Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Chapter One - That Time When Ella Arrived in Tokyo

8:49 p.m.

"Where is that idiot?" Ella wondered impatiently. For one hour, one freakin' hour, she had been being in the same place: sitting in an armchair at Tokyo's airport, waiting her stupid brother to arrive.

Resting her chin on her hand, with legs crossed, Ella scanned the place again looking for that asshole. That asshole who was one hour late.

Grumbling, she looked again at her watch.

8:53 p.m.

Four minutes. It had passed just 4 MINUTES... "Enough!" She thought.

"I'll kill that jackass." Ella murmured, getting up from the chair and stretching. After all this time, she had finally given up.

Ella picked up her suitcase from under the chair and walked towards the airport exit. She was soooo screwed. Without a car and not knowing Japanese. Awesome! Taking a pocket version dictionary, she searched for the word "taxi".

"Takushii!" She said out loud when she found the word. When the car stopped, the driver got out and helped her put the suitcase in the trunk. Still grumbling, because her stupid brother was late and because the stupid shove she received from the automatic cab door, Ella got into the car and thanked the cab driver in a poor Japanese.

When the car began to move, Ella finally understood why her brother liked this city so much. It was wonderful!

When she arrived at her destination, Ella paid the taxi driver, picked up the suitcase and, holding it with both hands in front of her body, she rang the bell of the house.

"Ella?" A man's voice said with surprised. "What are you doing here?"

"Hello, Major Boswell. Sean is here?"

"Sean doesn't live here anymore, Ella."

"What?" She asked confused. Ella was sure Sean was living there; believe her, she called her mother to know the whereabouts of the half-brother. And God knows she never would call her mother if it wasn't necessary. "Stella told me that he'd be here."

"Well…" Major Boswell said awkwardly. "Stella doesn't know that he lives alone now."

"But he's only 18!" Ella exclaimed.

"It's not like I had allowed."

"Yeah, I know" Ella said. "Anyway, do you know where he is living?"

"Sure, but you're not going to find him in his home" Major Boswell shrugged.

"Why?" She asked confused.

"It's race night." Ella grimaced.

"Of course it is." She said sarcastically.


"Hey, do you speak English?" Ella asked a guy that was standing in front of the parking lot, controlling who come in and who come out.

"Yeah. May I help you?" He asked mockingly.

"Do you know if a boy named Sean Boswell is there?"


"That's him." She confirmed impatiently. "Is he there or not?"

"Why are you looking for him?" The guy asked flirting.

"When it becomes your fucking business, I'll tell you." Ella said irritably. The guy laughed.

"I liked you. My name is Tosh." He reached out his hand.

"Ella" She said, accepting the compliment.

"First time here, isn't it?" Tosh asked.

"How can you tell?" Ella said joking.

"You don't fit in this place" Tosh replied, which caused Ella to raise an eyebrow. "I mean, don't get me wrong, you're beautiful, but jeans, sneakers and a simple T-shirt don't match the folks in here."

"Thank you."

"What for?" He asked confused.

"Not calling me a skank."

Tosh chuckled.

"Can you tell me where he is?" Ella asked.

"Somewhere inside the building, among the mess of cars and people" Tosh replied. Feeling sorry for the girl, he continued: "If I didn't have to stay here, I'd help you look for him."

"Ok. Thanks."

"You're welcome." He said, allowing her to pass.

When she was inside, she realized that Tosh was right. The place was a hodgepodge of different music coming from everywhere, noises of engines and cars skidding; smell of burning tires, gasoline and oil; several cars parked next to each other and people dispersed for the entire place; skanks walking almost naked and men looking at them lasciviously.

Ella rolled her eyes. Boys will always be boys, not matter what.

Looking around searching her brother, she realized it would be a little harder than she thought. Walking through the building, Ella was the main attraction of the night, wherever she went people looked with curiosity, jostled each other and laughed at her clothes.

Sighing tediousness, Ella walked by the cars where people showed their engines with the hood opens. She thought of asking somebody where Sean was, but remembered that the probability of someone speaking English was low. Ella needed to learn Japanese as fast as possible!

"Lost, Gaijin?"

"Great! When I thought things couldn't get worse." Ella thought. "Actually, I know exactly where I am, but I'm surprised that you don't know. By your looks I thought you were from here. But don't worry, I'll tell you where you are: Tokyo, Japan."

"You're very confident for someone who isn't from here." He said without show any reaction. "You know who I am, beauty?"

"Honestly?" Ella said with no interest. "I don't give a damn."


"You're finally here." Said another man approaching, putting his arm on Ella's shoulders. He kissed her cheek and said, "I thought you weren't coming anymore."

