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Lizzy was cold, but sweaty. With a small shiver she opened her eyes, and saw nothing but blackness.

Instantly she remembered the Jet, and realized that he still had her under his control.

With a small cry of fear she recoiled, and pushed herself up against whatever what behind her. Her muscles ached, but that didn't stop her from reflexively covering her face with both hands. She pulled her feet up to her chest and tried to push herself backwards, as far away from the Jet as possible.

"Lizzy, calm down," said a voice.

Wait…was that Karr? Classical music suddenly filled the area around her, and she screamed. This was definitely not Karr, he would die rather than play classical music.

"Lizzy, you are safe," spoke the voice again. It sure sounded like Karr.

Light streamed in through her closed hands, and she risked uncovering her face. She was not in the Jet. That was a relief. Instead, she was in a familiar vehicle that was playing classical music. But Karr would never play classical music.

"Kitt?" she asked, confused.

"No," said Karr, "Relax. You are safe here."

Blinking, she recognized the interior as indeed being Karr's. He must have tinted the windows while she was unconscious, and then untinted them when she awoke.

Lizzy took a deep breath and collected herself. The Jet was gone. Karr had seen to that.

Calm classical music continued to fill the cabin.

"What's with the music?" Lizzy asked finally, settling herself back into the seat and re-extending her legs.

Karr responded by changing the soundtrack to techno. Lizzy winced, because it was aggravating her already-pounding headache, but didn't say anything. If Karr had decided to play Classical music for her, the least she could do to thank him was let him play his music.

"Can I have a drink?" she asked him.

"No." he said.

"No?" she asked.

"Not until you get back on," said Karr.

"On what?" she asked.

"The horse," said Karr.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"I will give you water and medicine for your headache," said Karr very slowly, "If you get back on the horse."

"What horse?" she asked.

"It is an expression," said Karr, sounding a little annoyed, "You forget that I know you so well. If you do not pilot an aircraft soon, you will never want to fly again. This will impede your ability to perform on missions, and cause a scar that will forever hinder your ability to even board an airplane as a passenger. As your partner, you understand that I cannot allow you to hold such a handicap. You have fallen off your horse. I want you to get back on."

Lizzy took in every word he said, but began shivering uncontrollably.

"I-I can't," she said, "I can't get back up in the air."

"Yes you can," said Karr resolutely, "And you will thank me later."


"I have pulled a few strings with a man who owes me a favor," said Karr, "He is going to take you up in an airplane. He is an instructor. You will pilot the craft under his instruction."

"What?" she asked, "But what if I make a mistake?"

"The airplane is for instruction," said Karr, "If you make a dangerous mistake, the instructor can use the second wheel in front of him to take control of the aircraft. Besides, his son is a priest. If anything happens I can have him at the crash site within minutes."

"No," said Lizzy, "I'm not doing it!"

"You will," said Karr, "Or I might do something drastic."

"You have nothing to blackmail me with," said Lizzy.

"No, I do not," said Karr, "But if I tell FLAG that I was hiding in a Children's Museum, they might be angry enough to vote for my immediate destruction. They still do not want me to be around civilians, and especially not children."

"You wouldn't! Your existence would be at stake."


"Fine," mumbled Lizzy. Karr probably knew she would never let him get into so much trouble, and therefore his existence was never really in danger; but it didn't hurt to make sure.

"Let's get this over with." she said.

Karr opened the driver side door, and Lizzy saw for the first time that they were at an airfield. Next to them was a small airplane, with a middle-aged instructor standing in front of it. The engine was going, as evidenced by the moving propellers.

"One more thing," said Karr, "I took the liberty of re-enabling the earpiece while you were unconscious."

Lizzy smiled, the first true smile she had given in a while, as she turned away from him and walked towards the waiting aircraft.

Ten minutes later, she was up in the air.

Michael Knight stepped into the office. He felt a little uncomfortable; he was hardly ever in here unless there was an unavoidable emergency. Technically it was his office, but he hated the idea of having an office so much that it was mostly used by his wife-that is, when she wasn't using her own office in the garage. And since Bonnie was always very busy in that office, this office was hardly ever used.

With Ashley in the capable hands of Kitt, Michael Knight knew that both of his daughters were safe. He also knew that no one, not even Kitt, would know what he was up to today. He roughly dusted off the chair and sat down at the desk, then picked up the phone. The line still worked, that was a pleasant surprise.

Knight pulled an old address book out from the desk drawer and flipped to the correct page. He then dialed the number in the phone, and was pleased to find that the number was still accurate.

"Hi, it's Michael Knight," he said, "Listen, I'd like to call in a favor…"

Kitt had just parked out front when Bonnie frantically stepped outside.

"Kitt, are medics standing by? Do they have a gurney?" asked Bonnie.

"Yes Mom, and yes they do," said Ashley, stepping out of Kitt, "Relax, Karr said she's fine."

"Ash, you came back with Kitt?" asked Bonnie, giving her daughter a hug.

"Yep, Dad sent Kitt to help me finish up my mission," said Ashley, "Relax Mom, Dad told us that Lizzy's fine. I don't even know if she needs a gurney."

"Well, when they come in, I want all the medical personnel standing by just in case." said Bonnie.

"I hope not," said Devon, walking with the General to his car, "Karr told Michael that your daughter is in good health."

"That's right Bon," said Michael, walking out behind Devon, "She's fine."

"Certainly better than Kimberly," said the General, "Well Devon, I'm off. It was a pleasure, as always."

"Same to you, General," said Devon, and he waved as the General left in his vehicle.

