This is a repwrite of my previous story, The Spy Who Loved Me. This was done fro Hawkrider's One Hundred Themes of Impossible Love challenge.

Now, I'm going to put something all of you better pay attention to: NO FLAMES. Only con crit. Thank you!

This will have a companion story, because I plan to make an actual story - this is more drabblish - out of this, that follows more of the original plot line.


One Hundred Themes of Impossible Love

Hawrider Challenge


"Trust me," he said. And Terra had. Terra had always trusted Eraqus, even before he had joined the RoD infantry. Or, should Terra say, assassin-try.

Did he regret his choice? Maybe. Maybe, if pride would allow, Terra would sit alone in his room, well past the assigned 'lights out' and stare out his window, his solitary confinement a punishment of his own doing.

Maybe he regretted it.

It didn't matter, Terra decided in the dark, the black sky filled with diamond stars. The sky reminded him so much of those he had hurt, the blackness of their fading eyes, the last sparkling star in them vanquished. He felt a dull ache in his chest.

He had decided it was pity that drew him to his open window every night; that kept him up late with nightmares when he knew he should be attempting to sleep. He couldn't feel pity, for pity was a sign of weakness.

And weakness would get him killed. That was something he learned early in his life. Orphaned at a young age, Terra had wandered the streets, doing what he had to keep himself alive. It was fate that brought him to Eraqus – whether that be a good or bad thing, Terra was unsure – on a cold winter morning, when Terra felt the biting chill and the aching hunger more than ever. Winter had always been the worst.

Terra had felt fear then, one of the last times he'd ever experience that emotion, and cried. The man seemed wise, though, understanding the motives behind the criminal acts of the seven year old.

At the time, Terra's naivety had allowed him to make such a deal without thinking clearly. He agreed.

Oh, for the beginnings of an assassin, Terra had sure made a poor bargainer.

I realize that the end is confusing. . Instead, I made it more of a mystery as to what Terra's mentioning at the end. That, however, shall be revealed in a later chapter!

Okay, so upon later inspection, I discovered that I'm a total doofus. It's a 300 count minumum, not maximum! Sorry about that, Hawkrider.

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