Sunday morning, and Stiles woke up without Derek by his side. He laid their in the noon light streaming through the bedroom window, panicking slightly, wondering where Derek was. Padding naked into the kitchen, his eyes screwed up against the light, he let off a sigh of relief, seeing the note on the fridge.

'gone to the gym and for a jog. Back at one.' Stiles absently wondered how long ago Derek left. It definitely took a lot of work to have such muscle definition, and now that he wasn't running around killing and maiming people he would have to get in even longer workouts, though he did have Stiles to 'work out' with at home. Flicking the news on and inserting two dry pieces of the baguette Derek had bought yesterday into the toaster, Stiles got himself cleaned up for the morning before flopping down, a pair of jogging bottoms now covering his modesty, onto the couch and just relaxing. He needed this extra day off school, last week had killed him with all the work they had been doing. The lessons were boring, he had been right, but they were still pretty exhausting. The amount of information he had to absorb in the past week was ridiculous to him, though Max, who had fast became a friend of Stiles', thought that it was easy.

"Don't go home my little darling..." He hummed absently to himself twenty minutes later, quickly becoming bored of the news, his mind wandering. Pulling his iPhone out of the wire it was attached too, charging, he sent off a quick text to Emily.

'want to go around the park or something?' - 12:21PM. Stiles was desperate for Derek to come home, but the more he thought about it the more he began to believe he should kind of make the guy miss him a little, it was good spending so much time together, but maybe they needed their little separations, it would make their time together mean that much more.

'meet in 20 at my apartment?' - 12:29PM. Emily's apartment was still an enigma to him, so reading that she was actually inviting him round was quite exciting.

Emily lived in an enormous expanse of steel and glass on the corner of an extremely busy street just a few blocks away from Stiles. She had already told him what to do, so he buzzed himself in with the permission of Emily, who had given him the key code, and headed up to the seventh floor.

"You're here!" She cried as she emerged into the hallways, having seen Stiles pixelated figure heading towards her on the security system her father had insisted upon.

"Morning, perky." Stiles said with a grin as he followed her through the overly large single door and into her own domain.

The apartment was at least three times as big as Stiles', but still managed to maintain a degree of intimacy with the dark colours, abundance of lamps and rugs, and homey personal items that were strewn all over the place. A floating staircase with no rails crept up one wall, leading to the one and only bedroom, while the main room was very similar to Stiles', though much larger, with two couches that could seat three surrounding two sides, the other occupied by a comfortable recliner done up in Missoni fabric, two coffee tables on either side laden with books, empty coffee cups from the cart downstairs, and overflowing ashtrays and magazines. They all faced the TV, a small 20" thing which was resting on the base of the fireplace, all manner of small plants placed haphazardly around it, giving a look of a tropical garden to that side of the room. A massive zebra print rug – Emily told everyone it was ironic – dominated the ground under the spindly coffee table from a Lower East Side antiques store, while a side table behind the north facing couch contained the stereo, the white iPod wire already occupied by Emily's phone, speakers crooning out The Shangri-Las.

"Nice place." Stiles nodded and smiled as he took the place in.

"Oh yeah, thanks." She headed over to the breakfast bar, which was located to the left of the short hall from the front door, while the living room was on the right, all open plan. "You want a drink? I'm having a Long Island Ice Tea." A giggle escaped her red painted lips as she poured without waiting for a response.

"What's this?" Stiles ran his fingers over a projector that was set up on the island, its lens throwing a dull blue onto the slightly whiter space above the fireplace, where a painting of Emily as a girl – commissioned and insisted upon by her mother – used to hang.

"Oh, someone in my Interactive Media class told me a projector was the only way to watch movies, and gave me this." Her gaze of disdain at the thing told Stiles all he needed to know.

"The people in some of our classes kind of make me feel sick." He laughed, sipping the Ice Tea, watching as Emily began pulling back the huge, dark purple drapes behind the Missoni recliner, revealing floor to ceiling glass behind, The Empire State Building and all of Midtown visible in front of them.

