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August 8th 2022, 22:35 PM

Brian stood before the door of his house. He sighed once more and thought of what he was going to say to Meredith. Adam Benjamin has invited them to go to the last day of the T.M.E., with him paying for them, as special guests watching the musicals from reserved seats in a 'special' area. Now Brian could only hope Meredith would like it. He knew Delia would probably like it, but she wasn't going. She only was two years old!

He opened the door and walked straight to the living room; Meredith was there often. She looked up to the one who stepped into the room, even if she knew who it was. Both smiled and walked toward each other, ending into a hug and a short kiss.

"How was your day?" Meredith asked. Brian shrugged.

"You should've heard it today. You were listening, right?" Brian said. Meredith laughed.

"I mean; what did Adam want you to buy or go to or something." Because of Adam Brian worked at Channel Findster; the two met five years ago. Now Adam was by Brian and Meredith known as someone who wants to get sponsors for the most stupid things in the world; one day, he tried to get Meredith as a voice-actress for something about trash.

"Two free tickets to the last day of the T.M.E." Brian said. And now the surprise and the tears are coming, he thought. Meredith only reacted a bit unexpected.

"Then why didn't you say 'yes'? it should be fun to see old friends of ours again who are going to that, too!" Brian looked surprised in her eyes. "You really want to go?" he asked. Meredith nodded.

"Like I said, I would be glad to see some other friends who are probably going!" Meredith laughed.

"You know we're coming together after seven years the thirteenth?" Brian asked more serious than he was at the moment. Meredith nodded again.

" Maybe some of them are not coming, or maybe we are the only ones, but we'll certainly go. Maybe one of our friends is playing in a part in one of them this year." Meredith said. Brian grimaced.

"Or maybe it are just imitators like the past three years." Brian murmured.

"Brian, I know you don't like that event because they're always playing our old musicals, but just do it for Adam. He asked you, and you know we don't want to disappoint him a second time." Meredith was right. If you somehow disappoint Adam, he'll ignore you until you said about a thousand times you're sorry – literally. And even then are your conversations short.

Brian sighed. "I said 'yes'; Adam was going on about it and I had the disappoint-thing in my head when I was talking to him." Meredith hugged Brian.

"Then we need to prepare for the next musical," Meredith said and walked to the bedroom. It was late, and they needed to be rested; tomorrow the next musical would start at ten o'clock.

August 9th 2022, 09:48 AM

Joe Walker's POV

Lauren and I stood a little while in front of our old theatre-building. Memories raced through our heads, and we couldn't get them out. Another reason is that in four days, we had a 'Very Starkid Meeting', where we sometimes sung and talked. The last one was about seven years ago, and most of the people who had worked on AVPM and MAMD were probably moved and didn't want to come over here; only the deep core of members who wanted to see some old friends from Michigan again, would come to this place at the thirteenth.

But today, Lauren and I came to watch a musical, and not to see old friends of ours again.

"Do you still want to go, Lo?" I asked her, still staring at the building.

"Yes, I still want to go. Shouldn't we go in now?" she asked me, and before I could answer, she just walked toward the building. I came right behind her.

Once we were in, someone stopped us and said one simple phrase that every single one of old theatre-members could remember, but some people with a simple soul can't. like Joey; he couldn't remember that one little phrase. Joey… every time I think of him, I also have to think of MAMD, in which we played most scenes together, as main characters. Then, it wasn't a big problem. Now, I want to go back in time and make sure I refuse to work with him. And I thought of all that because of one dead Joey Richter… never thought I would say this, but if I know he is behind Bruce's kidnap, I'll curse the day he was born.7

"Joe? Are you coming?" It was the voice of my wife who got me out of thoughts. Together, we followed the man who said that phrase to us, and we headed backstage.

"Why are you taking us there? Is it a meeting with the members of the cast?" I asked. The man shook his head. "No, I'm taking you to your seats. Until I come to call you, you have to stay there. By the way, my name's Nigel." I knew it, we had to play in HMB again!

Once we walked into the room, we stood before the biggest surprise of the day. That was so big we hadn't even heard Nigel locking the door. He said something, but we haven't heard that either; we were too busy looking at the 'surprise'.

