Many ways to kill Yuka

So, it's just a fic about the anime. I really hated Yuka and I think I'm not the only one. If you like Yuka or if you hate Yuka's haters, just don't read.

PS: I write the chapter 6 of Don't leave me alone. ^^


"What's happened around us?" Kakeru said, suddenly amazed by the world around them.


"It's just impossible…Ah! My eyes!" Kakeru screamed in pain, feeling the horrible sensation from his right eye.


Oh just shut up…

"Yuka…" Suddenly, Larvaes appeared from behind them and suddenly jumped on Yuka.



Too late. They already ate her.

"You can't even scratch me!" Ira smiled behind Kakeru's helpleness…

He caught him at his throat brutally, choking him.


And without a word, he sent him away. Ira smirked. "I will now kill the person you wanted to protect."

"Ah! Kakeru-Kun! Help me!"

"…If only…If only my power awoke up…"

In writter's office:

"Sorry Kakeru. I changed script. Your power will awake in episode 6 instead of episode 5."

"Get away from me!" Yuka screamed in pity. "Please!"

Ira smirked and without another word, he caught Yuka and choked her in death.

"Kiss me…Kakeru-Kun!"

"…Sorry…I don't have to…My feelings…"

Yuka began to cry and ran away pathetically.


"My Kakeru-Kun changed…"

Yuka cried. Suddenly Red Night appeared and Invidia appeared in front of her.

"Fragments…You won't be so lucky this time…"


And before Takahisa could arrive, Invidia stabbed Yuka.

"Yuka's power saved us?"

"It's fine…Kakeru-kun…" Yuka smiled weirdly. "You know…I will protect you…As long as you are mine…Just mine…"

She fainted and fell from the rooftops. She crashed on the floor and died.

"I've a plan to kill Fragments…Avaritia-sama…"

"Hm…Which one, Superbia?"

"I will kill first Takahisa then Yukiko…I think they are the most dangerous…"



"You should kill Yuka first."


"Because her power is dangerous to us…And then she's annoying."

"Hm…You're right."

"…I don't know if the others could be safe…"

"…As long as Kakeru-kun is fine, I'm fine."

Shiori took a pensive look. "In fact, I think you should go to help him."

"Kakeru-kun is…?"

"Yes. Furthermore, he's with Misuzu."

"I go!"

Yuka came in the battlefield. Superbia saw her.

"I will protect Kakeru-k…"

Too late. Superbia already stabbed her.

"The tea is ready. Cookies, too Kakeru-kun…"

Misuzu took hers and saw with horror there is a razor shape inside!

"Yuka…Can you accompany me?"


Yuka followed her and Misuzu, when they were alone, caught the razor shape and cut her throat off.

"Die, bitch."

"Kakeru-kun…Stay with me instead of saving Yukiko! You will be fine. I will protect you."


Larvaes appeared.

"DON'T TOUCH MY KAKERU-KUN!" Yuka used her power then fainted.


"Sorry, Yuka."

Kakeru caught Yuka and locked her in a room with Larvaes inside.

"I go, everyone."

"I will grant your wish!"

Liselotte sent her spell toward Yuka who burnt her alive and took her fragment.

In writter's office:


In writter's office:

"I decided there won't be episode 12 and Yuka won't be saved."

Very stupid, I know.