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"Hi Zack." A disheveled Bailey slumped up to the smoothie counter, falling ungracefully into an open stool. "One banango smoothie." She mumbled to him, ignoring his widened eyes before letting her mess of a head fall to the table.

"Bailey, are you ok?" Her friend asked cautiously, not sure how to react to such a situation. Bailey, the second most cleanly person he knew, was sitting at the smoothie counter in mid day with knotted hair, unbrushed teeth, lumpy gray sweets, and the list just goes on from there. He almost pinched himself to see if he was in some weird dream or alternate universe, but decided against it when she snapped at him for staring at her for so long, and began making the smoothie.

A few minutes later a decorative cup, filled to the brim with a yummy concoction, slid across the counter top to the depressing girl. She handed him a few dollars in return, but failed to touch her drink, and continued to lay there with her cheek pressed against the counter. Zack was really getting concerned. "Bailey, I know you are still upset about last night's play, but Cody didn't mean it."

She let out a bitter laugh against the cool surface. "You think that's why I'm upset? I don't even care about that anymore."

He seriously doubted that, but didn't press further into it. "Well then why are you upset?"

She puffed out a frustrated sigh, and lifted her head so her chin could rest against the countertop. "I'm upset, because it's Grammy Pickett's 90th birthday in two days, and it turns out my family can't afford a plane ticket for me to go back to Kettlecorn."

"Hmm." Zack thought to himself, pulling out a stool to sit down across from her. He rubbed his chin in a slightly comical way that Bailey would of for sure picked up on, and probably scolded him for, if she hadn't been in such a state. Apparently his efforts paid off though, because soon enough he sprang from his stool with one of his infamous ideas. "I know, why don't you just asked London for the money?"

Bailey's eyes narrowed at him, despite his ignorance. "London left this morning for a week long vacation in Maui with her dad. Turns out he didn't bail for once."

"Oh," His shoulders slumped. Normally, he would of tried to come up with something else, but considering that this was a pretty major issue, one involving plane tickets, which in retrospect involve a lot of money, he was out of ideas. "Well I don't know how else to help you then."

Bailey mumbled an inaudible reply as she buried her head back into her mess of hair, but her sulking was soon interrupted once more by an irritable voice. "Bailey!" She groaned loudly to herself as Cody ran up to her with a shopping bag in tow.

He didn't think twice about her appearance before smiling down at her, and placing the bag on the counter. She looked up to take the bag's presence in, but then immediately fell back to her former position unamused. "I brought your dress back, thanks for letting me borrow it." He blushed a little in memory of the embarrassment that accompanied the dress, and hoped for his sake he would never have to see it again.

Rather than say 'Hey, no problem Cody!', or some other polite reply, she said nothing to him, hoping he would just leave. She had said she never wanted to speak to him again, and she intended on upholding that promise if it killed her.

Unfortunately, he didn't get the hint, and continued rambling on. "Look Bailey, I know I'm a jerk, and you are mad, but I think that if you give me another chance we can really work past this." He rushed out his confession to her, and to his bewilderment, she actually raised her head to look at him. He couldn't fully read her emotions, but she didn't seem angry; if anything she seemed calm. Slowly, she fully sat up, and turned away from him to the glossy bag.

Or at least that's what he thought she was looking at, failing to process the smoothie that sat delicately next to it. Silently, she picked up the fruity drink, and began to pour it into the bag leisurely. Once the silken, pink dress was fully layered in the orange liquid, she simply picked up the bag, and held it out to Cody to take. He did involuntarily, his mouth agape in shock.

What just happened? He thought to himself as she walked confidently off the sky deck, knowing that if that didn't just get her message across, nothing would.

It turns out that didn't get the message across. It took far more that a ruined dress to make it clear that she didn't want Cody in her life.

The first week or two he sent her flowers everyday to her room. Eventually, he stopped that though when he noticed the small stack outside her door was multiplying into a small mountain.

Next, he tried chocolates and other sweets. Like him, she decided to mix it up too, and the day after she received a box she would take it to class, and regift it to a random classmate right in front of him. Some she was good friends with, some she barely even talked to, but they all had one thing in common: They were all guys.

He dropped this tactic even quicker than the flowers, and fell to old fashioned note giving. He would slide one under her door every night, thinking this would be his most full proof ploy yet. The notes were already in her room so they couldn't pile outside, and no classmate would want a note with no sentiment to them. It was perfect, but later that night when the same neatly folded paper slid under his door his heart sank. He rose from his homework dusted desk, and walked to the door sorrowfully, and picked up the note. He opened it, wincing at the red, marker drawn x that covered his long thought out writings.

He could no longer resist the urge that had been gradually building up over the past month. He had tried time, gifts, flattery, kindness... And she shot him down in cold blood every time. It was his nature to be defensive of himself, and not even the love of his life could over shadow it.

Violently, Cody threw the note to the ground, with gritted teeth, before darting out of his room, and up the stairwell to the girls floor that laid a deck above. It seems Bailey was taking her own sweet time getting back to her room, because Cody could see her searching her jeans pockets for her room card at the end of the hallway.

Cody took off into a sprint down the never ending hallway; it didn't take long for Bailey to feel the rumble and look up. She glared at him as she pulled the key from her pocket to unlock the door, but to her dismay, a hand appeared, covering the slot before she could.

