my kitchen with you cooking skills, not eating Nacos with me in Bueno Nacho, I love you, with all that I am. And if I get to live another life, I will still love you. So Kimberly Ann Possible, all I want to know is if you will do me the honor of being your husband?" Ron emotionally asked Kim as he opened the small box with a ring.

The crowd was silent. "Yes Ron, I want to be your wife." Kim said as he pulled Ron and kiss him. "Forever." She followed.

The crowd roared in happiness. A toast was done and right after the party, the two headed out. Ron picked up Kim bridal style as they approached his car. "Ron, put me down." Kim said smiling as Ron obliged. "Grow up please." Kim teasingly said.

"Of course KP. I don't want to be forever young you know."

"And why is that?"

"Because if I am forever young then my dream of growing old with you would never happen." He said kissing Kim.

"I love you so much Ronald Dean Stoppable."

"And I you, Kimberly Ann Possible. Always."

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