She had no idea what was happening. Although the man who had "saved" her was the hottest guy she had ever seen, Ella didn't know him. Who was he and why he was hugging her? These questions where bothering her, even if the guy looked good. Reeeaaaally good. "Focus, Ella. You're here to find your stupid brother, kill him and leave before the cops send you to jail."

Looking at her, the man smirked and winked. She decided to play along.

"Hey, don't be mad, I'm still getting used to Tokyo, ok?" She said putting her arm around his waist and smiling.

"Leave the girl alone, Morimoto." The man said looking at the fake blonde.

Morimoto looked at him angrily.

"Whatever. We talk later, gaijin, when you're not with your owner." Morimoto said. Smirking at her and turning his back on them, he walked away.

"Gross." Ella grimaced, watching Morimoto leaves. She looked at the guy on her side, who was still holding her. "Soooo, who are you?"

"Han Lue." He said simply. "You?"


"Tell me, Ella..." Han said. "You're not from here, are you?"

"Sorry, I don't see how this can be of your interest." She gave him a cold smile. "So far as I know, it's none of your business." Ella broke the hug and walked away leaving him behind.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" He asked with a crooked smile. She rolled her eyes when realized he was following her. What was wrong with this men? She had gotten rid of one to another occupy the task of tormenting her? Just great.

"No." She replied without looking at him. Although she knew exactly what he wanted her to say. And Ella definitely wouldn't thank him; she was too proud for that; it was something in her DNA, part of her genetics, probably inherited from her father's family.

"Do you even know where you're going?" He asked playfully, watching her walking around the car park with a confused look on her face.

"Ok, I'll say one more time and pay attention because it's the last." She said slowly, pausing at each word, as if Han was too stupid to understand what she'd say. "It's none of your business. Can you understand me now?" Then she continued to ignore him.

Han shook his head, smiling. "What a strange girl". He shrugged and continued following her closely to ensure she wouldn't be approached by someone else. For the way that Ella was dressed, she could be seen as an easy "victim" for the guys in that place. Although he doubted that; having a sharp tongue like that, it's hard to believe she would be a victim; the guy who tried to mess with her, on the other hand...

"You are always so stressed out like this?" He asked with amusement.

"Only on special occasions." Ella replied, smiling sarcastically. Giving up on trying making him leave, she shrugged and let him follow her around; at least no unwanted man was approaching her.

"Do you wanna help?" Han asked.

"What for?" She shot back, raising an eyebrow.

"You tell me." He shrugged.

"Okay." Sighing, she said contradicted: "I'm looking for an American guy."

"You need to be a little more specific, princess" Han joked causing Ella to grimace. Who that idiot thought he was to call her "princess"? The last guy who had called her that earned a black and swollen eye.

"He's from Texas and has a redneck accent. His name is Sean." Ella said impatiently.

"Boswell?" Han asked raising an eyebrow.

"Do you know him?" She said without thinking and immediately kicked herself mentally. Of course he knew Sean or on the contrary would never have said his last name.

"Everybody knows Sean," he replied. "Why are you looking him?"

Sighing, she decided to answer at least one of his questions. "I'm going to kill him." Ella said simply. Han smirked.

"He'll run the next race. Come with me, I'll take you." Han turned and went in the opposite direction Ella was going before. Noticing she was still standing in the same place, he looked over his shoulder and said, teasing her: "Are you coming or not, Grumpy?"

"Hahaha, very funny." Ella said and ran to reach him.


Han was right. Her brother was running tonight. And, man, he was good. That made Ella very proud. The boy who everyone called Drift King, the boy who had the respect of all of them, the boy who everyone wanted to be was her little brother. Damn! No matter how much she was angry with him for forgetting her in the fucking airport, she missed Sean badly.

Looking he be congratulated for another victory by far, Ella couldn't fell happier to see him well.

"Waiting for the number of witnesses decrease?"

"Jesus!" Ella jumped. "Want to give me a heart attack? Goddamn!" She said angrily.

"You didn't answer me." Han said simply. He was boldfaced. Gorgeous, but boldfaced.

"You're alive! I thought you had been eaten by those cannibals." Ella said sarcastically. The minute Han and she reach the roof top, models coming from nowhere surrounded him, making her to move away.

Han smirked and Ella rolled her eyes to him. What a cheeky jerk. Crossing her arms over her chest and ignoring the hot Asian by her side, she looked back at her brother.

"Perhaps I do not kill him tonight." She said indifferently. "See you around, Han-san." She teased him.

"See ya, Ella-chan." Han snapped, fading her smile.

"Bite me." Ella responded irritated and, marching toward the elevator, she walked away.

Han chuckled.

This girl was really strange, but he liked her. It seems they would have a new member on the crew, not that he cared. In fact, Han couldn't wait to see her again, and he would definitely see her again, she liking it or not.

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