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"You have got to be joking," Kairi groaned, throwing a file on the coffee table. "This has got to be the dumbest thing they've made us do yet."

Naminé poked at piece of sweet and sour chicken, rolling it around in rice. "It's not that bad, Kai."

Kairi tilted her head toward Xion, her strawberry colored hair falling over her shoulder. "Xion, don't you agree?"

Xion kicked back on a couch, propping her feet up on the coffee table while declaring, "It's pretty out there. I dunno, Nam, I think Kairi might be right on this one."

Naminé shoveled a piece of chicken into her mouth. "Well, at least we don't have that Terra guy's job. That must be depressing."

Aqua stopped rifling through reports to look at Naminé. "What do you know about Terra?"

The petite blonde shrugged. "Kairi told me that he's an assassin that works for RoD. She said she read your file."

Aqua narrowed her eyes at the blushing redhead. "Kairi," She stated disapprovingly.

Kairi shrugged, applying a coat of pink chap stick to her full lips. "What? It was lying on your bed just begging to be read."

Aqua sighed, her shoulders moving. "Kairi."

Kairi laughed and flicked her hair. "Oh, come on! You gotta admit, he's hot."

It did not escape any of the girls when Aqua blushed and turned away. Xion leaned forward.

"Ooh, Aqua thinks her target's cute!"

Aqua shook her head. "Eat your chicken, Xion."

Xion shrugged and did as she was told, cramming her food into her mouth in a very unladylike fashion, and then chewing it exaggeratedly. Aqua exhaled slowly.

Kairi finished fluffing her hair before stating, "We have a new mission. And we don't get any prep or reconnaissance time."

Aqua nodded, telling the girl to go on.

"We need to infiltrate RoD. Tonight."

Aqua paused. "Oh?"

"All right, I'm here!" Aqua glanced up to see Larxene parading into the girls' conference room. She took her place at Aqua's right, the blue-haired girl sitting at the head of the table. "What's up?"

Aqua pushed a file into Larxene's hands, the blue prints to the RoD building inside along with a list of employees and other information. "Tonight we break into Realm of Darkness. There's been an information breach and some of our files have been lost to the company.

"Larxene, you will get us past the guards. We need you distract him – however you choose to distract him, I don't need details. As soon as he's not focused on his job, we will move into the back entrance near the south wing. Meet up with us later if possible

"Naminé, you will help us get I.D.s and clothing. In the event that Namine cannot 'convince' the workers to meet our needs, Xion, you will intervene and subdue the persons.

"Kairi, you will help to make us look like the I.D.s. We need to be convincing, which means there can be no room for flaws."

Each of the girls nodded, accepting their mission and their files accordingly. Aqua stood and addressed the girls. "Go to your rooms and prepare. Meet me in the parking garage in one hour."

The girls met Aqua at the elevator, Larxene leading the way. She'd definitely come dressed to be a distraction.

Aqua appraised her, deciding that the red dress and black heels would get the job done well. "Girls, are you ready?"

Kairi grinned, flashing pearly white teeth. "I'm always ready."

Xion and Naminé merely nodded. Aqua pulled out keys that she had received from the head of the company and aimed them at the rows of cars.

She heard a beep somewhere and followed the sound, arriving at… a sleek black sports car. And it looked like it came right out of a spy movie.

"Finally," Aqua murmured. She opened the door to the driver's side and climbed in, finding it to be equipped with their usual devices: USB storage plug-ins, file decrypting systems, GPS tracking components, and a wide variety of other machines.

Larxene slid in, calling, "Shotgun," only to be replied with mute groans from the younger girls that were forced to pile in to the back.

Aqua pushed the keys into their slot, turning on the ignition and throwing the car into reverse. She pulled out of the parking space and into the drive, racing away to the Realm of Darkness edifice.

Larxene turned in her seat to face the girls. "Kairi, in the event that you are apprehended by guards, what are you to do?"

Kairi sat up straight. "I am to call for back up, namely, Xion and Namine. If they are unable to come to my aid, I am to fight the attacker with the goal if subduing the person, not harming them. I am to hide them in some sort of secure place until Naminé is able to deal with their memory."

Larxene nodded, and then turned to Xion. "Xion, where do you go once Aqua has made it to the central security room?"

Xion replied, "I go to nearest ladies' bathroom and set up my laptop there. I use my decrypting device to find the back door to the secured files on the main user network."

"Yes, and I will download the files, placing a virus in the system once the files have been recovered," Aqua stated, her eyes on the road.

"Good," Larxene said, leaning back in her seat. "Then we better not screw this up."