There were five people in the room; three women and two men. We haven't seen those people in about seven, maybe eight years – but Jaime, 'cause she was there, too. Since Darren was hired by a record company, the old Team was more divided than it ever was.

A woman walked toward us and started talking in a southern accent. "Joe, Lauren! Nice to see you again! how are you going? Well, I'm feeling good today! What are your jobs? Because Brian and M…" If Jaime hadn't interrupt her, she'd probably go on a long time.

"Wow, Devin, slow down a bit! I know you haven't seen them in seven years, but that doesn't mean you have to interrogate them!"

"Hi Jaime!" I finally said, waving. She waved back.

"Hi guys, how are you doing today?" she asked us, copying Devin's question. Lauren shrugged.

"The same as yesterday, I guess. Two days ago I knocked down a burglar with a frying pan," she said. The conversation between the two men silenced. That was something that could make them quiet for a while. It didn't happen every day that Lauren knocked someone down with a frying pan.

"He wanted our daughter Jay, returning after two months, when he kidnapped our son, Bruce," Lauren continued. One of the men, I wasn't sure who it was, reacted on this. "So, your son is called 'Bruce Walker'? Isn't it coincidence that you, Joe Walker, had to play Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, in Holy Musical Batman?" The way he said those words reminded me of somebody from college, and those shining teeth only could be connected to one certain young man.

"Nice to see you again, Tyler," I said to Tyler Brunsman, the man with the shining white teeth. After some moments I found out I was really glad to see him again (like I said him), but after seconds of thinking I realized something. What were Tyler, Jaime, Devin, the other man (Brian, was it) and the last woman, I was sure it was Meredith, doing here? Were they also invited by one Adam Benjamin? Those question would probably be answered after we performed on stage. And did you know what was really strange? Devin and Tyler haven't even played one small role in HMB!

My eyes fixed on the other man – I thought it was Brian Holden – who's ignoring us after we entered this room.

"Brian, I know who you are, even though Devin has already said it, but you don't have to ignore your old friends… your old BFF! So, please, just one time; look at me, B-Hole." Slowly Brian's head turned to us, he looked at us (Probably he's comparing us, I thought) and then turned his head again, so he couldn't see us anymore.

"Then don't," I said sarcastically.

"How are you doing, Meredith?" Lauren finally asked Meredith, who was probably Brian's wife.

"It's going well, and I guess with you it's the same," Meredith replied and Lauren nodded.

"It's brave to knock down a man, who's probably taller than you," Brian said and I turned my head to his. His voice sounded just like on the radio, but there it was a lot happier.

"And you couldn't say: 'Hi Lauren, hi Joe, how are you doing'?" I asked smiling, so it didn't sound that bad. There was a new rumor going around that Brian was a bit aggrieved last time.

It was quiet for minutes, but it seemed like hours. People were running through the hallway and we could hear known voices, but we didn't cared of that; all we did was studying the people in this room.

"Dou you guys know why we're here?" Devin asked. Why do I keep forgetting we're with seven in this room? My thoughts were at the stage we had to perform on within seconds, minutes, hours. I didn't want to fail in front of a part of Chicago and the theatre-group who unsuccessfully tried to imitate us. For their version of Starship (with our singing voices!) they got many requests to play it on Broadway, but they always refused. Was it because the original actor of Bug died five years ago? I should never know, and I'll never get a chance to ask them ever again…

Back to Devin's question. It was quiet again for a few seconds, and after that, everybody gave another answer. Meredith and Jaime thought they wanted to interview us. Tyler suggested they wanted to know what the secret was of a good show. Lauren didn't know, and she told us, too. Brian didn't respond at all; he just looked at the people who were talking. The only words I've heard him saying, was that he thought my wife was brave to knock down somebody taller than her. But seriously, almost everyone was taller than her!

I didn't reply the question, too, but I had a believable reason: I didn't want to answer, because it might've changed their minds. Well, my answer was that they wanted to interrogate us about one Joey Richter. About how he was in his life. About how he reacted on the most weird situations. About how he had gotten that blue headband and from where his obsession with Redvines came, the candy every old member of the Team now avoids as much as they can.

I only looked the others with a look in my eyes that said I knew it, but didn't want to share it with the others.

