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August 8th 2022, 08:25 AM

Joe Walker's POV

I just walked into the office when the people asked me the usual stupid questions and I gave them the usual sane answers. Sometimes it irritated me we always say the same stuff to each other and are always doing the same stuff, every day of our careers. It begun to feel irritating – I already said that, right? –, so I just stepped to the office of the commissioner. I wanted to know who was going to help me, and I desperately hoped it wasn't that stupid female colleague I talked about earlier. If it's her, I'm quitting without a doubt.

I knocked on the door and walked in. like always, the commissioner was sitting at his bureau, but in front of him sat someone I hadn't met yet. It was a woman with half-long hair and she sat with her back at me, talking to the commissioner, but because the two heard the door, they turned their attention to me. I couldn't get my eyes of her. Not because she was pretty, was she actually was, but because I knew her from something. Like we've met before. And she did the same as me. We stared at each other until the commissioner found out it was time to get all the attention himself.

"Well, if the ladies stop with looking, we can go on with this little meeting. Walker, this woman is going to help you with the mission, her name's Jaime. It's Jaime, right?" Jaime nodded, "Great. And Jaime, this is one of my most unhandy, terribly bad, inexperienced and youngest men, Joe." It was a wonder the commissioner knew my first name. but the commissioner always used the back name of people, but Jaime.

I watched her better (as she did with me) and in a moment we hugged each other.

"Hey Joe, how are things going?" Jaime asked me. I shrugged. "Well, you see how it's going. I'm married to Lauren and have two amazing children, a twin, boy and girl, and the boy, Bruce, has been kidnapped. How did you actually know long time ago Lo and I would end up married?" Now Jaime shrugged.

"I had a premonition," she said.

"And that's why I chose her, Walker; she knows things nobody else knows. She can make you work a whole heck of a lot easier, and then you're a bit closer to your next job. I thinks the toilets will be glad you're going back." I moaned. If this mission is completed, I have to clean the toilets for the twenty-eighth time in my six-year-Career of being a police officer. I'm not a charwoman in the office, am I? at the other side, it's a perfect reason to slow down the mission to get Bruce back, and the commissioner would think I did it because I don't want to clean the toilet.

"You can go now!" the commissioner said and with those words Jaime and I left his office and went to a police car. We need to patrol today, and it was a nice good think to get ideas for the mission. This was going to be very good day.

17:36 PM

"This is it, people! Thanks for listening to my from-now-on daily subject here, on Channel Findster! And remember, if you go for something, no way you'll be ignored because of the way you are, and if you have really good friends, then you must be sure they are super friends, too. I hope you're listening tomorrow, too!" Brian said, closing his subject: a-song-you-guys-probably-don't-know. Because of the success of yesterday with the unknown singer who knew the lyrics, they decided to make his subject a daily subject. A great entrée in the world of radio, like Brian's bosses called it. For daily telling jokes on the radio you got paid with a lot of money.

"Nice work there, Brian," a friend said who had his subject right behind Brian's. Brian laughed.

"You're still the best if you compered you and me; you're ruling your listeners, and I'm still playing with them, totally not like you." Brian said. Adam smiled.

"Just wait, within today and a few months you're the best radio-host Channel Findster has never had. How can you know all that funny stuff, B-Hole?" Adam asked. Brian shrugged.

"I've heard the somewhere, an d I have told you this about thousand times, so how can you not know this?" Brian replied. Adam laid his hand on Brian's shoulder.

"Hey, you're little secret's safe with me. Why don't you guys take them off YouTube if you haven't got any fans left?" he asked Brian.

"Because we once had fans; we're removing them our next meeting this august. We haven't got any fans left, to use your words, and if there were, then they are now a fan of that idiotic Joseph Taylor Campbell because he covered a lot of our best songs, inclusive some Disney-classics." Brian didn't like Joseph, but most of all his name. Joseph Taylor Campbell. It referred to Joseph Michael Richter, Tyler Brunsman (with a bit imagination it did) and Richard Campbell. The wounded and deaths in the Team.

"No! I'm barely half past HMB! You did an amazing job in there, Clark." Adam laughed. Brian sighed.

"Don't call me that!" "Alright, I'm sorry and I promise I won't call you that again, Junior." Brian looked irritated at Adam. "What? You told me not to call you 'Clark", so I'm calling you 'Junior'. Or do you prefer 'Veeto'?" It seemed Brian was thinking.

"I'd like it if you just call me Brian Holden, like normal people do." Brian said. He didn't want to lose the part of his mind that a part was of the old Team, but at the other hand he just wanted to forget those days. And forgetting with Adam always talking about it wasn't that easy.

"Oh, come on Brian! Hey, I've got a great idea: let's watch a musical! Maybe you, Mere and your daughter come to the last day of the annual T.M.E.; I'll pay that. You were very stressed last month, and you still are." "I don't know, Adam, I… I need to do a lot at home, too! For some reason Delia doesn't want to sleep if Meredith isn't with her." Brian said.

"But I know she's a two-years-old mommy's girl."

"Believe me, she sometimes can be a daddy's boy, too! One night, she held me close to her until she finally slept. That night, I only had one hour of sleep."

"Come on, Brian, just one time! You will die laughing if you watch that!" Brian looked at Adam.

"I can't laugh if I know it involves copied jokes, token costumes and playbacks with our own voices," Brian stated.

"Four years ago we got your permission to play them annual in a Triple Musical Event. Those are classics that belong at Broadway." Adam tried to convince Brian.

"And if they play it a Broadway, my wife, old friends and I will have the honor to play it the first time there. We deserved that."