Aqua pulled onto a side street, parking the car in an area with dense foliage. The girls climbed out, making their way along the street until the enemy building was in sight.

Aqua ushered the girls forward. Aqua ran at the tall fence that surrounded the perimeter of the building and lunged, soaring over the top of the metal and rolling onto the ground. The other girls followed suit, Xion tossing her bag to Larxene before jumping.

Larxene sauntered forward, appearing near the back entrance. A lone guard stood at the door, a gun slung over his arm.

Larxene strutted toward him, the slit in the dress showing off her long legs and creamy thighs. The guard glanced at her, doing a double take when he noticed the way she batted her eyelashes.

"Hello," Larxene greeted, her voice sultry. "I just left this building after having a conference, and I realized that I left my purse. Do you mind letting me through?"

The guard blinked. "Why not go to the front."

Larxene giggled. "There were no cute guards there."

The guard's eyebrows shot up, but he still wasn't that dumb. "Well, then I can call and have one of the guards bring it out here to you."

Larxene's hand flew to her mouth. "Oh, no! You see, my ex-boyfriend is one of the guards here. I couldn't risk him seeing me. He's abusive."

The guard seemed to take interest in this. "But what makes you think that he wouldn't see you in there if you went in yourself?"

Larxene lowered her head, her shoulders rising in an innocent manner. "I was hoping a big strong guard like you would go with me. For protection, you know."

The guard looked torn, but his eyes practically fell out as Larxene's dress strap slid down, revealing far too much of the right portion of her chest. "Oops."

The guard glanced around, deciding that there were no threats in sight before stepping forward from his post, his eyes hungry.

"Well, little miss, I couldn't let something happen to you, could I?"

Larxene giggled, and then walked backwards, beckoning to the man with one finger. She drew him into a bushy area, hiding the two from view. Aqua counted to ten and then raced toward the door, grateful that Larxene had flung the man's pants over the bush, the keys falling out of the pocket.

Aqua scooped them up and Larxene burst out of the bush, pulling her strap up. The guard shot up, confusion on his face.

"What the-!?"

Xion appeared behind the half-naked man, pressing her finger to his pulse until he drifted off. Naminé covered the guard's eyes with her hand, fixing his memory while Aqua and Larxene worked to dress the man and place him back near the entrance.

Aqua unlocked the door with her keys, opening it slowly and quietly. A man who had been walking down the hall happened to look up, shouting, "Hey!"

Xion slid into him, knocking his head into a wall and effectively subduing the person. Aqua shoved the man into a utility closet and closed the door, sorting through keys until she found the one that locked the door.

The girls tiptoed through the hallways, hiding whenever someone would appear or exit a room. Finally, Aqua found group of women, motioning for Namine and Kairi to go.

Naminé was gone exactly two minutes before she came back sporting I.D.s and uniforms. The team switched out their clothes and hid the women in a dark room.

Kairi pulled her pack off and began sifting through makeup and wigs. She started with Aqua, using a dark base to cover her light complexion. She gave her dark green contacts, hiding the vibrant blue irises. Kairi continued, using an adhesive like substance to create more realistic features and eye liner to give Aqua the impression of having small eyes.

Larxene bypassed the ordeal, her job complete. She simply told Aqua that she would go wait in the car in case someone needed a quick getaway, and that she would monitor the girls' movements.

Kairi greeted Naminé next, changing her soft features into sharp and sultry ones, giving the girl red contacts and a dark-haired wig. Naminé became unrecognizable when Kairi finished.

Xion groaned as Kairi approached with her makeup case in tow. The redhead forced Xion to sit, which Xion did with a heavy amount of protesting. Eventually, Xion compromised, allowing Kairi to give her a wig, but not contacts. Reluctantly, Aqua agreed, and Xion placed blonde wig on her head, pulling the long tresses into a ponytail.

Aqua checked the hall before the group moved out, Aqua taking a left toward the main security room, while Naminé made her way toward the lobby. Xion took her place in the ladies restroom respectively, awaiting further instructions.

Pulling herself into a stall, Xion thanked the cleaning staff from the bottom of her heart, finding the stall to be incredibly clean. She sat down with her legs pulled up, making herself invisible in case someone were to enter. She pulled out her laptop and turned it on, waiting for it to load.

After a minute or two of file decrypting, Xion whispered, "Gotcha," watching in glee as a green light blinked on the plugin she had hooked up to her USB port. Rapidly, pictures, codes, and cryptic texts flew across the screen of Xion's laptop. The raven-haired girl licked her lips in anticipation.

Fingers flying, Xion broke through the security wall, which was not an easy feat. The anti-virus protection and the firewall proved to be a difficult obstacle in comparison to other company's network security.

