Chapter 5

Everyone stares at Dylan as he sits in the beach chair trying to comprehend that he may actually be a father. Finally, he looks up. "How do I find out where she is? I need to talk to her. I don't…." He looks a bit lost and stumbles on his words. "I don't know what to do." He ends on a whisper.

"Look, I have a few contacts through the magazine. If Brenda is in town for work, maybe I can find out what it is. If not, I guess we start calling hotels." Steve says sympathetically.

"Exactly." Andrea pipes in. "You don't have to do this alone Dylan. We can all make calls. We'll find her."

"Maybe she told Nat where she is staying?" David adds.

Brandon starts nodding. "Good idea Silver. Nat will tell me if he knows anything."

Dylan jumps up from his chair. "I'll drive you over." He and Brandon stare at one another for a brief moment before Brandon relents and responds. "Yeah, between us I'm sure we can convince Nat to give us any information he has. Let's go."

The rest of the gang quietly begins to gather up their belongings, no one feeling up to staying at the beach party after the latest revelations. "We will head back to our house. When you guys are done come on over." Janet says quietly, squeezing Dylan's arm in support.

He and Brandon walk across the sand and jump in Dylan's Porsche. They drive away from the beach in silence, both internally debating what to say to the other.

Dylan sighs. "I'm sorry B." He says softly. "I really thought I was doing the right thing. I never would have left her if…" He gets choked up and stops.

"If I thought you did it on purpose Dylan, I would have beat the hell out of you already." Dylan laughs abruptly as Brandon smirks at him. "Look, I know you didn't intend to get Brenda pregnant and then desert her and God knows Bren is old enough to make her own choices. She has definitely made quite a few here but damn it Dylan. When are you going to make up your mind?" Brandon starts to get loud as he gets angrier and angrier at the situation. "We aren't in high school anymore, or hell even college. You choose Kelly over Brenda in high school. You left Brenda in London, you came back to Kelly. You go see Brenda in New York, you come back to Kelly. If you can't stay away from Kelly then leave Brenda alone. She doesn't need this!"

Dylan takes a deep breath, "Brandon, if I wanted Kelly I wouldn't be here right now. I know I haven't been clear in the past, but Kelly and I both decided months ago that we were only drawn to each other when we couldn't be with you and Brenda!" Dylan closes his eyes, too late to pull his foot out of his mouth after giving away Kelly's secret instead of just his own. "I didn't say that." He says quickly looking over at Brandon.

Brandon stares straight ahead, shocked at Dylan's outburst but after all this time without Kelly not sure what he wants to do about it. He decides to let it go for now. That's a conversation he will have to have with Kelly privately, not with Dylan. They pull into the Peach Pit parking lot and he looks over to see Dylan gripping the steering wheel tightly. "You alright man?"

Dylan sighs. "No. But I will be once we find Brenda. Let's go." He says quietly as he opens the door and steps out of the car. The two friends walk inside and head straight for the counter where Nat is standing.

"Hey boys! How are you? I thought you had reunion plans tonight?"

"Yeah, we did Nat but something came up that was a little more important." Brandon says quietly while glancing at Dylan.

Nat instantly realizes something is going on and is concerned. "What's wrong?"

"Did Brenda tell you where she is staying Nat?" Dylan questions abruptly. "We know she was here. I've gotta find her. You've got to tell us."

Brandon interrupts before Dylan can get louder. "It's important Nat." He says trying to stay even toned, hoping that will keep Dylan on an even keel. He has never been the most consistent when emotions were on the line.

Nat looks back and forth between the two men who are almost like his own children. He sighs. "I wish I could help. I do. But Brenda didn't tell me where she was staying. She just asked me not to tell anyone she was in town. I'm sorry." He watches as Dylan closes his eyes as if in physical pain then looks questioningly at Brandon. Brandon shakes his head silently begging Nat not to ask questions. Nat nods knowing Brandon will tell him in due time if necessary. "You know, she didn't tell me where she was staying but she did tell me she is here to be in a TV show if that helps."

Dylan and Brandon look at each other and nod. "It just might Nat. We can use that. Thanks." Brandon says, hugging the older man. "We better go. See you soon." He turns and heads towards the door. "Thanks Nat." Dylan says quietly. "If you do find out anything…." His voice trails off. "You will be the first to know Dylan." Nat responds in the only way he can. He really hates seeing one of his kids in pain and Dylan is obviously in pain to Nat's eyes.

He watches the two of them walk out the front door with a shake of his head, silently praying things work out for not only Dylan and Brandon but for Brenda as well.

Dylan and Brandon are both silent as they drive to Janet and Steve's house, the old Walsh house. They pull in the driveway and sit there for a moment staring at it, each lost in his own memories of this house.

"It seems so strange to me to come back and see Steve in this house." Brandon says softly, trying to lighten the mood a bit. Dylan smirks. "Yeah, me too." They get out of the car and walk towards the door. As they get close, it opens and Steve walks out.

"I was wondering if you guys were going to get out of the car or not." He says with a sly grin. "So, what did Nat say?"

Dylan looks at the ground silently, his mind still reeling over the events of the day. Brandon glances at him before turning back to Steve. "He didn't know anything about where she is staying. He did say that she is here for a TV show but he doesn't know any details."

Steve chuckles. "Then I guess it's a good thing you got me huh?" Dylan looks up quickly to see the grin on Steve's face. "Brenda is at the Beverly Wilshire."