The door opened and the man who led us here, stood in front of us. I thought his name was Nigel. He smiled. Why was he that happy? Was it because we were here, led to this room by our own stupidity and desire to come here again?

"Few minutes before you can get up," we didn't say anything, but Brian moaned a bit, like he wanted to say he hadn't enough time to prepare himself.

"I know you all hate to wait to get on that stage, but it's necessary. The real cast is actually performing about twenty minutes." What did he just say? The real cast, which I call 'the fake Team', was already performing twenty minutes? Then why are we here, deadgoddamnit!

"to make it a bit cozier here, I've taken somebody with me. Well, I guess he's with you guys. He doesn't say much, so I thought you can prepare him, is that okay?" An old member of the Team who doesn't say much? What the heck was Nigel saying now!? We were once the most noisy theatre-group of Chicago, we were the only theatre-group, so it can't be that one of our old friends 'doesn't say much'.

Nigel stepped aside and we saw the known face of a man whose only role was the one of the protagonist's best friend. Off course Brant didn't say much; he'd lost his voice! That that stupid Nigel didn't found that out!

"I see you guys in a minute in the corridor, right? So I can inform the others." Others? What others? I thought that we seven, I mean eight, were the only old members that were invited to come here? In that little minute before we had to go I studied Brant. Talking to him seemed a bit obvious, since he couldn't speak at all. Within a few seconds I knew it wasn't going that well with him. He had ramparts beneath his eyes, what meant he hadn't slept good last week, and his clothes also weren't that clean. It seemed much like he took Lupin's place after a full moon. I guess he desired to speak to us, or at least to say sorry to us because he was so sloppy.

"Come on out, guys, it's almost your turn!" Nigel said through the door, and we all stood up to walk into the small corridor, silent. Well, this was it. I hope we didn't become emotional on that stage; it was a sign of weakness and we almost never cried, unless our character was an emotional wreck, like Commander Up, or Voldemort.

Even though I came out last of us eight, I heard some voices whisper something behind me. Some were much clear than others, but I didn't really listen to it. to do great, my attention had to be at stage for a hundred percent, otherwise I'd run off-stage in the middle of a line. Yes, I am a cop, but I never got very dangerous tasks, and I felt like the commissioner knew what happened in the past, and thought I was too fragile to get those jobs done. I would never know, because you can't just go talk to the commissioner. Or he asks to go to his bureau to talk, or he comes straight to you to talk. It has always been like that, and it won't change either.

The voice of a certain someone and a punch in my stomach from Lauren made me go back to reality. It was time.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, some people from who we haven't got two, but five successful musicals, an original Team with more original member…" boaster, I thought, "here they are, the one and only Team Starkid!" That man wasn't allowed to use that word! The was broke up on the eight of August in 2012; no-one remembered the Team like it was before the break up, but the members themselves. Those were happier times, less serious times in which we layed our love in theatre, making our fans happy and with that, getting our first job.

Now we just were a group of friends that became famous by accident and that were stopped at the peak, leaving the fans disappoint behind.

Once on stage, we were surprised by the theatre-group. I imagined them to be… different. The group of old-friends who came on stage, were with fifteen or sixteen, were like me surprised by the theatre-group. In front of us stood a group, most similar in numbers (13 or so), but by some similar in looks! So was one of the men just like Brian Holden, when one of the females easily could be Lauren's twin sister, in height and looks. It was just, in some way, terrifying.

And to look on their faces, they weren't that happy we were there, even though one of them invited us to this place.

August 9th 2022, 10:28 AM

They were performing already half an hour. Joey begun to feel bored, with in that part the theatre-group who're presenting their selves. So he got to know the man who played his roles was called Mason Howe, who was apparently the leader along with Adam Benjamin, who successfully portrayed the characters Roach and Joey's Heart. His appearance fitted well with the singing-voices of Brant and AJ, but was probably a terrible bad singer himself.

Next to Joey was Vanessa sleeping against Amelia's shoulder. S.T. was sitting at Amelia's other side, what meant that Richard was sitting next to Joey's left side. S.T. was also yawning because of the never-ending biography of that theatre-group. But one of them didn't show up, the actor of Tootsie, to say precisely who was missing. And they didn't say at all he wasn't feeling well; very strange. Just like a female actress, but Joey couldn't instantly say who it was exactly, but he could say she portrayed the roles Neato and Sally's heart.

