yvnvsv took out her deer horn knife and ripped the beads that would make noise. She quickly placed the ornament in her bag and then stood. She back away into the shadows to observe the intruder as it sounded like it was heading straight for their little camp. 'Spirits protect these two.' She crouched to blend in with the tall grass and calmed her breath.

Connor made it close to the camp and sidled to the nearest tree trunk. He wanted answers as to why that woman would choose to stay by the British. He leaned over to take a glance and was shocked to only find the two white men sleeping around the fire. He carefully edged his way to the youngest one and stopped. He sensed danger but didn't know where it was coming from.

Yvnvsv went into attack mode when the stranger got close to Alec and she stealthily made her way to the two of them. She prayed for the great cougar and wolf to assist in her ambush and she imagined herself as one of them ready to kill the stranger that threatened her pup.

Alec turned and groaned as his face touched the edge of Connor's boot. He tried to move it and when it didn't budge he opened his eyes. He didn't fully comprehend until Connor swiftly put his hand to Alec's mouth to silence him. That was when silence was blown apart by Connor's yell of pain. Yvnvsv struck but unfortunately it was not fatal as she had hoped. She quickly grabbed Alec by his shirt and as she tried to get to Bryce her foot was grabbed. She dropped the now wide awake Alec and sliced at the hand that quickly let go. She backed up and readied her knife once again.

"I mean no harm!" Connor put pressure on the cut near his neck. 'That woman...how could she sneak up on me like that?'

"I do not care. Leave us alone." Yvnvsv said sternly trying to make herself more intimidating. Bryce had just awoken and was groggily rubbing his eyes.

"I only want some questions answered." Connor raised his hands in an attempt to look less threatening.

"For someone who caused so much chaos before to look so weak now makes me even less likely to listen to you. Leave us or I will not miss the second time." Yvnvsv was getting even more stressed as she was only trained to ambush. Her brothers in the tribe taught her to defend herself but she never actually needed it...til now. She gripped her knife ever tighter praying for her guardians' help. 'Like a viper my strike shall not miss again.' She waited for the stranger's next move.

"Miss...I..." Alec was frozen staring at the bleeding stranger and the Miss's bloody knife. 'Did...did she do that?'

"Shhh. Go shadow walker...I have no business with your kind." Yvnvsv stood her ground with her eyes never straying from Connor.

"Shadow walker?" Connor was curious about that name, smirking he also took out his knife. ,"Are you sure you can defend yourself woman? If you won't answer me willingly I will just have t-"

"Connor! What are you doing!?" Achilles swooped down infront of Connor and held his arm to stop him from moving towards the others.

"But..." Connor was about to move to the right when Achilles swiftly tapped his pressure point making Connor drop to the ground.

"I'm sorry. He is not...use to asking people nicely." Achilles turned to yvnvsv as she narrowed her eyes tensing as she felt even more threatened now.

"I know you are not of a tribe near here. Where are you from?" Achilles asked backing away and grabbing Connors coat to drag him back as well.

"I am of the Creek nation. I traveled here to give news of little importance to men like you." Yvnvsv had heard tales of Shadow Walkers...and then she connected her white demon to being a shadow walker. 'It...how? They fought on our side during the war. I thought they were all killed off. This...makes what I saw that night even more...no.' She steeled herself and focused on the two men infront of her.

"Please. We mean no harm young lady we just wish to know more." Achilles grabbed Connor's knife and threw it to the side far away from them.

"You will need to do much more than that to lower my guard Shadow Walker. Bryce...get Alec and..."

"Don't!" Achilles warned.

There was a tense moment before Yvnvsv closed her eyes and then quickly dove to the ground as an elk came crashing through the camp. It was enraged by something and quickly targetted Bryce.

"Bryce!" Yvnvsv scrambled to her feet but feared she was too slow. Connor had ran infront just in time to grab the beast's horns and force it on its' side. It went kicking and the sounds it produced was piercing.

"Connor hold it...THERE!" Achilles prepared his gun and managed to fire straight into the brain.

The two assassin's turned to find their targets gone.

"That woman was fast." Achilles commented and then remembering he turned to Connor, "I can not even believe you would threaten to kill that woman. Just for some silly questions."

"The questions were not stupid...she is loyal to the British." Connor grumbled as he stood up and looked over the carcass of the elk.

"Not all who are loyal to the British are enemies Connor...remember that." Achilles quickly put out the fire and waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness.

"I will find her again and I will get my answers. I think she is a templar Achilles...she needs to be stopped." Connor squinted as he tried to see his mentor's shadow but sighed in annoyance as Achilles had already left. 'I'll find them again...' Connor then ran into the forest after his mentor.

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