"Tell me about it. I need to get dressed, come on." Grabbing a pack of cigarettes from the coffee table she headed upstairs, tiny white legs looking frail in her sleeping shorts, her red t shirt falling down and revealing one bony shoulder.

"Jesus, how many clothes?" Stiles asked in shock as he left a short hallway, heading left into the dressing room, the right side of the hall leading to the bedroom and bathroom.

"I have a problem." Emily agreed with a shrug, putting down her drink after a long sip through the straw and lighting up a cigarette as she flicked through the racks of clothes. "You don't seem like the kind of gay who can help me with fashion, my luck." Her eyes roved over Stiles' plain black t shirt, Derek's hoody, jeans and white socks with a sigh.

"I'm fashionable!" He protested with a smile.

"Who makes this?" She held up a lace creation, smirking at Stiles look of confusion. "You know, I might wear this." Slipping out of the room she emerged a few seconds later, moving to

admire herself in the mirror.

"Uh – a little fancy isn't it?" Stiles asked as he stared, wide eyed, at the knee length, black lace, Dolce & Gabanna dress, the sleeves ending a few inches before they reached her wrists, her body just the right size for such a dress.

"I guess, but who cares?" She left the thing on as she began rummaging through another wardrobe, this one locked with a key code and piled with fur.

"It's not cold?" Stiles laughed, sipping his drink.

"I don't really get warm, and I just love fur." She gave him a shrug and a huge smile as she slipped her arms into the Simonetta Ravizza short mink coat. "Ooh!" She shrieked excitedly as she wondered what shoes to wear.


"Pass me those YSL booties." Ash fell to the floor from her freshly lit cigarette as she clicked her fingers at Stiles.


"Oh, god." Leaning over him she grabbed a pair of black leather and suede booties from the shoe closet behind his chair, giving herself another three inches as she teetered on the wedge. "Needs tights." She said, more to herself, as Stiles peered into her closet, flicking through the multide of dark garments. Everything was black, grey, dark blue, maroon, white, or the deepest green.

"Where are we gonna go then?" Stiles asked as his fingers flinched away from a studded mini dress.

"I dunno, I need some lunch. How are you and Derek by the way?" Her exquisite face crunched up as she frowned at her reflection, kicking the booties off, flinging the mink down, and letting the Dolce fall to the ground.

"We're great!" Stiles perked up at her question, getting bored of clothes.

"Hows the sex?" She asked with a smirk at his reflection in her mirror as she threw a loose Alexander McQueen t-shirt over her head, nodding before she moved to another wardrobe loaded with pants.

"Uh – sex..." Stiles looked down awkwardly.

"Don't tell me you haven't?" Her eyes were wide as she turned to him, the leather pants she was holding dropping to her side.

"Well, I guess we're going slow or something..." Stiles didn't dare look up.

"Oh no. Bad sign." She admired the leather pants with the oversized t shirt in the mirror, nodding to herself.

"Well, I want too..." Stiles thought about how much he had been trying to get Derek to do it without actually asking him outright, he always arched his back when they kissed or when he went down on Derek, trying to tempt him. He knew it was working, Derek was becoming hornier and hornier every time they went to bed, but they never progressed beyond oral before they fell asleep in each others arms. "I mean it's still amazing, but I dunno – we should have sex, right?"

"Right." Emily put the mink back on, liking the contrast of uptown and downtown, before slipping back into the Yves Saint Laurent booties, grabbing an oversized YSL muse in black patent leather, slipping her cigarettes inside. "You two have been living together for like two weeks or something. If you weren't living together then maybe not having sex wouldn't be weird, but it kind of is. Why do you even live together anyway?"

"He has nowhere to stay, I want him there, he wants to be there. That's it I guess, we just fell into it." He followed her downstairs, slipping his Converse on as she pulled the phone out of the stereo and popped it into the bag, followed by her Chanel wallet.

