Time flows in circles. Until all possibilities have been explored, all alternate universes seen to their end, it will continue to cycle endlessly on the empty whim of the Daemon Sultan...

Orion Resturant,

March 3rd,

12:32 Pm,

2012 AD:

'Alex, please don't talk about dead Mi-go over lunch.' Kara Wilton demanded, picking at her salad with a fork.

'Yes, Alex, talk about something else, you're putting us off our lunch.' Ceaser Stone continued.

'Tch. Fine, I'll change subject. Two things, I think may be connected; the first was this... horrible nightmare I had this morning, can't remember the details, but it chilled me to the bone. The second is that for these past few days, I've been feeling something... Watching me.' Alexander Gale shook his head. 'That's not what scares me though. It's the thing's specific interest in me that scares me so much.'

A short silence descended upon them for a while before Ceaser spoke up again.

'I always find that, once you get past the carapace, the Mi-go are really squishy beneath.'

'Oh, for goodness sake.' Kara replaced her cutlery. 'I've completely lost my appetite now, thanks Ceaser.'

He had arrived here, in this place and time to deal with a distortion that was breaking out, flooding the alleyways with filthy black water and from beyond the distortion, the sounds of a party that had escalated far out of control could be heard. It was simple enough to take care of. Margaret had informed him that setting up localised Null Field should disperse the widespread distortion.

'Ooo... Who are you?'

The moment the trio arrived at the source of the distortion, Alex changed from investigating to flirting. Flirting with the very, very tall man in midnight black military attire, long blonde hair tied back into a plait, trailing down his back. He was currently sticking flourescent blue tape onto the floor and walls around the area of a strange distortion.

'Please stay back, citizens, this is a dangerous situation.'

'"Citizen"? Who does he think he is?' Alex wondered, looking rejected.

'D.G.' Kara pulled him back so they could see the Greek "Delta" Symbol on his back, done in a dark green colour with the letters "D.G." inside.

'He's Delta Green?'

'W-when did they start getting uniforms? I-I want a uniform.' Alex jested playfully.

'What's your name, Agent?' Ceaser wondered.


'No, your name, not your codename.'

Those sharp blue eyes looked over to him. 'Agent Theodore Dergon.'

'Ok... Theo, what's all this then? Something gone wrong with the local spacetime?'

'Apparently so. it appears to be that Carcosa is bleeding through into this reality.' He stopped to stick another bit of that bright blue tape over the wall. 'If I can just find and isloate the source, we should be able to dissipate it before it becomes too serious a threat.'

'You mean before any nasties come through and wipe us out prematurely?'

'Exactly.' Theodore nodded, a small smirk slipping onto his face.

'I... I thought I just saw something move...' Alex whispered, pointing into the deep water ahead of them. 'In that...'

'Really?' Ceaser wondered.

'No. It's just sludge.' Alex laughed.

'Aha!' the larger man joined in, hitting him lightly on the back. However, Alex's worn down trainers slipped on the slipper ground and he tumbled forwards, plunging straight into the murky waters.

'Alex!' Kara cried, rushing forwards as he surfaced, spluttering out mouthfuls of the inky black water.

'Well... That wasn't very graceful.' he laughed. 'Um... Could you help me out-?'

The blood seemed to drain from his face rapidly.

'Like... Now... I-I think I just felt something brush my leg...' Then he was dragged under once again.

The surface of the water bubbled severly, as though boiling. A bright flash of light lit up the water, the shriek of an alien creature echoed from below and Alex broke the surface, spluttering out the last part of his incantation. '...A-advena... Adveni...'

'Quickly! Pull him out!' Theo ordered, reaching in and ripping Alex from the water single handedly. Alex seemed unharmed, apart from the the tattered, bloody mess of his trousers and the obviously very deep, painful cuts on his legs.

'M-my hero.' Alex laughed lightly. 'But, I think I'll... need medical attention.'

Then he passed out.

Once Theo had closed the strange distortion with- frankly technology that went far beyond Kara's comprehension- he joined the two of them outside the hosptial.

'The doctors are looking after him now.' Kara scratched her neck, looking nervous. 'They asked us what did this...'

'We said it... was better that they didn't know.' Ceaser replied in a shrug.

Their attention drifted as a figure wandered towards them, dressed in a usual attire, but it was their eyes that offset their appearence. The way those eyes looked out on the world was nothing that a human could replicate.

'Is that a..?'
'Yithian.' Kara finished Ceaser's question.

'Your presence is required, all three of you. One year from now, in the ruins of the Library City of Pnakatous. I suggest you do not try... his patience.' A flicker of fear crossed the otherwise emotionless voice and visage. Then the Yithian walked off, returning to it's recon mission.

'So, I'll have to stick that date in my diary.' Kara muttered. 'Great.'

'Well, we could. Or we could cut out the waiting and jump directly to 2013...' Theodore interrupted their train of thought.

'Wait... What?'

From his belt, Theodore took a circular device formed of an unknown metal and stuck it to a wall of the now restored- and still slightly damp alley.

Rolling up a sleeve, he accessed the small computer that was strapped to his wrist beneath, typing in co-ordinates and glancing up occasionally as the device activated, splitting into three segements and seperating about six feet before rotating in a clockwise direction, rapdily picking up speed around the strange orb of energy that building in the center.

'Pretty...' Kara gasped, watching it.

Suddenly the orb exploded outwards, connecting with the spinning segments and formed in a shimmering blue and silver... gateway.

'Go ahead. In you go.'

'Um...' Kara looked uncertain before taking a deep breath and stepping through.