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The next day…

It was late in the evening when the king was wandering around the Thousand Sunny when he stumbled upon his archaeologist, Nico Robin. It was another peaceful day at the shore; everyone else was busy with their business and merely glanced up at their sick captain before going back to their work.

"Oi Robin! Mind if I sit with you!" yelled Luffy at the older woman from across the ship.

Robin looked up from her book and saw Luffy standing near his favourite spot, on the head of the ship. She glanced at him and saw his trademark grin and went over to her lawn chair where she usually sits, she puts down her book on the round table next to her drink and looks him with a warm smile on her face. As she neared him, she noticed that he was gazing at the sea. There, giant seabirds were flying off into the sunset, some in pairs.

"What is it Luffy-kun?" she asked.

He turned to her and smiled again.

"Look at those birds, just going where. Have you ever thought of what you might do now we've all achieve our dreams?"

That question took Robin off guard. She began thinking about Luffy's question; it was a very good question.

"To be honest... I've never really thought about it, why are you asking?" Robin replied as she turns to Luffy to study his emotions.

Looking out to the sea, he gave a big sigh and placed his elbow on his knee. Using his hand on his rough, faded goatee, he propped his head up with a slight frown on his face.

"I've never really thought about it either until recently when I was told about… you know." He trailed off.

Robin noticed how serious his tone was to his mortality and considered it more deeply. Now all of their dreams full filled, if their captain died every one of the Strawhat Pirates would probably go their separate ways.


Jinbe would live in New Fishman Island.

Brook would go back to singing at concert gigs.

Franky would go back to Water 7.

Chopper would live in Sakura Kingdom.

Nami would go back to Cocoyasi Village.

Sanji would run his own restaurant.

Usopp would return to Syrup Village.

Zoro would just roam around the world to random places he chose… while getting lost 9001 times before getting it right by luck.


Everyone had a place to go to, except herself. This made her miserable inside; her Nakama were her family and their ship her home, this is the one place Robin fits in. She didn't want to end up alone again.

"Robin, are you okay?" Luffy peered over at her and saw sadness and uncertainty in her calm, sky blue eyes welling up with tears.

"Oh, I'm fine Luffy-kun, nothing to worry about" she lied while wiping her tears.

He then leaned towards, crossing his arms under his head to lie on and stared at her upside down.

"Its okay Robin, you don't have to hide it from me" he calmly told.


She thought for a moment, Luffy always had sort of a 6th sense when his nakama where troubled. After gazing into his reassuring brown eyes, she smiled back at him and gave in.

"Luffy… you're the glue that holds all together. Now we've all achieve our goals, I'm sure everyone will head back to their hometowns to tell about their grand adventures but since I'm the only one who doesn't have a home to go back to, I just don't know what I'll do if you..."

She broke off there, it was getting too painful for her to express her thoughts and she turned towards the sea, feeling tears flowing freely from her eyes. Seeing his troubled nakama, Luffy quietly jumped out of his chair and walked up to the sobbing woman, slowly wrapping his arms around her and leaning his head over her shoulder to give her a hug.

"Robin, you'll never be alone even after I'm gone, we'll still be nakama." he reassured her.

She then turned to face him, showing a small smile even as the tears rolled down her face.


"Now there must be something you can do..." Luffy said.

Then a light bulb appeared above the captain's head... but it went dim.

"Huh, must have blown a fuse" he said scratching his head while looking up.

He grabbed the light bulb from his rarely seen thought bubble and rubbed on it before putting it back making it glow again, causing Robin to chuckle.

"I've got it! Why not share your treasure?" he suggested.

"I don't follow you" Robin raised an eyebrow.

"Well knowledge is your treasure right? I don't understand much about its importance but I sure others would like it" he said while picking his nose.

"So you're saying I should start a school… Fufufu, you have some strange ideas Luffy" cheering her up.

"Shishishishi! I know but they usually turn out for the best" he sniggered.

"I can't argue with that"

"Anyways what book were you reading?" Mugiwara asked pointing at it.

"Oh, it's called 'Touya and the Yuki-Onna" it's about a young boy who meets a snow girl and goes on wild voyages together and slowly fall in love, it's one of my favourites old tales" she explained. "Would you like to read it with me?"

"I never was one for lovey-dovey Shojo stories but I'm interested in it"

And so the captain moved his chair closer to the older woman to listen to her story.

"It was another quite night in the little mountain town…" she began


Robin's thoughts:

I was alone for a long time.

Since I was a little girl, folks made fun of me or feared me as a monster. My parents were rarely there when I needed them. For as long as I remember… people hated me, cursed me and wanted me dead. Even my so-called past 'allies' distanced themselves from me.

Everyone I loved was brutally taken away. I was hunted down like a wild animal. I even started believing that I was really some kind of demon.

Because of that, I grew cynical of everyone and everything, even myself. I just wanted to die. I wanted it all to end because I believed it was for the best for everyone.

Then you came along.

When I decided that my life was already pointless to carry on any longer, you rescued me against my will. When I lost hope in reaching my dream, you rekindled it. When I was being taken away to be killed, you fought with everything you had to bring me back. Even against your friends' protests you took me under your wing…

I thought that stories about heroes that appear out of nowhere to save the damsel in distress were fictional. Just old fairy tales to amuse naïve little children to get them to go to sleep when scared of the dark. I wanted something like to happen to me. Even though I convinced myself it'll come true.

I'm glad you proved me wrong.

I wish that no one would wake me up from this dream I've always wanted. I want to spend my life with you a little longer

Senchou… thank you


As night began to fall, Luffy slowly fell asleep after the raven haired woman finished the story. She got up and put a blanket on him so he wouldn't get cold by the darkness's icy grip.

Her captain was already fast asleep. He snored with a snot bubble for added comedic effect to her.


"Luffy…" she spoke softly while petting his black hair. "No matter what I do or how well I do it, I can never feel I've repaid the massive debt I owe you.

Tears started to swell up again.

"You're like the sun shining brightly in my world, I don't it to set. I can only guess what you're going to do… but regardless of what you choose I'll always support you, Luffy"


With a tear in hear eye, she walked back to her cabin.


Meanwhile in another cabin…

"Pant* pant*… Don't worry Luffy… I won't let you die…" squeaked a little Tanuki. "I'm the doctor... who's going to cure every disease there is… including yours!"

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