The Time Traveler

She groaned….. Where was she, or better yet, when was she. She groaned again, her head hurt and her stomach was still spinning. Rolling onto her side, she threw up.
Leaping wasn't easy… neither was shifting, both took a lot out her. Messiness aside, she sat up and looked around.

Nothing but trees. At least they could of given her a clue about where they were sending her, they never did.
Getting up she did want she always did in a new place, strip and turn into a wolf, well it was more of strip, pack clothes in backpack, hide backpack, then turn into a wolf.

In wolf form she searched the area, looking for people. She found a road about a mile from her landing site. Following it lead her to a small town, she shifted from wolf to friendly looking stray dog, and started sniffing around.
She trotted right down Main Street, finding a newspaper she read the date, April 1, 1863 a place called Mystic Falls, Virginia.

Shaking the dust off her, she thought to herself. "1863, Civil War….. Thank you for putting me in the South."

She looked around, "Dull, boring…. And Hello Nurse, crawling with cute guys." She watched the tall, dark headed man walk past.
The man never noticed a small black and white dog with blue eyes following him as he went in the bar.
She followed as far as the door, "Dang, a bar." Gives a doggy shrug and starts to go in.

Laughter greets her, male voices start to tease the dark haired stranger. "Hey Salvatore, looks like you got yourself a shadow."
She suddenly finds herself picked up and staring into gorgeous blue eyes. Her tail begins to wag and she tries to lick his face.
He laughs and carries her to the bar. "A drink for my Shadow, Sam."


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