The doctor allows the ultrasound to go on a little longer than normal, knowing what her patients had been through. When she finally brings it to an end, she grabs her clipboard as JJ helps Emily get her clothes resituated.

"You have a very, very strong baby there, Emily."

Emily smiles. "I know. And it's okay? Totally okay?"

"Everything we can see says yes it is okay. Now it's you I'm worried about. I doubt it surprises you that your blood pressure is elevated. Your body is fighting to heal your cuts and bruises, not to mention heal your mind. I'm ordering you a week of bed rest."

"A week?" Emily shouts.

"Emily, calm down," JJ cautions her.

The brunette looks from her wife to the monitor beeping loudly. As a precaution a blood pressure monitor had been clipped to her finger. She leans her head against JJ.

"I'll go nuts, JJ. I need to get back to work; back to my normal."

JJ lifts Emily's chin and looks her in the eye. "You just called me 'JJ.' Tell me again how you don't need a bit of a break to recover."

Emily stares into blue eyes filled with concern. Finally her shoulders slump. "Okay. One week. But maybe you can bring some files home for me? Jennifer, I need to work. I need to…to show he didn't break me. Please?"

JJ stares into scared brown eyes. She looks to the doctor. "If she works at home and takes breaks?"

The doctor thinks a moment then nods. "But I want her blood pressure checked regularly. Three times a day. Four if it gets elevated."

JJ nods. "Deal." She looks at Emily. "Guess we need to teach Henry how to work the blood pressure cuff."

Emily manages a small smile. "Yeah."

The doctor stands and hands a card to JJ. "If you need anything, call me. This is my cell. Don't worry about calling the answering service. I'm on call for you all 24/7 from now on."

JJ smiles and tucks the card in her pocket. "Thank you. We really appreciate everything."

The doctor looks down, shame in her eyes. "This shit started in my parking lot. It's the least I could do."

Emily reaches out and takes her hand. "It started many years ago. It wasn't your fault. And the precautions you took by installing the cameras helped. Thank you."

The doctor sighs. "I'll keep telling myself that. I'll let you know if it works," she says with a grin. "Take care, ladies. See you in two weeks."

As the doctor leaves, JJ turns to Emily. "I love you. Please, please get some rest." She traces her finger just under the 4 stitches on Emily's cheek. "Your body and our baby need to relax a little."

Emily leans her head into the touch. "I'll do my best. I promise."

JJ leans close and gives her a kiss. "I'll hold you to that, Mrs. Prentiss." She pulls her into a hug. "I love you so much. Are…are you going to call Dr. Westfallen?"

"Yes. Tomorrow. Today I need…I need my family and sleep. And maybe a burger."

JJ smiles. "I think I can get you all three of those things."

When they get out to the Camry, Emily stops JJ's hand before she can turn the key in the ignition.

"I need you to know something," Emily says nervously.

JJ stares at her. "Okay."

Emily stares out the windshield of the car. "I…I said something to Ian when the midwife was there. I said it so he thought I was saying it about him. But it was about you. I'm sorry, Jen. He didn't deserve to hear it; to even think it was about him."

JJ takes Emily's hand. "What did you say?"

"The midwife said the baby was okay; that it was a fighter. And…and I said I hoped he grows up to be a man just like his daddy." Emily winces just saying the words. "He thought I meant him." She turns and looks at her wife. "In my head I was thinking I want the baby to be like you: strong, smart, loving, open, patient, all the things that make you wonderful. I hate myself for even letting him think it was about him."

JJ leans over the arm rest and kisses Emily gently. "I'm only going to say this because I know you need to hear it: I forgive you. I've said it before and I'll say it as much as I need to: you did what you had to do to survive. And that is all that matters to me. You are alive and I don't care what you had to do a long as you're here with me. I love you, Emily. Now and always," she promises as she runs her finger over Emily's wedding band.

"I love you, Jennifer. I'm so sorry I brought this horror into your life."

"Stop it," JJ orders. "Stop with the guilt, Emily. Let's get you home so your mind and heart can start healing."

The two women head for home, their hands clutched together on the armrest.