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There was music, blasting from speakers, strobe lights, flashing on the moving bodies on the crowded dance floor casting illusions on the dancers. But in the darkest corner of the night club, a man was waiting, waiting to find a girl that could forever change the fate of the Wizarding World and its upcoming war.

"I'm going outside for some air," the petite brunette girl shouted to her cousin above the frenzied beat of the club.

She waited only to see the nod of her cousin before pushing through the people to get to the back exit and into the dark alleyway. Once outside, she breathed a sigh of relief. Why she let her cousin bring her here was beyond her for the moment. She leaned against the brick wall next to the metal door and looked at the luminous moon and the single street lamp that lit the darkened corridor. She hated that she knew her cousin was forced to bring her because her parents had forced her to. She hated that her cousin was able to have such a carefree life, full of fun. She hated that she had to worry about things that shouldn't even concern her at this age. She hated that she was always the tagalong. She hated-

A popping sound occurred in the alleyway and interrupted her mental rant. Cautiously, she walked closer towards the figure standing in the cloud of dissipating black smoke. Once she got near enough, he still hadn't moved. Finally, when she was directly in front of him, he turned towards her and she jumped back in a mixture of shock, recognition, fear, and excitement.

The one person that she thought she would never see in a dingy alleyway of a muggle night club. Yet there he was standing in front of her was Lucius Malfoy.

"You!" She gasped.

"I have a proposition for you," he stated, ignoring her incredulous look, "that is, if you are willing to accept" he continued.

Finally over the shock, she summoned her courage and replied:

"What makes you think I will listen, much less accept your so called 'proposition'?"

"Because in exchange, I will offer you the protection of your parents during the war."

With those words, she turned her gaze sharply to him. "How do I know you're not lying?"

At this, he smirked, "You don't, but if you hear me out, I will give you my word."

"Fine, let's hear this little proposition."

When he finished speaking, she looked up at him and said with grim determination and a hardened glint in her eyes, "I'll do it."

After hearing his proposition, she decided that even though it was already three weeks into her summer holidays, she would finally take martial arts classes. He advised her to do some strength training along with fighting techniques and skills. As soon as he left with a 'pop', she went back into the club.

Entering the club after being out in the chilly night air was like walking into a hot, sweaty, steamy furnace. She spotted her cousin by the bar, and instead of doing the rational thing and asking her nicely to go home, she pulled out her mobile and called a taxi.

Arriving home, it was already past 2 o'clock in the morning. She opened the door of her darkened house as quietly as possible, knowing that her parents were probably asleep. She silently crept up the stairs and into her bedroom. When she finally got off all the atrocious makeup and pulled her hair into a high messy ponytail, she stood at the sink in her bathroom, looking into the mirror.

Gone was the sweet girl who everyone knew to be a bookworm; that girl was replaced by someone who valued knowledge as a weapon, and books as a resource. The Hermione Granger everyone knew was gone, and in her place was someone who now held the power to tip the scales and make the dark side victorious, for the new Hermione Granger had accepted Lucius Malfoy's offering: to take the place of and become the successor of the fallen Dark Lord.

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