"Well, maybe you should do some sort of romantic night for him or something, you know, make it special."

"Huh? I dunno how to do that." Stiles had seen plenty of bad romance movies, but he didn't want some sort of cliché losing his virginity in the candle light.

"Well how did you make your other times special, or was it just a quickie in a car kind of thing?" Laughing, she grabbed Stiles' hand and pulled him into the hallway, locking her apartment before they headed to the elevators.

"I told you -" Stiles wished she would just get the hint, "- I don't know how to do that. Or... you know!"

"Oh!" Her eyes widened as they headed into the elevator. "Ohh!" Realisation dawned on her pale face, covering her shocked pupils with black L.G.R sunglasses.

"Don't rub it in."

"No, I just thought you would have. You know, you're pretty cute Stiles. If you were straight I'd definitely do you." She gave him a wide, joking smile, cheering him up slightly.

"Yeah well, I think I should just ask why we haven't yet." Thoughts that Derek didn't want him had been creeping to the front of his mind for the past week. Wasn't sex the next logical step after oral? It was too confusing – it was obvious Derek wanted him, they spent practically all their free time together, Derek only ever going to the gym when he knew Stiles was going to be in bed till noon or he was at school, Stiles usually inviting Derek to NYU for lunch with him and Max, less so with Emily lately now that she was interested in a new boy and spent more time with him.

"No! That's so boring." Emily held the door open as they headed out onto the busy street, walking towards Midtown.

"Well what else would I do?" Genuinely interested, his turned his head to her as she cocked her own to the side, trying to formulate a plan.

"My first time was a disaster, so lets ignore that. But my second time the guy did this romantic thing in the park..."

"Are you a naturist?" Stiles grinned.

"Shut up! We went back to mine when my parents were in Rhode Island at our summer cottage, it was really romantic actually, I got back and there was like, candles and stuff laid out, romantic music on. It was cheesy, but everyone does it like that for a reason."

"Why am I so lame?" He asked, looking down at his feet as they walked the few blocks to the restaurant, both thinking of the perfect first night scenario.

"Two please. Thanks Rich." Emily gave the waiter, whom she was friendly with, a slight smile as they settled down at a two seater outside, slightly raised from the street and protected by a low row of hedges in wooden pots.

"You should do something different then, that like, I dunno, shows your personality or something?"

"What am I supposed to do take him to a room full of Adderall and ADHD leaflets full of toast and coffee?" Stiles grinned across at her sheepishly. He was becoming more and more despondent as he dwelled on how to make his and Derek's first time perfect. An easy, comfortable silence fell over the two teenagers as they both tried to come up with a better idea than the other.

"Okay, I've got it." Patting her lips with the napkin before scooping a small spoonful of salad into her mouth and taking a sip of water, Emily lowered her sunglasses. It must be a pretty good idea.

"Well hit me with it quick because I have none." Cutting a smell piece from the extra large ham pizza he was eating, Stiles moved it slowly around the plate, his mind wandering again.

"Rooftop terrace looking over downtown, fairy lights on the walls or something, a mattress set up on the floor with a meal and some wine, bring the iPod up for some romantic music." She looked extremely pleased with herself, eyebrows raised and a smile on her lips, waiting for his praise.

"It sounds great." Emily's face lit up. "Except for the rooftop part. What if it rains? Plus everyone will hear!" Stiles slammed the knife and fork down, a few patrons glancing up nervously.

"For fuck sake." Sunglasses hid Emily's eyes once more as she began slowly finishing off her food, upset her idea hadn't gotten more praise.

"It's too much – seriously. That's not me at all, and it's definitely not Derek. He always says I'm childish." Stiles started smiling as soon as he thought of Derek joking with him. What was the man doing to him?

"Childish..." Emily mused, hidden eyes narrowed.


"I've got a perfect idea." White teeth appeared as her mouth broke into a smile, not flinching as Stiles looked up in interest, his own smile coming forward as he realised that this may be the one.