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Siria scanned her surroundings for any sign of Jim, but he was gone by the time she got up on deck. Since she couldn't find him, she decided to enjoy the launch. Despite the fact that she had taken part in hundreds of launches in her lifetime, she never got tired of that feeling of adrenaline rushing through her as the ship would speed off into space. She swung onto the bowsprit and put one leg on either side, feeling the familiar sensation of the wind rushing through her hair as the ship began to rise. Even though Siria was practically an adult, she smiled gleefully as she sat there on the bowsprit. Little did she know, Jim was holding on to one of the shrouds about ten yards behind the girl, watching her from afar.

"She looks so beautiful with the wind blowing through her hair. She just seems more natural like that," thought the boy as he sighed, turning away to look at the sights as the ship rose off the ground. But when he looked back around, Siria was gone. Jim leaned to the sides, trying to peer at the area where the girl had just been and where she could have gone in a matter of moments. However, he was looking in the wrong directions at the wrong times. Siria had heard Jim sigh and while he was focusing on the launch, she swung on a loose rope to stand right behind him. Whenever he looked around to where she was previously positioned, she moved out of the way with the stealth of a ninja. Finally, Jim gave up on trying to find the girl who was located less than a foot away from him.

Siria leaned in so that her lips were almost touching his ear and exclaimed, "Boo!"

Jim was so startled by Siria's sudden appearance that he accidentally let go of his grip on the shroud and lost his balance. "Jim!" Siria yelled, reacting quickly and instinctively and grabbing on to Jim before he could fall off the ship.

As she pulled him back up, Jim gave her a mixed look of anger, confusion, and marvel. "How do you do that?!" he questioned in a loud voice.

"Do what?" Siria asked elusively, her face giving off a look of fake innocence and ignorance.

"That disappear-reappear thing! How the heck do you do that?!" Jim demanded.

"Sorry. That's my little secret. Besides, if you know how I do it, then I can't have any more fun sneaking up on you." Siria was surprised with herself as she said this. Normally she would have answered that she would teach him for a price or give him some other flirty line. Siria realized that this was a genuine reason for hiding her skills. For the first time, her answer to a boy was out of pure honesty and love of having fun. "Ugh. This boy is seriously messing with my technique... but it actually feels good telling the truth with him- - oh what are you thinking Siria?! This boy is just another target... even if he is kinda cute- - oh stop it!"

"Siria?" Jim said, bringing the girl out of her mental argument with herself.

"Oh, sorry. Just had a lot going on up here," she responeded, laughing nervously as she pointed at her head. "Now, um, what were you asking me?"

"I was asking if- whoa!" Before Jim could finish his question, the ship had left the gravity of the spaceport and he and Siria, along with the rest of the crew, were floating several feet above the deck. Just for fun, Siria decided to play a little game.

"Tag you're it!" she yelled as she poked Jim in the chest, pushing him several inches away. Siria laughed and kicked herself away from where they were floating. Jim tried unsuccessfully to air-swim toward the energetic girl, who just moved herself even farther away from him. The two teenagers continued with their little game of zero-gravity tag until the Captain gave the order to activate the ship's artificial gravity.

Siria and Jim did not hear the order, so they weren't prepared for the sudden weight and the drop on to the deck. The two of them landed in a crumpled heap on the floor with Siria on top of Jim. Even though Siria had grown accustomed to this position, she had never performed the action that normally came with it. One of her methods to "accidentally" meet a target was to act clumsy and "run into" the target, usually resulting in her on top of the target. With those other men and boys, the position felt uncomfortable. With Jim, it felt awkward but at the same time natural.

Siria smiled slightly as she noticed how attractive Jim actually was. His face seemed empty of all emotions, but his eyes told a different story. She hadn't noticed before because of the shadow cast by his hair, but his eyes were a beautiful blue-green color, the same color as the oceans on Elementia. Jim's eyes seemed warmer, more inviting than the boy to whom they belonged. They seemed to tell the story that his face didn't.

Jim stared up at Siria, thinking how beautiful she was when she wasn't trying. Her hair fell down and framed her face. Her uneven eyes fit her personality: strong and confident but at the same time fun-loving and shy. Her eyes sparkled like little treasures inside a beautiful package. He couldn't help but grin as she smiled at him. Siria just seemed to bring back a happy and playful side of him that he hadn't expressed since his dad abandoned him.

Their moment ended when a gruff member of the crew yelled out, "If you two lovebirds are done, we've got a launch to finish!" Siria and Jim stood up hurriedly and clumsily, their cheeks red with embarassment.

"Um, you might want to hold on to something," Siria said after noticing how much sun had powered their sails.

"Why?" Jim responded.

"Just get ready for impact!" Siria ordered, grimacing as she grabbed on to the mast. Jim grabbed on right next to her, not sure what was about to happen.

Up where the Captain and Mr. Arrow were standing, the doctor was trying to readjust his suit after he crashed on to the deck when the gravity returned. The Captain and Mr. Arrow were not at all affected by the shift in gravity. Mr. Arrow gave the order to the crew member below deck to turn on hyperspeed.

The Captain turned to the doctor as he stood up and said, "Brace yourself, Doctor."

Dr. Doppler stood in same position as the Captain as he mocked her order under his breath. However when the ship sped ahead, the Captain barely moved a muscle, but the doctor went flying into the wall, his suit definitely trashed.