"And what if it's 'Starship'? Who'll replace the actor of its well-known protagonist Bug; Joey Richter is dead, sadly enough." Memories from Starship sneaked up in Brian's head. In that, he and Joey only had a few scenes together, but when they both stood on stage, but on and off-stage, he respected him, which role they had to play. And Joey, he died a couple of years ago.

Brian hoped to know one day what Joey thought when he died. Probably thinking of his possible woman and children, or the Team, and how much he hated or loved it.

"Why do you want me to watch that stuff? To play Superman's role, because you know those lines are still in my head because it was my last play." Adam shook his head.

"No, I just know you're gonna relax at the old theatre when we're playing. And I don't mean that it includes you."

"You're only going to work again when I tell you I'll go, don't you?" Adam nodded laughing. "Then I'll only come when you're going to work again. The song stopped a minute ago." Adam fastly walked away from Brian to 'rule his listeners". Before Brian left to home, he saw Adam form the words 'thank you' with his mouth. Brian sighed. How could he ever explain to Meredith that they're going to the last day of the T.M.E.?

17:57 PM

Joe Walker's POV

This was a horribly boring day at the patrol. Yes, I saw Jaime for the first time in four years, and because of promotion we heard Brian around half past three, but the other parts we just drove around te city. I was glad to know Jaime also made up a small family, like Lauren and I did, but she only had a two-year-old boy named Clark. It went fast, but it was boring.

Until the end, when Brian played the most non-HP song from AVPM and AVPS.

I sang along with 'To Dance Again' and 'Different As Can Be – Reprise', while Jaime sang along with 'Not Alone' and 'Harry' (it was the 'Sami'-version). At half past three it went very well, because Jaime and I got the answer on the question to who he was married. We sang together the song 'Getting' Along'. As always, I sung the part of Umbridge… because, really, when Jaime should sing Umbridge's part, it wouldn't be as crazy as we were ten years ago. So, I sang my part and Jaime sung Dylan's as Dumbledore. If someone else heard this, they probably be very confused because someone of the gender didn't sing the part that was meant for him/her.

Anyways, I came home, parked the car in front of the house with all those security-things and opened the front door. Yesterday night, I managed to place more security stuff onto that stupid door. If someone we don't know even tries to touch it, we'll know it and are my friends at work coming off to this place when I'm saying someone tries to rob stuff. Imagine them coming when the pizza deliverer stands in front of my door!

"Hey, Lo, it's me! If you search me, I'm in the basement!" I said while walking in the hall. I walked straight to the basement (where I wasn't in the whole day, but had to be) to ask 'Tootsie' some more questions. So, I opened the door to the basement and closed the door behind me. The first thing I saw, were some cages that were thrown through the room, if that was even possible. I knew I had to clean up that mess; I'll do that tomorrow. I just knew that man hid him somewhere behind one of those cages to make himself feel like home.

He certainly had found Bruce's favorite place; it was actually some blankets were some snacks were hidden. Bruce was there often to escape the pressure of our family. I thought that man had found his place, and I went looking there.

Oh, I was so wrong! Tootsie was nowhere to see, and I checked everything in this cold basement… I checked every way in and way out twice (every way in is basically also a way out, so I checked four times)! It was impossible to leave, but…

The window! He escaped through the window! After placing the cages on top each other, you could easily climb up and got away without nobody knowing it. I should've closed the window with a padlock, so he couldn't have got away with what he did. I'll find him, and when I've found him, he'll suffer like Bruce is probably suffering now.

"Joe, come over here, we've gotten some letters!" The postman came and brought some letters along. I walked up and decided to focus myself on my little family. So I came in the living room, and Jay jumped into my arms – she jumped into my arms every day now since Bruce got kidnapped. I placed Jay on the ground and sat next to Lauren.

"Whose letters today?" I asked. Lauren pointed at the letters.

"A letter from Jaime, one from Brian and a few other, some bills and a letter from one Adam Benjamin." I didn't recognize the last name. It was weird, though; who would ever sent a letter to someone he doesn't know? I opened the letter and read it out loud.

Dear Mr. Joseph Walker and Mrs. Lauren Lopez-Walker,

You are invited for the third and last day of the fourth annual Triple Musical Event. You are, along with some other famous people spread all around the United States of America, selected out of billions Americans to be a special guest at the last musical. We mean you, as special guests, to sit in a special area and to watch the last musical in this special area, reserved for you and the other special guests.

We certainly hope you are coming, so don't be afraid of anything a let's take a look; ignore some things of don't-come-to-places.


Adam Benjamin

That letter started polite, and ended polite, but it also ended a bit weird. I mean, how could Adam know we couldn't go because of the hostage/kidnap of Bruce? I read the letter three more times, and then I had found a decision.

"What if this is a test? If we go, they'll send Bruce to Europe or worse! But if we don't go, we disappoint them, whoever 'them' is!" Lauren looked at me. She also had made her decision.

"I want to go." This surprised me a lot; she wanted to go to that one theatre building where we once played our last two, maybe our last three, musicals and where Joey tried to hurt me with a knife. I will never forget, even though he isn't alive anymore.

On a morning in 2017, I was reading between the obituaries until I found something interesting. Between the obituaries of old dead people, there was a picture of one young man who played the role of Neville Longbottom. That picture and obituary were always standing on his birthday in the newspapers since the day he died. But left from Richard was there a color-picture of another young man of who I thought it was a friend. That picture contained, off course, his blue headband and Redvines. Joey Richter died because of a heart-attack. It touched my heart, but at the other side, I found it to be a suitable sanction for hurting Tyler, Brant and A.J.

It was rude, but also a proper sanction.

"Just let's go tomorrow. What could actually happen there?" Lauren asked. I opened my mouth to answer properly, but I couldn't speak for a moment. She was right. What could actually happen? She looked at me and I smiled.

"Looks like we're going back!" I quoted.

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