Dead & Kidnapped

Summary: Parents murdered, beaten, and left for dead, Edward Cullen tries to move on from the past. Bella Swan moves into town and Edward envies her, always happy and smiling. What he doesn't know is that she has a past that might just be as bad as his and they might just be able to help each other out.

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Chapter One

He was running. The trees seemed to be multiplying by the second. The sky, bright blue and cloudless, was disappearing while darkness took its place. His footsteps were heard through the fallen branches and leaves, he made it easy for the two men to run after him.

His heart was racing. They're so close.

Suddenly, he felt something in his back. He yelled as it impaled him. A knife. The excruciating pain made him fall to his knees, and he knew he was done for.

He heard the men run up to him and they quickly tied his hand behind his back, then one of them sharply pulled out the knife, cutting even more skin as it came out. He screamed again, but was silenced by a hard kick in the head. A slight stream of blood had started flowing from his mouth. He coughed as he lay on the ground.

"Get the boy," one man said. His voice was very raspy, as if he was sick and could hardly talk.

The boy, with his tear stained cheeks and ripped clothes, tried to fight back as the man hoisted him over his shoulders, but it was no use. Everything was going all wrong.

It was silent as they walked back except for the crunching of branches and the occasional squish as they walked through the mud. The boy hadn't made it that far before he got caught, so it didn't take long to reach the others.

"I finished her off." Another man said, slightly out of breath. He buttoned his pants and then reached down to grab the bloody knife from the ground.

The man who was carrying the boy threw him down. The feeling of cold leaves reached his skin, while the roughness of the branches and tiny rocks scraped against him. The blood from his wound was flowing even more now.

"What about him?" The man motioned with his head to another person laying on the ground a few feet away. It was evident that the man was lacking in strength, but he still thrashed around, trying to get loose, trying to save his family.

The boy looked at the woman next to him. Her clothes were ripped open, her body marked with tiny cuts, while the blood that came from her neck mixed with the dirt, making it look black. He was sure his mother was dead, and at that realization, he started crying.

"Kill them both."

Then suddenly, his mother's head turned to look at him. Her eyes were wide and filled with nothing. Her mouth was opened, cut, and bloody, and it did not move as she spoke.

"Help us."

Edward woke up screaming, his pale skin glistening from the morning sun that reflected off his sweat covered body. Every night it was the same nightmare, the same memory. He had been scarred beyond repair and he knew there was no fixing him.

A sudden knock on the door made him jump and gasp in fear, but he quickly recovered.

"Yeah?" He asked loudly. He rubbed one hand over his face and messed up his bronze hair even more, trying to forget the chilling way his mother had looked.

"Are you okay, Edward?" Asked Carlisle. After the incident, Edward had moved in with his Aunt Esme and Uncle Carlisle for a "new start".

"It'll be good for you," they all said, but it wasn't. The pain would always be there, no matter where he was.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Sorry."

"It's alright, son. There's breakfast downstairs if you want some. We'll be at church." Edward could hear the pity and sadness in Carlisle's voice. It was always there. Everyone constantly walked on eggshells around him, and he hated it.

"Thanks. Bye."

He heard his uncle's steps fade away, and when he couldn't hear them anymore, he got out of bed and went to his bathroom for a scalding hot shower.

A few minutes later, Edward emerged from the bathroom and went to his closet. He decided not to go out today, so he chose a white t-shirt and a pair of black and yellow basketball shorts.

He grabbed the bible that lay on his desk and headed downstairs to eat. His mother hadn't been a good cook, so he welcomed the food Aunt Esme made everyday.

He thought about all the times his mother cooked. It was a disaster, but it always ended with laughter and take out. Near the end, she had started taking cooking classes and was gradually getting better… but not anymore.

As Edward ate, he read, just like he did every morning, and when his plate was empty, he closed his bible. Even though he didn't ever go to church, he read the bible every morning, thankful for each day he lived despite all that was lost.