There was a sort of plot twist when all people of the theatre-group (but the missing man and woman) came on stage, and when one of the leaders (Joey was sure it was Mason) started talking to the crowd. Joey expected another speech in what he explained how happy he was all people of the crowd were here. But he was wrong. Everybody who thought the same as Joey, was wrong.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, some people from who we haven't got two, but five successful musicals, an original Team with more original member…" Joey wakened in a second and sat on the edge of his chair. What did Mason just say? No, I couldn't be true! "Here they are, the one and only Team Starkid!"

Joey sighed when he saw his old friends walking onto the stage. Then he knew time could change people in mind, but also in looks. Thus Lauren had shortened the length of her hair and AJ seemed pretty sad because he was now chained in a wheelchair from the moment he returned from the hospital after the accident from '14. Brant was a bit sloppy and Brosenthal had let his hair grow a bit. There were a lot more changes in the old Team, but there were too much to count them all. There was just one thing they had in common: they all looked surprised by seeing so much of their old friends again. Even Joey couldn't stop looking at them.

"Dad? Do you know them?" Richard asked; he barely recognized the Team from the musicals they watched together.

"We've met once in the past," Joey replied. He certainly had met them, they had become best friends with him and they let him down at the moment he needed them the most. Despite this, he missed having them around.

"What do we do now?' Walker whispered loud enough for the crows to hear it.

"Maybe they want to interview us about how good we were?" Arielle suggested. You mean, how great you guys are, Joey thought.

"I think they want to know the secret for a show with the reaction: 'totally awesome'!" Tyler said, recognizable because of his shining white teeth.

"I think 'they' can speak for themselves, and we're daring you to a sing-off!" Adam said. Everybody turned to him, and it surprised (and shocked) Brolden the most.

"What do you mean?" he asked unbelievable.

"We mean we are going to battle with our voices. So, it's a sing-battle; here and now!" Adam explained.

"A sing-off, here and now? That's not why you asked us to come over here," he said calmly, pointing at himself and Meredith. Off course Joey knew Meredith was married to Brian Holden. And that Joe Walker possibly was married to Lauren, but he didn't know what the others had done in their lives. Agreeing with Brian, the old Team murmured something, but Brant; he just nodded once.

"We invited as a special guest for the last day of this year's T.M.E., and what is more special than the ol' Team battling the new, and better, Group?" Mason said.

"And besides, you don't have to insult Mason or Adam because you're going to sing without really wanting it. it was all my idea, so go ahead, and say it all to me," Palmer, the young man who tried to portray Flopsy and Junior as best as possible, said. In looks, this guy could be a clone of the real Brian Holden. Brant looked mad at them while the others (including the crowd) were yelling at the Group, and especially Adam, Mason and Palmer.

Joey just watched it all happening. He tried to ignore the feeling to walk on stage and help them out, because if he did, they'll probably recognize him. And for some reason he didn't want to get an angry Walker and Tyler behind him.

It went on until one voice screamed through the whole room. "STOP IT!" a woman screamed it, Michelle to be sure, who tried to portray Sally and Buggette pretty good; she was better than any woman of their Group.

"Then we can begin," Adam started, "the rules are simple: we're singing duets and songs with a four-part-harmony. Solos can easily be sung as a duet. We're singing fifteen songs, and whoever gets the most votes by the crowd, wins. We'll warn you, we're very good." Joe Moses stepped forward.

"You're good at what? At playback?" the Team began to speak up in agreement, but Brant; he just nodded again. Joey smiled. "Nice one, Joe," he whispered.

"Let the games just begin! Come on here, B-G!" Adam shouted. A woman walked onto the stage, and Joey recognized her from her role as Neato – one of the two who were 'missing'. He called her B-G, but Joey knew who she was without any costume. Even the members of the Team were surprised when they recognized this woman. They didn't know why Bonnie joined the playback-group, but one thing was sure: there has been something bad between her and the old Team members, and she wouldn't see them again since. Joey felt a bit sorry for himself, because he went on audition for AVPM, what the beginning was for the situation he was in now, and with that he also had to give Bonne as Hermione a *cough* kiss *cough*.

