It's the latest installment of LDC Writer's Block Theater! So yes, I'm back... sorta. Still can't manage anything of a decent length, so have a Drakengard ficlet. It won't make up for my astounding lack of creativity these last few years, but it will make me feel slightly better about being unproductive all summer.

Random LightDarkandChaos trivia time! Goddess Furiae's scream in ending B is creepy as hell, but I really like the ending theme. It's called 'Growing Wings' and you should totally look it up.

see me grow wings and fly high

She came to awareness slowly. Her body felt different, shifting and twisting around her. With every change, she felt better. This was right. This was what she was supposed to be. The thought made her chest feel light. It was an unfamiliar sensation; one that she liked. It brought a smile to her face. She leaned forward and pushed her head through the thick liquid surrounding her. The black on the inside of her eyelids brightened, sending a thrill racing down her elongated spine. She broke through the last barrier, and cold air touched her face for the first time. She opened her eyes and saw a red sky, a ruined city, and a man with desperate longing written plainly on his soul.

It was beautiful.

The man spoke. His voice was murky, the meaning of his words lost like light vanishing into deep water. She reached out to him. Red splashed across her face.

Another sound. Again, she reached out to him. A third sound, softer. She didn't have anymore arms. She should fix that. The man didn't seem to mind. He smiled at her before going limp against her. His smile was red. She liked that. Another pair of arms emerged from her wings. She stretched them and began to haul herself out of her egg when a distant movement caught her attention. A red dragon dropped from the clouds, hovering just above her. And on that dragon...

Furiae opened her mouth and wailed a greeting to her most beloved brother.