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AN: A poem I thought of while lying on my bed. My first poem on FF.

Her screams broke my heart,and my fists beat upon the ground. And I felt,at that moment,like I was going to drown. The sorrow pulled me under,and there was nowhere I could go. But as I ran to her,I let my tears show.

Her beauty amazed me,and her eyes were just so bright. But at this moment,they show none of the light. So as she frees one last,"I love you," I regret all our fights,and know she won't be coming back,not tonight.

She was always a lucky clover,but it seems her luck came to fade,and now she is left here,going to waste away. As I swear to avenge her killer,I know she will look down on me,and I will earn her the crown.

So as I come to the monster that took away her breath,I kill him with her favorite weapon,and I swear I will make him regret. Now I race for my life,knowing if I die,we will meet eachother and everything will be right.

As I catch my enemy's lover in a headlock,I will make her feel the pain. Of knowing death will give you something to gain. But I topple down below,and I see she is the leader,and I know that she will stay back,while the others make it snow,with droplets of crimsom raining down below.

As I feel pain surge through my body,I just let it go,knowing I'll see my lover again,and she will never go.

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