Meredith stepped to Bonnie and they started talking. The crowd and the others couldn't hear what they were saying, because they talked at the same time, but they were sure no word was meant in a positive way. They went on five minutes, before they found a song to sing. It was very predictable, looking at the roles they played in the original musicals. They spread 'the Coolest Girl' in two and they ended in harmony. Apart they sounded great, but together, they were totally awesome. Despite the fact Meredith had most of the notes right, Bonnie got most of the votes. 1-0 to the Group.

Now Walker stepped forth. Like he wanted to announce something, like he wanted to scream through this room, but he didn't let it go that far. Joey found it annoying to watch, knowing he couldn't help them out. off course he cheered for Meredith and just clapped for Bonnie. Their voices were still great after years of not singing.

"I think it's unfair to set up old friends of ours against us in a sing-off that's totally unexpected for us. I demand you to give us a preparation-time of a week and an hour." Typical; it was Walker who said it, the man with a loud voice that can easily reach the most far corners of the room.

"You have to do it here and now, Walker, or else we're sending some people straight to another continent. Europe, for example," Joey didn't know why Adam said this, but it had an effect on the Team. To be precisely, it has most effect on Lauren and Joe Walker. Lauren pressed her shoulder against Meredith's, who knew something was wrong. Joe Walker had to be stopped by Brant, Nick Lang and Nicholas Strauss-Matathia or else he'd attacked Adam, who stood behind Palmer, Mason, Bonnie and Michelle. There was chaos to calm down Walker, what took a lot of time, and then Nick brought a chair and they put Walker on it. they said him not to leave the chair before he had to sing and after he'd sung.

Then Denise asked Walker: "Why are you worrying someone got send to Europe." "Because we got somebody you all don't want to lose. And I mean all of you!" Adam answered. "Bring it on, then. Nobody of us is willing to join you." Arielle said, supported by a nod from Brant and muttered agreement. It wasn't possible there was someone between the Team old members on stage the Group want to join them.

"Brant, I've read your text, and I came as fast as I…" a known voice said as someone walked on stage. the crowd started to scream when they recognized the short man with the curly hair. The famous Darren Criss, by one of his big roles known, with his breakthrough as Blaine Anderson from Glee. Joey stayed quiet. Through the years Darren befriended Joseph Taylor Campbell, and twice in the year he visited the Richters with his wife and three children. And now the same Darren Criss stood on stage, not-knowing what was happening.

"Okay, guys, what did I miss?" he asked. Despite he came lately on the stage, Joey could see Darren was acting. Nobody had asked for his help, Joey noticed when he watched the Team's faces. At the first day of the T.M.E., when they leaved the building, he thought he recognized someone. That man… that was Darren! When Meredith and Bonnie sung 'the Coolest Girl', when no-one was looking, he probably sneaked backstage to help his friends. Joey wished he could do that, too. He placed Joseph's fake beard on his chin to be sure, if he needed to.

He knew somehow he'll have to need it.

"Welcome, Darren. But, Adam, who do you have got in hostage we want back?" Nick asked. Everyone looked at Mason and Adam, Mason nodding at Palmer. Palmer stepped backstage and fastly returned, bringing someone along. Nobody could at first sight see who it was, but the Team was shocked. It was the 'missing' man, somebody Joey had missed hard, like the ol' Team. He recognized him now without his Pincer/Tootsie-costume; it surely was Dylan Saunders!

Most of the Team gestured to him to come and join his old friends, but Dylan shook every time slowly his head. And every time he shook his head, Joey saw Palmer moving his lips. There were too little movements around that part of Palmer's face to know it for sure, but he had whispered something and Dylan had reacted. Just like he did in his dream, but then it was a woman. And that woman stood in the Group of amateurs. Courtney, who portrayed Specs, was the woman from his dream. Was it weird to think she was a lot hotter in the dream than in real? There was no time to think about that, because now other songs stared; the battling finally started.

The next songs were well sung (by the old Team) even if they didn't get the time to practice. Brian Holden lost 'Granger Danger', like Dylan Saunders lost it battling Jaime in 'Harry/Sami' (apocalyptour version). The Team also won 'No Way' with Nicholas Strauss as Harry, Devin Lytle as Hermione, Courtney as Draco and another woman as Ron.

