It was a normal day at the SPK. Near was playing with his toys and everyone else was working. Then, Near noticed a person standing in the doorway. It was a woman wearing a black tank top, black pants, and combat boots. She had really frizzy blonde hair. "Nice place you got." said the woman.

"Who are you and how did you get in here?" asked Halle.

"Oh, I just used my Vortex Manipulator to get in here. I'm River song and I've come to visit my son." said River.

An awkward silence fell after this comment. After a few minutes, Near broke the silence. "Am I….your son?" he asked.

"Well, of course you are, sweetie!" said River, glomping him.

As to be expected, DNA tests shortly followed (the SPK has the supplies to do DNA tests). As it turned out, Near actually was River's son. They also both had some weird unknown genetics to them, which River knew, belonged to time lords. After all this was done, the TARDIS appeared randomly. The door to the TARDIS opened and out walked the Doctor. "Hello River, how's our boy doing?" asked the Doctor.

"well," said Near "I'm running a group called the SPK, which stands for special provisions for Kira. As our name suggests, we are trying to capture the serial killer known as Kira. I think I can also assume that since you called me your boy, you're my father, is that correct?"

"yes, it is." Said the Doctor.

"Wow, you really have come a long way since we accidentally left you in Winchester after somebody here miscalculated while trying to drive the TARDIS." said River, giving the Doctor a look.

"Oh, come on! I was only off by a few years!" whined the Doctor.

"Well, anyway, how are things coming with the kira case?" asked River.

"I'm actually really close to catching him." said Near "If my plan works, we'll catch him tomorrow."

"Can we watch?" asked River "The TARDIS has a cloaking device, so no one would be able to see us." And to prove her point, she went into the TARDIS and activated the cloaking device.

"Um…ok." Said Near who was a little freaked out about his parents showing up, turning out to be time travelers, and asking if they could watch him catch an infamous serial killer.