'Aww, he looks like he's having a good dream.' Kara softly shook his shoulder. 'Alex.'
'Ngh...' He shook her off, trying to turn back into dreams.
'Alex, we're here.'
His emerald eyes opened slowly, breathing in an air that tasted foreign.
'How... Long have I been sleeping?'
'About... 2 hours. Where are we?' He glanced out of the window, thinking himself on a plane that had just landed in sunny Spain, he quickly did a double take. The city before his eyes glowed with light, twin moons hung in the sky, the city was eyewateringly beautiful, architecture that could only be crafted by alien hands, beacons of bright blue lights reaching into the skies beyond, domes and towers most grand.
'This...' he chuckled softly. 'This must be how Randolph Carter felt...'
'Does this one believe everything it reads...?' An unfamilliar voice spoke. The creature was vaugely humanoid, elongated and stretched perhaps, hands with too many fingers, skin pale as snow, feathered wings sprouted from behind pointed ears, their back, the back of the wrists, and the back of the shins, an armband around their left arm, white with a green crescent moon, Theo had said about that... it was the universal symbol for hospitals.
Stupidly, Alex said the first thing that came to mind.
'Are you an angel...?'
'He's um... Still jetlagged.' Kara explained, trying to stifle her giggles.
'So it would seem.' The alien sounded displeased, fiery eyes checking him over. 'I am Seraph, young one. Welcome to your new home.'

The cities of the Seraphim existed far above a thick layer of clouds, suspended by technology that went way over the party's head. Apparently, the Serpahim did not speak English, but by a strange cosmic twist, both the langauges were startlingly idenitcal, but written script was alien. Humanity had set up a colony here thousands of years ago, the two socities had now become inseperable.
'Of course, there are other colonies out there, we're over countless stars and systems.' Theo explained as they walked the streets at night, Kara's eyes all over the place, drinking in every detail. It took them a moment to realise when Alex had stopped walking.
'...? What's up?' Ceaser looked over to him.
Alex stared at the floor, hair hanging down over his face, he spoke without looking up.
'I want to go home.'
'But we are-'
'To my own home, my own time and place.'
Theodore nodded. 'Fine. What about you two?'
Kara shook her head. 'I like this place, but I don't think I could live here permenantly.'
'Yes... I'll have to go home and check on Liz and Margaret.' Theo muttered, looking up and down. 'Very well.'

March 5th

'Here you are. Not long after you left.'
'Thank you, Theo. We won't be seeing you again, will we?'
'No...' The Agent shook his head. 'You won't. This is goodbye I'm afraid. Now, you may have some trouble- after all you seen, to settle back into-'
'Oh?' Alex's phone beeped as it got it's signal back and he looked at the message recieved. 'Blind date, tonight at the Orion.' His heart thumped as he walked off, muttering. 'This is it... This is how it starts. What should I wear...? Not black..'
'Or maybe you'll have no trouble at all...' The Agent gave a small smile, shaking his head. 'Now, I have a lot of paperwork to fill out, so I bid you farewell.' The Agent stepped back into the gate, leaving the party to their normal lives.
'Feels rather dull now, doesn't it?' Ceaser wondered, his fingers softly entwining with Kara's own.

Cairo, Egypt,
-Year Unknown-

A figure lay partly buried in the sand, scatters of broken metal laying around him. Alex stood up, feeling the heat burn against his skin. He knew where he had to go. People with very empty eyes watched him as he strode across the sands to where a sense of darkness eminated from a grand temple construct.

He had to admit, the Dark Pharaoh looked... darker than the pretty boy he was used to seeing, his expression was a scowl mixed with a flicker of amusement, perhaps in seeing one who had not yet surrendered all sense of will.
'Hello, Nyarly.'
It spoke back in an ancient tongue that Alex did not speak nor understand.
'I know that you can understand me, so I just want you to listen.'
The Pharaoh quirked an eyebrow, surrpised and confused.
'I have a story to tell, and once I have told it, you will kill me. I have accepted that fact. So, for now, you- you arrogant prat, will listen to me.'
Alex sat on the floor, feeling so tired now. He looked up into those golden eyes.
'Time flows in circles. Until all possibilities have been explored, all alternate universes seen to their end, it will continue to cycle endlessly on the empty whim of the Daemon Sultan...'

March 3rd,


Alexander Gale awoke from a terrible nightmare, dreaming of future cities, people turned into monsters, forests of glass and crystal, and a shadowy figure crouched at the end of his bed, watching him. He had to get up anyway... he had a lunch date with his friends today...

... And so the circle is sealed.