Emily slowly sits down at her desk. She had been gone from the office for 3 and a half weeks. Coming back to work on Thursday means a short work week. It's a good way for Emily to get back into the swing of things.

She glances around the currently quiet bullpen. Reid and Morgan's desks are covered with files. Rossi's office, though dark would look the same as always: photos and knickknacks from his two stints with the Bureau to balance out the horrors of the case files waiting on his desk.

The light is on in Hotch's office, no surprise there. If she could see him he'd be sitting at his desk pouring over some report that was probably already late or soon would be. Garcia's office would be dark but for the light from the screensavers on her many computer screens. Soon that would change.

Right now it's the calm before the storm, the reason she wanted to get in early. If she can handle the calm and the promise of chaos to come she can handle the actual chaos. It made no sense to JJ but it works for Emily. She turns on her computer and sees her inbox, cleaned out just yesterday from home, already has 20 new messages in it. She scans them until she sees one that makes her smile. She opens it.

"Welcome back, baby. I love you."

She hits reply.

"I love you, too, Jen. Thank you for standing by me. With you beside me I can get through anything life throws at me. You are my rock."

She hits send and starts to weed through the others. By the time Reid and Morgan arrive an hour later she is done with email and working on her first case file of the day. Reid smiles as he passes by her. Morgan claps her on the shoulder. She smiles at them.

"Welcome back, Em. We missed you," Reid tells her.

"I missed you guys and this place too." She grins. "That part's kind of fucked."

Morgan laughs. "Definitely. But it feels a hell of a lot better around here with you back."

"Thanks, Morgan."

She smiles as they all get back to work. A couple hours later JJ walks through the bullpen.

"Conference room, guys. We have a case. Get your media skills working, Prentiss, you're going to be busy."

"You got it, Agent Jareau," Emily replies as she stands. She grabs her notepad and follows Reid into the conference room. As everyone gets settled they can't help but look around at each other. Hotch gives Emily a smile.

"Glad to have you back, Prentiss. The team wasn't the same without you."

Emily nods. "Thank you, sir. Feels good and right to be here."

He nods then looks to JJ. "Okay, JJ, what do you have for us?"