He looked out the window. The rays of sunlight were beaming through pieces of broken clouds, the flowers that had started wilting were slowly being brought back to life, the thin blanket of snow was beginning to melt, the Washington air was crisp and cold.

As he looked outside, he thought of what to do for the day. He could do so much. Write a song, write a story, paint, draw, work out, play his guitar, and as he stared at the flock of birds in the front yard searching for food in the snow, he decided what he wanted to do.

After cleaning up, he grabbed his bible and headed downstairs.

The door was closed to the room. His aunt and uncle never went in there, it was Edward's own space to let go and do what he wanted. When Samson opened the door, he felt instant relief, as if all of his problems and worries had gone away to never return.

A long while ago, Esme and Carlisle were expecting a baby girl. Everything was going along smoothly, they had no worries, but then at one of their last appointments, the doctor revealed that the baby had died, a stillbirth. It hit them hard, especially Aunt Esme. She loved children and she couldn't wait to have her own. They kept trying for years, but it never happened.

When Edward moved in, they gave him the room that was supposed to be the baby's playroom. It was empty, but the walls were light pink and the trim was plain white. Edward couldn't re-paint the room, he just couldn't, so he didn't. To accommodate his needs, he installed some dark brown shelves that he made himself. On those, he put his craft and drawing supplies, and on the shelves on the opposite wall, he placed his paints and brushes.

On the farthest side of the room, he hung a plain white sheet against the wall as to not get any paint on it, and he placed a large canvas against it. He always had a canvas ready with an easel at its side. Throughout the room, he hung pictures of his drawings and writings, he made it his own. Here, no one could hurt him. Here, he was safe.

Edward put on his glasses and started painting.

He spent the day downstairs, and when it was time for dinner, his aunt didn't bother going downstairs to tell him, she knew that he wouldn't go up until he was satisfied with his art.

It was nearly 11 at night when he finished. He put his white stained brush in the cup filled with mucky water and took off his glasses as he stepped back. He saw a white background with light green and brown streaks blended in. He had painted his mother's face, not how it looked in his nightmares, but her real face, how he remembers her. She was beautiful, her smile had always brought one to his face. His eyes slightly reddened as he teared up thinking about her. He missed his parents everyday.

It took a few minutes to clean up, but when he finished, he went upstairs to the kitchen, washed his hands, and grabbed two homemade bread rolls and a bowl of mashed potatoes and corn. Aunt Esme made more, but Edward wasn't that hungry anymore.

He made his way upstairs to his room and ate his food in silence. When he was done, he picked out his clothes for the next day since there was school. He turned on the light in his bathroom, went to his bed, and fell asleep, but the images of his nightmare came back again to haunt him.

"See you later, Jacob!" Bella shouted to her best friend. "And don't forget to call me tonight!"

Jacob chucked and yelled back, "I won't!"

Bella smiled and walked to her mom's car, throwing her bag in the backseat and swiftly getting in.

"Hey, mom."

"Hi, honey. How was your day?" Asked her mom, Renee.

"It was good! I got a B+ on my math test, which is better than I thought I would get."

"Good job, honey!"

Bella looked at her mom. The sun illuminated her reddish brown hair and a genuine smile greeted Bella. She always thought she was beautiful for a woman of her age. She was 48, but she didn't look a day over 35.

They continued talking about their day as they drove home. Bella loved that she could talk to her mom about anything. She couldn't imagine her life without her, so she didn't.

"I went to the bookstore today." Renee said.

"Aw, mom! Why didn't you wait for me to get home?" Bella pouted. The bookstore was one of her favorite places to be. Renee laughed.

"Don't worry, honey, I got you two books." And suddenly, Bella felt immediately better.

They chatted a little more as her mom pulled into the driveway and they headed to the door. Their house was small, but was perfect for them. The sun always seemed to shine and the birds never stopped singing. Renee had planted flowers around the house which made it look even more lovely. It was home.

Right before Renee opened the door, she stopped in her tracks.

"What are you doing?" Bella asked. Renee turned around, she had an excited smile on her face and her blue eyes sparkled.

"I got you something."

"The books?"

