Conner was baffled to see a fellow native american within the town especially a female. She walked straight and full of pride as many Americans look in wonder as well as in disgust. She wore a buckskin dress with a cloak, the designs upon the cloak were that of the coyote. She walked towards a hut with red coat patrols. Connor noted that the redcoat at the door recognized her immediately and allowed her passage. He was curious on the reason for her to travel here considering she looks to be from the southern tribes. His mentor's words reminding him to be careful of subterfuge.

Within the hut the woman walked to the desk of the British general in charge. General Adlam finished his report and faced the Creek messenger. Although the kingdom had repeatedly told the native americans to stay neutral there were also those that were already indebted to Britain. Her grandfather helped the tribe to allow colonists to colonize the land that was agreed upon. The Templars of Britain had made the family spies to collect information on both the indigenous as well as the colonists. The only daughter of the family was named yvnvsv totkv (yanasa totka) or buffalo eye. She played a key role in the templars' communications to the natives unbeknownst to her.

"My father has asked for me to relay a message for him, General Adlam." The woman sat upon the chair placing her hands in her lap.

"Does this message pertain to the recent colonial violence towards your people?" The general guessed.

"Not at all. you have any connections with the Assassin Order?" At the mention of said order Adlam gasped and became fidgety.

"Do you really wish to know of such things young lady?" Adlam was reluctant to even tell her about the templars let alone their war.

"You did not hear the news of my father's death? He was killed by a man in white. My tribe have announced this murderer a 'white demon' sent by the white man to cause the tribe to suffer. I described this white demon to a friendly caravan of french fur traders...they informed me that the demon might have been an assassin. I heard from the nomadic french traders of the so called Assassin Order and how my family was rumored to be apart of something called the Templars. These two orders have been at war of course these are only nomadic tales are they not? But," She sneered in disdain, "your reaction just confirmed my suspicions. Tell me General Adlam, how would such a war go unnoticed or have you silenced all that know of it." 'you will not protect this murderer.' Yvnvsv shifted her accusatory gaze in what she hoped was less severe.

Adlam was visibly distressed for he had not been told of his indigenous colleague's death. He valued the family's cooperation and the death will cost him the tribe's loyalty.

"My dear I am terribly sorry about this dreadful news. I was not aware and I must admit this will cause a great rift in loyalties, am I correct?" Adlam waited after finally questioning the woman.

"The tribe wasn't too keen on the so called treaty but...the death only deepened my tribe's loyalty to Britain considering the witnesses of the murderer described him as a colonist." Yvnvsv furrowed her brow in contemplation. A minute of silence was shared between the two before yvnvsv looked to the general. "I was wondering if you have need of me, General Adlam. My tribe's newly appointed leader wished for me to continue to negotiate as well as to report all colonist actions. I wish to know more of the Templars for my father had that same pendant around his neck as you do. Forgive me for this spiritual jargon but I had dreamt about that symbol before my father's death." Yvnvsv was hesitant to go further knowing both the colonists and British did not believe in such things as her people did.

"You want to join the Templars because of a dream?" General Adlam stopped his chuckle knowing that it would insult the young lady more. He was relieved to hear she would remain on their side to help with the indigenous situations but he wasn't very happy about her joining. The Templars are diverse but still frown upon females being involved even the Queen knows nothing of the order. 'I wish it would stay that way' Adlam joined to help his country but has been contemplating whether he is indeed helping his country with all the conspiracies that he dug up. Adlam coughed and then sighed in defeat. 'I really need the tribe to remain neutral, if this means I let her in on only a few of the Templar wisdoms then so be it.' "I do hope your tribe will remain loyal and remain neutral in this war." Adlam waited for the woman's response.

"I will continue to dissuade my tribe going to war with the colonists. Here you may have this pendant back." Yvnvsv took out her father's Templar pendant out of her travel satchel. For a moment she wanted to keep the crest that her father gave her but then memories of that horrifying night pervaded her mind. She held her hand from throwing it at the General in terror.

"Keep it, you said you wanted to join the Templars. You need that to allow others to know you are an ally." Adlam stood from his stool unaware of the inner conflict Yvnvsv was currently having and offered his hand to the woman. "I will answer some of those questions another day but know this, if you joined for vengeance, the Templars frown upon that and will divest you of your membership." 'usually by means of execution.' Adlam worried for the woman, he had known her family a long time after he was put in charge of indigenous affairs.

"I seek only answers and not vengeance." Yvnvsv smiled for she felt this was what the great spirits wanted her to do. 'I need to forget about vengeance and think about the tribe.' she didn't feel confident she would stay her hand should she meet that hooded monster again.

The two shook hands and Yvnvsv left bidding all the British soldiers a farewell only to be stopped by a drummer. She smiled at the skinny white boy and wondered what he wanted from her.

"Miss, I'm sorry but I was hired to escort you through town. My name is Alec please forgive me for my lateness." Alec seemed greatly distressed.

"It is alright Alec, I was just leaving the town." Yvnvsv was panicking internally after the boy grabbed her cloak. 'I wasn't aware the General set something up like this.' in habit ever since she witnessed that monster kill her father Yvnvsv looked about and noting all possible places the demon might be in hiding. She wasn't too keen on spending time with the young man or staying in the town. 'The fear of the white demon still has a hold of me.' Yvnvsv continued to smile gently even when the boy continued to ramble on about her seeing the town before she left.

"Alec, dear boy can you not tell she rather not stay here?" A thunderous laugh followed as an older red coat walked up to them. Yvnvsv thanked the spirits and calmed herself. The older man was not that much older than she was but to the boy he might well be an old man ready to keel over. He had light brown hair tied in a ponytail and the most pretty blue eyes...well the only blue eyes Yvnvsv has seen in her life.

"But Bryce I was ordered to by the general..." Alec whined and then he smiled. "You must be famished from the trip miss, I can pay for your meal before you leave." Alec said this with his eyes alight with hope. Yvnvsv was about to question Alec on who exactly asked him to do this when she was interrupted by Bryce.

"Alec, you have enough funds for that?" Bryce stood tall next to Alec. Yvnvsv noted the size difference trying to not smile and withholding a giggle. She then wanted to sigh in frustration as she had planned on camping in a nice spot she passed within the forest rather than sleep within the army camp.

"I shall go with you." Yvnvsv sighed and then smiled. "Where are we going?" She wanted to know before following this boy. She darted her eyes to the likely places her mind puts the white demon to be hiding...watching her from a distance. 'I will find you and not even the spirits can stay my hand from cutting that horrible neck as you did my father.' This day did not go as planned but she will go where ever the spirits wish for her to go.

(Author's note: omg...making this character have more depth and writing it all down has helped me so much to the point I want to rewrite this whole fic...anyone want to see the character sheet? thanks for reading! )