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Year: ??

"Okay, I've got a Sano here: in shape, has good defenses, pretty good with a gun, powerful offense as always."
"Show me."
The pool shimmered at Mousy's command.

Sano lounged in his usual place on the couch and stared out the window, trying not to breathe in the smoke that was wafting from behind him. As he stared out into the horizon of Tokyo, the red in the sky reminded him of the battousai and his family. Sometimes Sano caught himself a little jealous of the battousai because they weren't so far from each other. Both of them served in the war for the Choshuu (given Sano was very young and only worked behind the scenes), both of them fought against the Ju Pon Gattana (given Sano didn't get to go to the base, but rather was assigned with the rest of the cops around Kyoto while Saito went with the battousai to stop the ship), and they both faced Enishi and his gang, Sano had even followed up on the case and went with the battousai's strange family to arrest Enishi.
He respected battousai… but surely Saito had something else for him to do. He turned back to his boss, "Yo-"
"What!? I haven't even said anything yet-"
"It would have been stupid."
"You~~~ Do you treat all cops this way, or am I special?"
Saito lifted an eyebrow without looking up, "Yes… sometimes they call people like you that- 'special'," he accented to imply Sano was 'special' in the 'slow' way.
"Sinister looking monkey," Sano muttered under his breath, for although Saito would not take part in an argument (thinking himself above that), Sano had taken to calling him "monkey" for that is what he looked like. "I dislike you!" he yelled over his shoulder.
There was silence, and then, "I don't care."
"You're impossible!"

Ixil blinked several times, "Okay… what was that?"
"Case: 1648224, Sano never joined the Sekihotai. He snuck around for information, kind of like a spy, but he also was a bit of a," the Mousey man cleared his throat, "go-getter. Later on he became a cop-"
"A cop?" Ixil asked with disbelief.
"He liked the new government, and he always did enjoy fighting. He learned how to use a musket pretty well during the war. Anyway, eventually he started working with Saito on certain cases. He was very good, and being around Saito was supposed to make him better."
"Did it?"
"… A few broken limbs later… Sano's defenses were greatly improved, and he was good enough to take on Kamatari at the restaurant, and one of the four stars on Enishi's island, and that guy with the cannon for an arm (thatwas fun to watch)-"
"-What? Why?"
"That guy destroyed the Aoiya, right?"
"Pissed Sano off, think of all the free meals he got there!"
"And, its my personal opinion that he had a crush on Tae."
"Really…" Ixil stopped caring and wondered if this mouse man had any life other that watching these people.
"Its just…" the mouse man wring his hands, "Obviously he never learned Futae no Kiwami. He traveled to Kyoto with Saito. But his defense is much better, Saito practically taught him in between all the beatings…"
"Hmm…" Ixil seemed to ponder whether or not defense was a good trade for offence, but also gave the implication that he thought there was some sort of relationship between the two, "do you think he and Saito-"
"No!!! Saito's married, remember?! And they don't get along at all, why do you keep thinking these things?! What are you, gay?"
"Yes, actually."
"… Oh. Well, I don't have a problem with that, just stop trying to make Sano like guys, it hasn't happened in any of the other universes, chances are he's straight."
Mouse gave him a strange look before saying, "Take him or leave him?"
"Leave him, obviously he's not strong enough to face someone like- oh, y'know, that guy with the wormlike hair and the things guarding his arms…"
Mouse sighed, "Inui Banshin."
Ixil tsked, "Fanboy. Whatever, move on."
"You want one that has the Futae no Kiwami- even after Enishi and Banshin, and Shishio?" He sighed, "Well, if you want him when he knows Kenshin, and you want him mentally stable as well… then there's only one of those that I know of. Case: 0069092. Sano spent the ten days that Enishi gave them to learn Futae no Kiwami with his other fist-"
"-I always wondered why he didn't do that…"
"The result was smashing up his left hand pretty badly (not nearly as badly as Shishio ruined his right), defeating Banshin- and then letting both hands heal. So, you have the same Sano, with two Futae no Kiwami hands. Good?"
"Very, that's all you have though?"
"Yup." The pool flickered and unfamiliar scenery emerged.
"Where is he?"
"Duh, China."
"Excuse me."

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