At that moment, Karr drove up to FLAG.

"Quick, the gurney!" shouted Bonnie.

"Bon, I think you're overdoing it," said Michael, stopping his wife by placing both hands on her shoulders.

Karr stopped, and the driver's side door opened. Lizzy stepped out.

"Lizzy! Are you hurt?" asked Bonnie, breaking away from her husband to run towards her daughter.

"I'm fine, Mom," said Lizzy smiling, "You'll never guess…but Karr is paying for me to take flight lessons!"

"What?" asked Ashley, "You get kidnapped for the first time in your career, and Karr gives you flight lessons? Is this some kind of reward?"

"Huh? No," said Lizzy, "It's complicated, I'll explain later."

"You'd better," said Kitt, "Because I happen to know that Karr hates airplanes as much as I do."

"Wait, how is Karr paying for this?" asked Michael.

"I have my own source of income." said Karr.

Lizzy was the only one who knew that he made money on Wall Street.

"You haven't been robbing any banks, have you?" asked Devon.

"No," said Karr, "I assure you it is perfectly legal."

"And…you're not going to tell us?" asked Bonnie.

"Of course not," said Karr.

"Wait," said Lizzy, "You told me!"

Karr's voice sounded slightly exasperated. "Yes," he said slowly, "I did. Keep it in confidence."

"You better listen to him, Liz," said Michael, "You two are partners now, and you don't want to see what your partner can do to you on missions when he's angry. Trust me on this."

"I beg your pardon?" Kitt asked incredulously.

"Wait, we're partners again?" said Lizzy, "Awesome, I didn't think of that! When's our next mission?"

"You'll have no missions, young lady, until I get you checked out in the medical sector," said Bonnie.

"Aw, but Mom," said Lizzy.

"No 'buts'," said Bonnie, "Now march right inside to get a physical."

"Fine," mumbled Lizzy, "But soon I'll be back out here, waiting for our next mission! See you soon, Karr."

"Likewise," said Karr as Lizzy went inside with her mother.

"Well," said Devon, "I think I have some paperwork to do. I would put it off, but I've procrastinated enough today. Unless…Ashley dear, would you mind giving me your mission report in my office?"

"Sure thing," said Ashley, "Want to do it now?"

"By all means," said Devon, and he gallantly took her arm in his, like a beloved grandfather, and led her inside.

"Well," said Michael Knight, "Kitt, would you mind checking the perimeter?"

"I'd be happy to," said Kitt, driving off.

"Now that we're alone," said Michael to Karr, "Permission to come inside?"

"I do not tolerate anyone other than my driver," said Karr, "Nothing personal."

"I understand," said Michael, "Could you make an exception? I need to speak to you in private."

Karr was silent for a few seconds.

"Granted," he said, opening his passenger side door.

Michael sprinted over to the other side of the vehicle and got inside, the door closing behind him.

"Thanks for looking out for my daughter," he said.

"Is that all?" asked Karr, annoyed.

"Not quite," said Michael, "I thought you might want this back."

He pulled the bullet out from his pocket and placed it on the dashboard. The same bullet that had shot Kimberly.

"It still has the Knight Industries symbol on it," he said.

"Does Devon know?" asked Karr.

"No," said Michael, "I thought it best not to tell him. Or even Lizzy, for that matter. She was unconscious at the time, wasn't she?"

"Yes, she was," said Karr, "I did not aim to kill Kimberly, as evidenced by the fact that he is currently alive and well in the hospital."

"Yeah, I know," said Michael, "But you did prevent him from making any money off of the jets."

Michael fingered the bullet. "The people investigating Kimberly's shooting recognized this symbol," he explained, "They gave me the bullet, and I told them I had it covered. This is the one time I covered something up, though."

"And the investigators?"

"Transferred," said Michael, "I know a few people who have connections, mostly from the days before I married my wife. The investigators will forget about the incident soon enough, anyway. We recently discovered that Kimberly had mob connections, so now everyone thinks that the mob shot him in anger. Even the mob thinks they're responsible."

Silence again. Michael put the bullet back on the dash.

"I didn't tell anyone, Karr." he said, "If anyone knew that you shot someone, even if you didn't hit any vital organs, you would still be sentenced to termination. And unlike most of FLAG, I don't think you deserve to be terminated again-at least, not just yet."

He smiled, but Karr did not respond to his joke.

So Michael continued, "You also might want to leave out of your report your little stint in the Children's Museum."

"How did you know about that?" asked Karr, sounding slightly shocked, "Did Lizzy tell you?"

Michael laughed. "No," he said, "Knowing her, I think she'll take it to her grave. An old friend of mine took her son to the museum last week," he explained, "She was so astonished that the exhibit looked just like Kitt that she sent me a photo. I easily put two and two together. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about that either. How did you like working with kids, by the way?"

Karr was silent.

"Well," said Michael, smiling, "I'd better get going. Bonnie might get mad at me if I don't show up to prevent Lizzy from escaping the hospital wing until after her physical."

Michael Knight then opened the passenger door and stepped out of the vehicle. He didn't anticipate any thanks from Karr; he knew him too well. Nonchalantly, Michael closed the door and walked into the building, out of site.

Karr sat there computing. Knight had found out two of his greatest secrets, and chose to keep them hidden. And he knew Knight well enough to know that he kept his promises.

Later that day, while Lizzy was celebrating her new-found freedom from the medical center by going on a joyride with Karr, Michael Knight opened up his email to find that an anonymous billionaire on Wall Street had donated a very large amount of money to the Foundation.

He never found out that Karr was the one who sent it.


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