Jesse POV

I was sat down on the Drakes living room couch. Just me. I knew the others would be scattered around the house somewhere. I was day dreaming when I was interrupted by the boy whom I had seen through the window when I first arrived here at the Drakes. "Hey," I said casually, "Hi" he replied back shyly. It was very awkward so to break the silence I said "You came to see me? Or not?".

"Oh em…yeah…I did…I was wondering if you would like a drink… em… beautiful?" he replied stuttering after almost every single word. Was he flirting? Well that failed! Vampires didn't blush it was a no, no. But this one was. He was bright red! Ha-ha! He immediately turned on his heel and ran upstairs vampire speed. I had a boyfriend surely he knew that! Or maybe not…

Sebastian POV

Damn. I have just made a massive fool out of myself in front of the cutest girl alive in the universe and I am pretty sure ever in existence. Quinn's stupid flirting advice I should of known those tips were for Quinn like people not Sebastian like people!

I went back downstairs completely avoiding the living room for various reasons. Somebody must have heard me because the entire family were gathered in the kitchen awaiting my arrival. Connor and Quinn rolling on the floor, Lucy looking furious.

She was stomping towards me and the next thing I knew I was clutching my nose. Typical Lucky always goes for the nose. Always.

It was then she fiercely said to me "She has a boyfriend you doofus!" the words hit me in the heart breaking and smashing it into tiny pieces.