Unfortunately, the Team lost the next two songs: 'Gettin' Along' with Arielle Goldman as Umbridge and Gideon (roles of Jim and Corey) as Dumbledore, and 'Rogues Are We – Reprise' with Denise as Poison Ivy and Adam as Sweet Tooth.

Darren won 'Stutter', and they sung the AVPS-version. It went well now, because Nick Lang won with the song 'Dynamic Duet' and not the man who portrayed Walker's roles, even though they weren't that good as the rest.

Palmer won 'Missing You' instead of Brian Rosenthal winning it, singing Harry's part. The next and eleventh song the Team lost; AJ against 'Mega-girl' in 'Different As Can Be', with AJ singing the part of Voldemort. Even when chained in a wheelchair he could get the votes of 1/3 of the crowd.

Joey played with his fake beard, because the Team also lost 'American Way', with Michelle portraying Sweet Tooth, Joe Walker as Batman (How predictable!), Meredith as the voice of the citizen and the man who portrayed Krayonder as Supes. Joe with his Bat-voice combined with Meredith wasn't enough to convince the crowd and everybody, but Joey, cheered for the Group. They won 'Those Voices', thanks to Joe Moses. The old Team still could win, if they just won the next three songs. Joey hoped it were songs they knew by heart and always sung because it were their favorites.

They won both number thirteen and fourteen, 'Get Back Up' with Lauren and 'Guys like Potter' with Tyler. They were even, and there was still one song to be sung. Co-leader Mason Howe against the last member who hasn't sung yet. And that was Brant Cox, the Member with no Voice. Everyone from the old Team, including Joey, began to fear the moment Brant had to sing. They all knew Brant wasn't able to speak and sing anymore. Probably Mason could smell this fear.

"And, how is the last member of the ol' Team doing?" Carefully Brant stepped backwards, looking at friends, asking for help with his look. Nick stepped forward and started a discussion with Mason.

"Brant can't sing now, he has a nasty laryngitis and is at the moment very hoarse. He can barely speak right now. The doctor asked him not to talk the next month. You can't battle him."

"But it is unfair if I battle someone of your choice. That is rude, right? So, tell me: is there someone in the crowd hidden to fall in if we don't think of it?" Nick couldn't answer immediately. Mason reckless continued.

"Wait, there isn't, so I have to battle Brant, am I right?" Suddenly Joey stood up, pressed that fake beard against his chin once more and shouted: "There is one, Mason!"

Joey walked on stage, feeling the eyes of the people from Chicago on his back, straight in the group of his old friends. The crowd and both the Team and the Group were surprised, but with everything they learned at Michigan the Team was able to hide that surprise. Joey fastly made up a story.

"They asked me to fall in for Brant, because they knew he wasn't able to sing at the moment. I sat in the crowd, watching both groups win and lose, waiting for the moment they needed me. I'll battle you, not Brant." In what situation did he got himself in?

"And your name is…" Adam asked roughly. Joey thought about a name.

"My name is… Parker… Jason Parker," he looked at the Team, "I've come to help you, like you asked me." He winked once and turned back to Mason, who was looking angry. Adam was nowhere to see; Joey thought he probably ran off-stage when he knew Joey was going to sing and not Brant. "Bring it on!"

"So be it," Mason said. The last he and Adam expected was that there was someone hidden in the crowd asked to help them out when Brant had to sing, even if they hadn't told them there was a sing-battle. And not someone who looked like Joseph Taylor Campbell qua beard.

After half a minute of complete quiet, Mason started to sing and the music began to play.

(Mason:) I am a man of justice. I am a man of might.

(Joey:) I am a man of vengeance. I am a man of the night.

Joey sung with a low Bat-voice and danced like he played Batman in HMB. Mason followed Joey's movements like he played Superman.

(Joey:) You're such a sycophantic suck up. How can you call yourself a man?

You say you fight for truth and justice? I say you're working for the man, man.

(Mason:) You line your mask with lead, but I can see into your soul.

I see a scared little boy, behind the cape and the cowl.