She turned violently towards a panting Cody. He tried to cover up his exhaustion, knowing he wouldn't be very persuasive if he passed out right in front of her. "Why... are you.." He started out in between gasps until he gave up, and allowed his body time to recover. Meanwhile, Bailey was trying to pry his hand away, but surprisingly couldn't. Maybe it was the adrenaline, but it was clear to them both that he wasn't leaving until he spoke his part. Eventually, she groaned out in frustration, and just began jabbing the card into his hand like a dagger.

"Ow!" He screamed out in pain, recoiling his hand to cradle it. Bailey smirked at this as she began to slide the card in, but she should of suspected that this wouldn't be an easy victory. Cody's hand shot out to grab Bailey's wrist, constricting any further movement. He moved his back against the door to guard her entrance into the safe haven.

"Ow!" She cried out to him painfully. Tears welled in her eyes. "Cody let go! You're hurting me!" She pleaded, looking helplessly into his eyes.

Although this was the first time she had spoken to him in months he wasn't a stranger to her cruel jokes and manipulations lately. She wasn't even struggling, and he was positive she could snap his arm in an instant if she cared to. Of corse that would lead to expulsion, which was the reason for the manipulation of his heart.

"You know that's not true Bailey." He dropped her wrist carelessly. She took a step back from him, noticing the few inches that had separated them before was far too little considering her rage.

"Fine, it wasn't, but what's your problem? You practically assaulted me!" She spat at him.

"My problem?" He raised his eyebrows in shock. Did she really just say that? "I think you've got it all wrong, Bailey. It's you who has the problem! You've been acting hostile towards me for the last month!"

"I said I wasn't talking to you, and in response you began to stalk me. I was just retaliating against your attacks." She proposed calmly. If a stranger had suddenly walked in in the conversation it would of seemed to them that Cody really was a criminal, the way Bailey fashioned the situation.

"Stalked? Are you even hearing yourself! I was just trying to earn your forgiveness, and now you are turning it into some sick, twisted story!" He yelled at her.

Bailey couldn't take it anymore, she couldn't keep calm, she couldn't act like she wasn't hurt. "Yea, you know what you're right, it was a bit exaggerated." She yelled, closing in on him to make sure he received the full effect of her wrath. "But not as exaggerated as that awful play of yours!" She screamed at him, making him wince, before she shoved him out of the way, and quickly entered her room, leaving Cody to his own personal rage.

It was all he felt. He no longer was filled with sadness, loneliness, or longing, but clouded with anger towards Bailey. It covered logic and reason, and because he wasn't in right mind, he welcomed the anger like Bailey had a long time ago.

From there it only got worse. Silence was replaced by hateful insults at every chance. Literally every chance. They even took opportunities in class to find ways to pound at one another, masked with educational answers that only the other would truly understand.

However, it was pretty clear to everyone that something was up when Cody protested violently in history one day, saying that the Europeans were evil for colonizing Africa, selfishly taking everything of value, and leaving the continent hopeless for the future when they just left carelessly.

A good argument if it weren't that he said Africa and Europe broke up carelessly before he corrected himself.

They fought even more viscously over the top spot in class, often accusing the other of cheating. They had to hang out with their mutual friends are different, designated times. Bailey avoided the sky deck at all costs during Cody's shift. Neither could just go up to the other's room to see Woody or London, because of chance of seeing each other. Never had their arguments climaxed at such a height, even the arguments at the beginning of their breakup seemed like a casual conversation compared to what ensued at the end of senior year.

However, at the end of March, when college acceptance letters came in the mail, things started to ease up. Both had been overwhelmingly excited when they ripped open their packets from the mutual ivy league school, and were even happier when they read that they had been accepted to Yale University.

It hadn't taken long for word spread across the boat that they had both made it in, and eventually it circled back around to them. Each had been slightly disappointed, but out of pride refused to let the fact that they would be looming on the same campus for another four years spoil their happiness.

However, the bickering resurfaced only two months later at the news that they would both be co-valedictorians at graduation.

In the beginning, Ms. Tutwiler proposed they write a speech together, and alternate paragraphs, but that idea was shot down instantly.

It had taken a lot of begging from each student, but eventually the teacher gave in after their constant annoying, and not only let each student write their own speech, but talk at entirely different times. For a moment the two had been satisfied with their work, until they began to argue about who would present last, wanting their words to make a grander impression than the other by being the last speech heard at the ceremony.

A coin toss by Ms. Tutwiler quickly settled it, and Cody won. His foot however wasn't so lucky, when Bailey stomped on it after the defeat.

The graduation it's self went beautifully, and left everyone in attendance: teacher, student, or parent, with tears in their eyes. Both Cody and Bailey presented equally excellent speeches about their time spent on the ship, as well as the path that lies ahead for each student.

"We will always cherish the memories we've made here together, but let us hope that there are even greater memories to be made, and moments to be had in the future. Let us move on, but never forget our time here at Seven Seas High." Cody said confidently, closing the ceremony.

It left a lasting impression on the audience like he had expected it too.

What Cody didn't expect was for it to leave a lasting impression on Bailey as well. As much as it pained her to admit it, he was right. She would always remember the fun times she had in high school, but she had to move on. This chapter was over, and now it was time to focus on the next one.

At least the last words she heard Cody say held some meaning to them.

"I said it's not your fault I lied
And I don't have time to watch you cry
And I'm thinking Romeo must die."

~Romeo Must Die, Gabrielle Aplin