"No, something else."

"Okay…" Bella said slowly. Renee had never acted this way, but before Bella could question her, Renee turned around and opened the door.

Bella looked around the foyer and down the hallway. Everything looked as it should.

"Mom, what-"

"Follow me." Renee interrupted with a smile and a wave of her hand.

Bella walked slowly, slightly afraid, yet excited at what her mom could have gotten her.

She was halfway to the kitchen when she looked out the door to the backyard and saw what it was. Her mom's smile widened as she took in Bella's expression.

"Mom!" Bella shouted in excitement. She ran the rest of the way through the kitchen, opened the door, and saw a small puppy sitting and staring up at her, his tail wagging so fast she could hardly see it. "Oh my gosh!" Bella turned around and gave her mom a big hug. Renee laughed.

"You have to take good care of him, okay?" Renee said in a stern voice as they parted. Bella nodded frantically. "He's yours now, he'll protect you when I can't."

"Thank you so much, mom!" Bella squealed.

They played with the puppy and after several hours, they decided to name him Graham. He was as sweet as honey, and Teddy Grahams just happened to be one of Bella's favorite snacks.

"He's already trained, so we can leave him alone when we're gone, but I want you to spend time with him too." Renee stated.

"When am I not going to spend time with him?" Bella laughed. "He's a Great Dane, right?" Renee nodded. "He's so cute!" She picked Graham up in her arms and hugged him. He licked her cheek in return.

"Oh, your father called today." Renee said absentmindedly as she was figuring out what to make for dinner.

"What did he say?"

"He just wanted to talk to you. He said for you to call him back when you have time."

"I'll call him tomorrow, I obviously don't have time right now." Bella joked.

The evening passed, and it was soon time for bed. Renee had gotten Graham a giant pillow to sleep on, but they found that he preferred an empty suitcase that was left open in Bella's closet. Bella put a worn in blanket and moved it to the foot of her bed. It didn't take long before Graham fell asleep.

Bella was just getting in her bed when her phone started ringing. It was Jake.


"Hey, loser!" Jacob's voice flowed through the speaker.

"Guess what, dude!"

"What?!" Jacob half shouted.

"I got a puppy!"

"Aww! When can I meet him? What's his name? It's a boy, right? Is he adorable?! Don't answer that last one, stupid question. All puppies are adorable!"

Bella laughed at her best friend. "You can come over tomorrow after school and his name is Graham. I wuv him alweddy."

"Aw baby." Jacob cooed.

"So tell me what happened, mister!"

"Oh my god, it was amazing! He took me to the arcade and we just goofed around. He was trying to hold my hand like the whole time," Bella giggled, "and then he bought me some ice cream and we ate it at the park and talked about everything. Ugh! He's so cute." He sighed.

"Soooo what happened when he took you back home?" Bella wanted ALL the deets. This was Jacob's first date with a guy he met at last year's Warped Tour. They hit it off and had been talking for a few months. Jacob was head over heels for the guy.

"I don't kiss and tell, Bells." Jacob smiled and Bella gasped.

"He kissed you?!"


"Aww! I'm so happy for you!"

"Me too! I hope things work out between us. I really like him, Bella." Jacob said quietly.

"I know, bud."

"Well I should get going. I'll see you and puppy tomorrow! Love you, Bells." Jacob sent her a kiss via phone as he usually does and she returned it.

"Love you too, Jake. Bye"


Bella smiled as she put her phone on her nightstand. made sure her alarm was set, and checked on Graham. He was dead asleep. Bella giggled at turned off her lamp. Sleep quickly overcame her as she thought, Today was a great day.

End Chapter.

Author's Note: Hey guys! I hope you liked it. Sorry it's not that long. I wrote this story for my Creative Writing class a year ago and it was terrible. Thought I would edit it and put it up here. Please tell me what you think! I would love to hear feedback to better myself for you all 3 I'm not that strong of a writer and this story is pretty short. I'm trying to make it longer, but we'll see how it turns out. Also, sorry if I miss a name change.

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