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No one laughs anymore. No one has a reason too. I just stood and looked out on to the crowd. Respectfully complying with my duty. I gazed upon the vast crowd and wondered to myself how I got into this position. 6 years after Sylthfarn's death and I'm still wondering how, with all that magic he beheld, could a lone carriage kill him so easily and how no one identified the figure of magic until months later. It's events like these where I allow my mind to wonder into caves such as that because, in event's like these, I am meant to be invisible. I'm not though, but it's what the uniform requires.

"Another year has passed and Viegald has kept her reign as a magically and physical power country, therefore we use today to reflect on the past Master Wizard's and celebrate the work. Enjoy." The several rounds of clapping and cheering saw the end of the King's speech. Directing the Royal family and Merleawe back into the place from the balcony. Merleawe promptly dismisses herself. I plan to follow her lead. My outstretched hand, ready to grasp the golden door handle, but alas someone else who wanted my opinion on a matter I don't particularly want to talk about on this day. After a extensive and tiring day, I finally utter "Excuse me, " and part.

I walked down the corridor. Past the gold plated wallpaper, the freshly polished mahogany floor which echo my breathing. The haunting looks from old painting. But I finally reach the passage. The entry to my haven.


Down, down, down.

And into the lavish room.

"Vaith," my ears pick up and I turn my head my head to see Merleawe. Not the small 14 year old Mel that I knew long ago, not anymore. Now, standing before me, was a women. Long silver hair, held high by diamond pins, which framed her shimmering pale blue eyes. However, right now, her shimmering blue eyes, were piercing into mine.

"Yes?" I simply replied.

"What's going on?" She demanded. Not breaking her glare from my eyes

"Huh?" I foolishly replied and looked towards the door. Meleawe smirked. Oh, she's got me, and she knew it.

"So you wish to tell me what's going on in that thing you call a head?" she asked. I debated with myself to what I should say. The truth or lie. "Don't even think about!" she snapped. Damn, she could see straight through me.

"Alright, but sit. This could take a while"