The jaws of both the Team and the Group dropped. The crowd was wild; they were cheering for their favorite; two great singers on stage, battling each other, was worth the wait.

F*ck you! I'm gonna kick your *ss!

F*ck you! I'm taking you down! (F*ck you!)

You want to be the man, You've got to beat the man.

I'm gonna show you what it means to be a man, man.

(Joey:) I've learned a lot about life, since I got myself a bro.

(Mason:) You mean your tiny little sidekick? You guys are so adorable.

(Joey:)You're only jealous, man. It's so obvious, so clear.

(Mason:) C'mon, me with a sidekick? (Joey:)That's right, I've got one for you right here.

F*ck you! I'm gonna kick your *ss!

F*ck you! I'm taking you down! (F*ck you!)

You want to be the man, You've got to beat the man.

I'm gonna show you what it means to be a man, man.

(Mason:) All of your toys amuse me: the boat, the Bat mobile, the bike, the plane.

But you can't grappling hook me, can't hit me with your boomerang, no!

(Joey:) You look cool in your tights (thanks…) for an alien dick. (what!?)

I got some kryptonite, tonight, I'm onto your shtick. (F*ck you!)

F*ck you! I'm gonna kick your *ss!

F*ck you! I'm taking you down! (F*ck you!)

You want to be the man, You've got to beat the man.

I'm gonna show you what it means to be a man!

The two men stood with their faces not more than a few inches from each other. They heard vaguely the sound of the cheering crowd, en Joey could see the surprise in Mason's eyes. Joey knew the sound all too well, but mason… he thought Mason should all those times have guessed how a real crowd sounded, shouting for his own voice and not for his playback. Suddenly, Palmer shouted something.

"Put your hands together for Mason!" 1/3 from the crowd clapped softly, what pissed Adam (and Palmer a bit) off.

"Put your hands together for… the other one." The crowd started clapping and cheering like they never did – not for the Team, not for the Group or the musicals they performed. Within the Team everybody hugged everyone: Brian Holden and Meredith, Lauren with Walker, Darren gave Tyler an high-five and a lot of more felicitations. Only Joey stood alone at stage; nobody hasn't thanked him yet.

"Jason? Can we talk to you for a moment?" Joey turned when he heard Nick's voice. He walked to Nick, who stood next to Tyler, Brosenthal and Moses. "Jason, we have thought some moments and we found out you look like a friends we once knew, and we mean qua performance and everything," Tyler said. Joey tried not to grin at the 'find'-thing. After all those years Tyler hadn't forgotten that.

"So the others and I have talked about this situation and we think it's for everyone better if we learn to know you. So it is clear we have to invite you to our to return to this place the thirteenth and twenty-first to join us in these meetings." Joey looked at him. They asked him to come to their next meeting?

"Do you really mean what you're saying? I may join your meeting?" Joey asked. The others smiled by these words.

"Off course you can come. I can't be there for long because I've got to prepare stuff for school, but I hope you actually want to come," Brian Rosenthal said.

"Think about it and choose well. if you don't come the thirteenth, be sure I'll drag you into the next JMOMS of the last week of august," Moses threatened laughing.

"Should Jason be going to our next meeting?" Nick shouted hard enough for the crowd to hear it. they all cheered and one voice shouted:" Just do it, Dad!" Joey was certain that was Richard, who was a fan of the Team since his seventh. After a long time of hesitating Joey decided what he was going to do.

"Fine, I'm going!" he said and the crowd cheered again. The Team clapped, too. This was the point Joey crossed the line and he began to tear. "You guys are totally awesome!" he said to the Team. Brant nodded, came closer, put his hand on Joey's shoulder and looked in his eyes. You should've thought he would be glad Joey helped him, but his eyes said something else. Something that matched the words 'I know you are Joey Richter'. Joey and Brant hugged each other.

"You not going to say it, are you?" Joey asked whispering. They let each other go and Brant looked at him. I wouldn't dare telling them, Brant told Joey with his eyes. "Thanks, buddy!" Joey shouted. Oh, this couldn't be more perfect. It couldn't grow more perfect, but it could grow worse…

"How dare you beat us at our own ground?!" Adam shouted angrily. Brian scared a bit from his reaction.