Siria and Jim weren't shaken by the hyperspeed because they were prepared, but they were a little shook up from their moment. Siria let go of the mast and stepped back, brushing herself off and noticed that Jim had immediately climbed back on to the shroud. He had the look of a child who just walked in to a giant toy store, eyes bright and excited. She chuckled to herself and decided to leave him alone for a while. She didn't want Jim to think she was a desperate stalker.

At that moment, a pod of Orcus galacticus swam by the ship. Siria rushed over to the railing of the deck and looked out as the space whales surrounded them. One of the whales, a baby by its small size- - well, small compared to the others- - swam right up by Siria. She smiled at the little Orcus and reached out to pet it. The baby made a noise to say it was happy.

Jim watched how gentle Siria acted with the baby whale. He wondered if she was naturally gentle but acted tough when the situation required. "She acts so kind and free when she's on her own, but seems so unsure of herself when she's with somebody else. I wonder which one is the real her," Jim thought to himself.

Siria looked back toward Jim and noticed that he was watching her. Her smile disappeared as she turned away, but she blushed at the attention. She couldn't give any information about herself. If he caught her acting sweet, then he would think of her as a softie. Siria climbed up to the highest boon so Jim couldn't watch her.

As the Orcus pod swam away, she thought back to when she was a young girl on Elementia.

Siria had just come back to her house, carrying a big bouquet of flowers. As Clytie put them in one of their many vases, Castor walked in the door from a long day at work.

"Look Papa!" Siria said cheerily. "Look at the pretty flowers I brought back!"

"Oh, they're beautiful, my little star," Castor replied, picking up the girl and placing her on his knee. "You love everything in nature so much. Are you sure you're not a terrain Elemental? Are you sure? Are you sure?" Castor started tickling Siria as he joked with her.

"No Papa. And I'll prove it to you. One day I'll be able to light fires in the fireplace just like you!"

Castor smiled at his young daughter. "And I can't wait for that day to come. And when it does, I'll be right there to give you a big congratulatory hug."

Siria sat there as the memory faded, lost in time. She touched her face and noticed she had started crying. If only her parents could be there, could see how far she'd come. Siria looked back up toward the stars and promised that when she would be able to use her powers, she would use them in a way that would make her parents proud.

Silver walked on to the deck from the kitchen in his regular coat and three-corner hat with Morph floating by his side. He looked for Siria so she could give him any more info on Jim. He found her sitting on the boon with her head down and swinging her legs. Silver recognized this as her "thinking of Elementia" position. He started to feel sympathetic, but then remembered that he had given her an order to begin work on Plan 351. He nudged Morph and then pointed up at the thoughtful girl. Morph nodded obediently and then flew up to Siria. Morph rubbed under Siria's chin and on the side of her face, getting her attention and at the same time comforting her. Siria looked down to see Silver curling and uncurling his finger, his silent way of saying "come here".

Siria looked around to make sure Jim wasn't watching and she slid down the rope and walked over to Silver. He wrapped his arm around Siria and laughed loudly, giving off a look of father/adoptive-daughter love. After making sure they were out of everyone's view, Silver stopped smiling and leaned down, his head right next to her's.

"I saw that lil goof o' yours. What do ya think you're doin'?! You're s'posed to be flirtin' Jim into a daze, not goin' soft on me! That boy's still thinkin' straight, so obviously you're not doin' your job right! I want ya to amp up the sexiness to eleven. Now do it!" Silver ordered. He pushed the girl off toward Jim with a frown on her face and, if looks could kill, Siria would have murdered half the crew with the death glare in her eyes.

Silver watched the girl walk off, adjusted his coat and hat, and walked over to the deck below the Captain.

"Ahh, t'is a grand day for sailin', Cap'n! And lookit yeh! You're as trim an' as bonnie as a sloop with new sails and a fresh coat o' paint!" Silver bowed as he took off his hat in false respect.

"You can keep that kind of flim-flammery for your spaceport floozies, Silver," the Captain responded flatly. Morph shifted into the Captain and mocked her by repeating, "Spaceport floozies, spaceport floozies." Silver used his hat to hide Morph as he chuckled nervously.

"Yeh cut me to the quick, Cap'n! I speaks nothin' but me heart, at all times..." Silver assured. Siria giggled quietly as Morph caused Silver's hat to float up off his head. Silver grabbed the hat and shoved it back on his head.

The Captain chose to ignore the obvious teasing by Morph and looked over Silver to where Jim was hanging on a shroud. "By the way, isn't that your cabinboy meandering about?" (A.N. let's just pretend this is what she said because I am really not sure).

Silver chuckled nervously again and dismissed himself to scold the boy for not doing work.

Siria did not like Silver's sudden change in attitude, but followed his orders. As Jim leaned out on the shroud, Siria swung up to a higher point on the same shroud. In her most seductive voice she said, "Enjoying the view from down there?"

Jim looked up in surprise and was caught off guard by her sudden forwardness. "Yeah, it's really amazing out here. But I guess you're used to this, being an adventurer and all."

Siria was about to respond when Silver came over. "Jimbo. Siri. I've got two new friends I'd like you ta meet." Jim looked around eagerly, trying to find these mysterious crew members. Siria rolled her eyes and climbed down to Jim's level, knowing where Silver was going with this. "Say hello to Mr. Mop and Mrs. Bucket." Silver tossed the mop and bucket to Jim.

"Yippee," Jim responded unenthusiastically.

Silver ignored the boy's disinterest and looked over to Siria. "And Siri, do you remember Mrs. Bucket's twin, Mr. Basin and Mrs. Scrubbrush?" He tossed the basin and brush up to Siria, who caught them with a look of pure disbelief.

"You're kidding, right?" Siria asked skeptically.

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