"Ahhh! Jesus Christ!" John yelled, his head falling back against the pillow. He could feel more than hear Sherlock chuckled vibrate through his whole body, then he was there, hovering above him, a smirk in place, running his thumb over the corner of his mouth.


John panted, eyes narrowed at the detective. "Never."


Sherlock drop down in the bed next to his partner, his dark hair, slowly regaining it length, clinging to his forehead. "That is most definitely a more productive way to fight off boredom."

"Certainly saves on ammo." John chuckled.

The two men lay back against their individual pillows, staring up at the ceiling till their breathing was regulated, then Sherlock threw his legs off the side of the bed and marched utterly naked out of the room. John laughed at the sound of a female yelp.

"John! We have a client!"

John flew up in the bed and began to scrambled for his clothes. He'd assumed the woman had been Mrs Hudson, it wasn't the first time she'd walked in to find one or the other of them naked over the past few months.

"Oh, John if you wouldn't mind grabbing my robe."

John froze, suddenly remembering Sherlock was naked. With a client. Jesus.

Less than a second later John was rushing out of the bedroom, fastening his jean, a khaki green t-shirt hang around his neck and Sherlock robe over his shoulder. Sherlock was sat in his grey chair with his Union Flag cushion covering his modesty, while a young woman sat on the couch, staring at her feet, a face the colour of a beetroot. John flung the robe at his partner and pulled his t-shirt into place. Taking a breath he turned to the woman. "Hello. I'm Doctor Watson. Don't mind him."

The woman looked up at him through her lashes, blazing a deeper red. "I - This is a bad time…..I come back."

"Sit." Sherlock ordered. "Talk."

"Sherlock." John scolded.

"I do not have time for nonsense. If she has a case she can tell me now or she can leave and not come back. Now sit down and pay attention. Where's you're notebook?"

John smiled apologetically at her as he took his chair, taking his book from the small table beside him. "Seriously Sherlock, I don't know why I put up with you?"

"Because I'm exciting, funny and charming." Sherlock said matter-of-factly. "Not to mention the best shag you're ever had."

John groaned and closed his eyes. He was well past embarrassment by now, but he did feel sorry for the young woman. "I don't know where you got that impression." John murmured, not looking at anyone.

"You. - You've said it on countless occasion."

John blushed. "Huh…Sooo the case. What exactly is it you need Miss….?"

Miss Harvey's case turned out to be a six on Sherlock's scale but he worked it anyway because he was bored and John refused to have sex with him until he helped the woman locate her missing husband. Who as it turned out was leading a double life as a homeless street beggar.

They'd been on their way home when Mary called to inform them that she was in labour, so the cab to Baker Street was diverted to St. Bart's. John was Mary's birthing partner, obviously, leaving Sherlock to pace the corridors of the hospital with Mrs Hudson, who'd been called from the cab.

Mycroft had arrived a few minutes after the older woman, to sit with his legs crossed on the uncomfortable plastic chairs, twirling his umbrella in his fingers.

"What are you doing here?"

"Mary is an employee." Mycroft said as if that was an answer.

Sherlock stared at his brother. "And you usually visit your employees when there giving birth?"

"Of course not, but this is a special case. After all, this child will be a pseudo nephew or niece, I think it's only right that I be here."

Sherlock stared at his brother intently, unsure whether he believed a word of what was being said.

They feel silent, Mrs Hudson brought them disgusting hospital coffee which none of them drank, talking aimlessly about redecoration the flat until neither man could stand it any more.

"How are things going with Moran?" Sherlock asked casually.

"To say the man is insane would be an understatement."

"Obviously, he got involved with Moriarty didn't he."

"Yes, but he's convinced the man isn't really dead and that he'll come back for revenge."

Sherlock shook his head knowing that the Irishman was dead, he'd seen him blow his own brains out. "Well, as long as you keeping him well and truly under lock and key, he can believe anything he likes."

"We're moving him to a specialist facility. He'll never see the light of day."

"Good." Mrs Hudson said from between the two men.

It was another twenty minutes before John appeared at the end of the corridor. Sherlock leapt to his feet, swiftly followed by Mrs Hudson and Mycroft, all looking at him expectantly.

"Well?" Sherlock asked, surprisingly eager.

"It's a boy." John grinned proudly.

"Congratulations John." Mycroft said stiffly with a nod.

Mrs Hudson rushed forward, wrapping her arms around the doctor's neck and hugging him tight. "That's wonderful dearie. Just wonderful. Can we see him?"

John nodded. "In a minutes, there moving Mary to her room."

Finally Sherlock stepped forward, looking down at the slightly older man. The man he'd died to protect, who fate had brought back into his life only to threaten to take away. The man he loved before he even knew what love was. He wasn't crying. He's swear he wasn't crying. It was the detergent.

"Hey." John smiled softly, wiping his thumb across Sherlock cheek. "What's wrong?"

The detective swallowed and shook his head but couldn't speak at that moment so he dropped his mouth to John's and kissed him.

"Congratulation." he whispered against John's lips.

John pulled back to look into Sherlock shining ocean colored eyes. "You alright? You're not going to freak out on me are you?"

Sherlock shook his head.

"So, you're good with this?"

A nod.

John narrowed his gaze, before pulling Sherlock back down for another kiss. "What you say we go see you're step-son?"

Sherlock looked uneasy for a moment then nodded. With his arm uncharacteristically around Sherlock's waste he led everyone down the hall to meet the latest addition to their unique modern family. Ben Watson.


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