A small beep sounded in the bathroom, echoing on the sterile white tiles. Xion held her breath, praying that no one was in the bathroom. One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Six… Seven… Eight… Nine… Clear.

Xion exhaled, her shoulders loosening in relief. Her dark blue eyes scanned the number codes, and she typed furiously, linking the S.E.A. network to RoD. Aqua should be able to make a connection.

The sound of a door opening caused Xion to start, her eyes wide in sudden apprehension. She clutched her equipment tighter and pulled her legs further into her body, trying to make herself as nonexistent as possible.

Xion listened to the sound of shoes on cold tile, waiting for the footsteps to fade. After an eternity of waiting, Xion still hadn't heard the person leave. Disquiet fell upon her.

Xion shifted ever-so slightly, trying to get a glimpse of the restroom through the miniscule crack in the stall. Someone stood beyond the door, obviously knowing that Xion occupied the stall. Well, crap!

The girl stood slowly, shoving her equipment into her bag as stealthily as possible. She unlocked the stall and then pressed her hands to the wall to support her body. The figure would be expecting Xion to bust through the door, but hopefully her tactic would take the person by surprise.

Propping her foot up on the toilet paper holder, Xion slammed her other foot into the stall door; the figure shot back, avoiding the door entirely, but then sped forward, expecting the girl to be standing in the stall. Xion prepared for that, thinking ahead. Instead, she'd used her momentum to grab the edge of the stall and prop herself up.

When the figure rushed her, she dropped from the top of the stall, mounting the person and sending them both tumbling toward the floor. The person's head smacked against the ground, and Xion's knees and hands smarted, leaving the small girl to bite her lip.

Xion glanced down at the person, not knowing what to expect. She had not, however, expected to find a handsome, silver-haired teen with electric turquoise eyes. The boy glared at her, but was unable to fight the girl off, probably due to the collision of his head and the tile.

"Who are you?" Xion demanded, pressing her hands to the boy's neck, choking him slightly. She used her knees to pin his arms, restricting his movements.

"I could ask you the same thing," the boy spat, his eyes full of hatred. "Intruder."

Xion pressed her hands further into the boy's neck, causing him to gasp. She narrowed her eyes. "Who. Are. You?"

The boy threw his legs up, locking his feet behind Xion's head. He slammed his foot into her skull and gripped her body between his legs, using her momentary disorientation to his advantage by throwing her backwards and off of him.

Scrambling up from the ground, the attacker grabbed Xion's body, throwing her against the restroom wall. He whipped out a knife and held it against her neck, hissing, "Who are you?"

Xion spat in the boy's eye, pushing against him. He gripped her waist and threw her back into the wall, harder than before. The sound of her skull making contact with the wall was sickening.

The boy pressed against her, his knee in her gut. His lips came close to hers as he jeered dangerously. "You have ten seconds to convince me not to kill you."

Xion gulped, the blade at her neck drawing a prick of blood as the skin pressed to the tip. Ten seconds?

Thinking fast, Xion shoved herself flush against the silver-haired boy's body, pressing her soft lips against his, she fisted her hands in the boy's moonlight colored hair. Three… two… one…

Xion yanked the boy's hair and used his surprise against him, as he was already pulling back from the girl. She shoved him backward and sprinted away, racing through the restroom door. She slammed it on her way out whipped her phone out, dialing Aqua's number.

"Xion, what is it?" Aqua's concerned voice answered. Xion risked a glance backward.

"No time. Did you get the files?"

"Yes," Aqua answered. "Report to Larxene at the south exit immediately."

Xion hung up and tossed the phone into her bag. As she made her way to the exit, she had to give herself a pat on the back for her impromptu Larxene move. Kisses really freaked guys out if the guy didn't initiate them, didn't they?

Riku flung the restroom door open, whipping his head left and right to scan for the girl who had attacked him. He cursed inwardly and took off toward the stairwell. He raced down the steps in the narrow corridor until he came to the first floor exit. On the glass pane on the door, a single red lipstick mark marred the otherwise crystal clear glass, a sarcastic way of flaunting that she had gotten the last word. Caustic little brat.

The azure-eyed, blonde haired girl was nowhere in sight, having gotten away before Riku could catch her. The kiss mocked as much.

Riku smirked as he examined the red kiss mark, thinking of how the girl had used such a kiss to distract and catch him off guard. "Is that a challenge, little girl?"

Okay, so that's it for challenge. I tried to make it as 'mission like' as possible, even with as little time as I had. I also tried to go a little more into detail with Xion's personality in this, because it kind of centered around her character. I tried to make her seem snarky and mocking when Riku found that she left the kiss mark.

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