"Is there something wrong? I barely know you," he said. Adam grimaced.

"Then you don't know me at all. If my group or I don't win, nobody can win! I've always been the best, Brian, we both know this," Adam snapped. Joey walked towards them.

"Alright, I know you're angry because I've beaten your apparently best singer, but that doesn't mean you have to shout and insult Brian! If you really have to tell someone, do it to me! So tell me everything! Tell me right to my mug!" he pointed at his mug. Adam growled something they couldn't hear and stamped off-stage. if looks can kill, the Team and Group were dead, just like the crowd, even if he didn't look at them.

"Jason?" "Yes, Walker?" "That's a line from Up." "Does that really matter now? I found that was good in this situation. I may use your lines, right?" Joey asked hesitating, portraying 'Jason'.

"Off course you can use them, you've won for us. In my book that makes you a tough son of a bitch," Joe Walker said with his Up-voice.

"That's right; I am a tough bitch!" Joey said looking at the crowd. "You sure are, Jason!" 'Up' said.

"And with that the T.M.E. has ended surprisingly, ladies and gentlemen! I hope you enjoyed these three days and I hope we'll see you next year, for the fifth annual Triple Musical Event, if it still exists. See you next year!" Brian Holden said with his radio-voice. From now on the crowd knew Brian Holden was the new voice from Channel Findster, and they clapped once more when the Team and Joey bowed. The crowd knew they hadn't lost it yet, and they know they'll never forget that.

13:53 PM

"Jason? Can I talk to you?" Brian Holden asked when they were backstage. After half an hour fo searching, they knew the Group fled out of the building. The Team just lunched at the stage, like Joey and his family (after he said his children not to go to Darren or call him 'Uncle Darren').

Joey followed B-Hole backstage to the dressing room. "Something wrong, Brian. You can always tell me." Brian shook his head. "You probably wouldn't understand." Joey looked around and sat down at the bench.

"Why don't you come over here and sit on my lap." "What are you asking me?" Brian asked confused; he knew because of the words Joey said the man knew Starship, but the Up-sitting-on-Bug's-lap was going way too far!

"You know, the world always looks a little bit brighter from the top of a lap!" Joey continued. Brian slowly shook his head. The grin on Joey's face disappeared.

"Fine, then don't sit on my lap, just tell me. What's wrong?" Joey asked, staring at Brian. Brian sighed once before he began.

"You know, Jason, first I want to thank you for standing up for me, even if you hadn't need to; if you wasn't here at all, Lauren probably had jumped on Adam's back without any warning." That was th reason why Joey came in; he thought exactly the same on stage.

"Second, you remind me of someone I knew in college, long ago. He was a good friend, and a better actor. His name was Joey Richter and without that beard you look like him." Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh no! He hoped Brian won't compare Jason Parker with the one Joey Richter.

"And you're missing him, I know how it feels. Do you know where he lives?" Joey asked. Brian looked at him.

"He is dead," Brian said. Joey said he was sorry.

"No, you didn't know, you don't have to say you're sorry." Brian said fastly.

"And you just wanted to tell me I look like that Joey-guy?" Joey said after a while. Brian nodded. "And now you're feeling relieved?" Joey asked. Brian nodded again.

"Then I'll… see you the thirteenth." Joey said and he left the dressing room. He needed to leave, because he needed to learn how to control his feelings well – it was a long time ago when he could do that. If he couldn't control them, there were going to be tears.

So, how do you feel with Joey going to their newest meeting? And how do you think they'll react when they find out Jason is Joey, if they even discover it's him? Adam, Nigel, Mason, Courtney, so the whole theatregroup and the Richters but Joey are fictional. Please review; it motivates me to go on with the story. Must warn you, I'm a slow updater - the next chapter might be posted in the next week, or something. I don't have much time to write you see...

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"I have a confession to make." HMB ~Alfred, A1 Pt3 / Starship ~Bug, A2 Pt7 (Ch4; Richard's dream)

"I think I can make that happen." Starship ~Pincer, A2 Pt6 (Ch 4; Joe's dream)

"I've got something that's gonna make your job down on that planet a whole heck of a lot easier!" Starship ~Junior, A1 Pt4 (Walker's POV, 05:25 AM)

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