Later Wardington city during the morning a medium height 12-year-old boy walking on the side walk planning to go home before sun down but he we was then stopped when he heard something.

Boy: Wears white pants with a brown belt around it that has a Bakugan holder on it, white-tongued white sneakers, and a white long-sleeved shirt with a blue neck collar and cuffs, and has light blue eyes, and brown hair growing on the sidewalk planning on going on.

''Who's there?'', the boy asked as he turned around and didn't see anyone except for a few bystanders which left him confused but he just walked away.

''Nuri'', a voice said as he called out his name but when he looked back but like before no one was there.

''What is going on, I've only been in this city for about a day, how could anyone know my name'', Nuri asked as he continued to walk as he looked back and then he bumped into someone and apparently knocked him or her down.

''Hey'', the kid said as he was on the ground but Nuri didn't see anyone.

''What'd did I bump into'', Nuri asked as he down and saw a small boy with red hair and a backwards hat covering it, freckles in the middle of his face, a blue watch on his left wrist and is wearing a green shirt with an upside light bulb thing, blue shorts on the ground.

''Oh sorry! Who are you'', Nuri asked as he offered the kid his hand but he pushed it aside and got up on his own.

''Akira's the name! And who do you think you are knocking me down like that?'', Akira asked a little angry thinking he did it on purpose.

''It was an accident, calm down!'', Nuri exclaimed frantically putting his hands in front of him and waving them a little.

''Yeah right! And just for that I'm going to beat you in a Bakugan Battle'', Akira exclaimed as he held out a black gate card in his hand.

''He must be kidding me! He's starting a fight with me just for because of a little accident'', Nuri thought to himself with his hands sagging down and a blank look on his face as Akira got angrier.

''Well, what are you waiting for let's do this'', Akira exclaimed with his left arm in the air getting impatient and then Nuri got his gate card.

''Fine let's do this!'', Nuri replied glumly not knowing how long this would take.

''Field Open'', Akira and Nuri exclaimed simultaneously as a circle made up of six element symbols inside circles: Pyrus, Aquos, Haos, Darkus Subterra and Ventus underneath them and then reality around them started to slowdown and then finally they were in a strange place far away from each other with a blue floor and six spirals floating in the air representing the six elements.

Round 1

''Gate Card Set'', the both exclaimed as they threw there gate cards on the field and then they grew large and both of them were ready to launch their Bakugan.

''Here I go Bakugan Stand...rise Subterra Centipoid'', Akira exclaimed as he shot a brown Bakugan ball and landed on his gate card and then the Bakugan ball opened up and then a giant brown Centipede creature appeared from it.

''My turn bakugan Stand'', Nuri exclaimed as he got a bakugan from his Bakugan holder and then shot a white Bakugan Ball and then it landed on the gate card that Centipoid is on and then a giant white tortoise like creature appeared from the Bakugan Ball

Juggernoid's Power Level: 330Gs

Centipoid's Power Level: 340Gs

''Go Centipoid'', Akria exclaimed as Centipoid attacked Juggernoid with its gigantic pincers on is large head and Juggernoid tried to defend against the attack by using its shell for a shield but Juggernoid was to weak as Centipoid kept attacking it much to Akira's delight.

''Sorry but your turtle is too weak to beat my Centipoid'', Akira pointed out with smile as Centipoid continued it's attacks the Juggernoid and it finally knocked Juggeroid to the ground.

''Don't get overconfident,Gate card open up...Reinforcement'', Niru exclaimed as the Gate card revealed itself and a strong light appeared from around the gate card and drained Centipoids power and made Juggernoid stronger

Juggernoid's Power Level 330 - 430

Centipoid's Power Level 440 - 340

''So it looks like I have the upper hand'', Niru pointed out as Juggernoid got back on his feet and the tackled Centipoid to the ground.

''Don't take me so likely Ability Card Activate: Quick Sand'', Akira exclaimed as the entire field started to turn into sand and the Juggernoid started to sink into the sand helpless to do anything about it but Centipoid was perfectly fine.

''This ability card makes the Bakugan with the lowest G's the winner automatically regardless of power'', Akira exclaimed happily as Juggernoid sank into the quick sand but Nuri was perfectly calm.

''No skin off my bones...Ability Activate: Lightning Shield'', Nuri exclaimed holding his ability card and then a strong light appeared from out of the sand and the Juggernoid appeared out of the sand and then the strong light illuminating from its body cancelled out the Quick Sand Ability and boosting Juggernoid power a little bit much to Akira's surprise.

Juggernoid's Power Level 430Gs - 480Gs

''What but how?'', Akira asked in amazement as Juggernoid appeared perfectly fine.

''Lightning Shield has the power to negate your ability card that's how'', Niru replied in a smug tone and decided to finish it

''Juggernoid go and finish the job'', Niru demanded as Juggernoid obeyed Niru and got inside of its shell and started to spin at a incredible rate and then it charged towards Centipoid and when it made contact with it, Centipoid was sent flying into the air and landed next to Akira and then it returned to back to ball form and then it returned to a shocked Akira.

''This can't be'', Akira exclaimed as Juggernoid returned to ball form as well and returned to Niru's hand and Akira's first Gate Card vanished

Niru's Victories 1/3

Akira's Victories 0/3

Niru's: HSP: 0 - 200

Akira's HSP: 0

''One battle down two to go'', Niru said an he readied is gate card which angered Akira

''Don't underestimate me'', Akira demanded as he stomped his foot

Round 2

''Bakugan Roll...Rise Subterra Manion'', Akira demanded as he threw his brown bakugan on Niru's Gate Card and then a giant Spinx/Manticore with huge wings and four pairs of razor claws on each paw appeared out of the ball and the a white robot that has metal shielding, claws, and blades appeared out of Niru's Bakugan.

Robotallion Power Level: 330Gs

Manion Power Level: 350Gs

''Manion send that piece of junk to the scrap yard'', Akira demanded as Manion flew into the air and then attacked from above by hitting Robotallion with its claws repeatedly.

''Ability activate: Earth Power'', Akira demanded as Manion power started to grow but Niru wouldn't allow it.

''Like I'd let you...Counter ability'', Niru exclaimed as Robotallion aimed his hands at Manion and the shot yellow energy from his hands and hit Manion.

''Now your ability is nullified'', Niru exclaimed with a smile on his face but it soon disappeared

''Don't think so! How about a taste of you own medicine, would you like that'', Akira asked with small grin as he activated his ability

''What'', Niru asked confused but he soon found out what he meant

''Ability activate: Copy Cat'', Akira said as Manion's body started glow a bright yellow light and then Robotallions Counter Ability was then cancelled out and Manion got even stronger.

Manion's Power Level 350Gs - 450Gs

''Copy Cat has the ability to give Manion the ability to copy off my previous abilities and you chose my Juggernoids Lightning Shield!'', Niru said perfectly calm because he knew what to do.

''That's right now Manion take down Robotallion right now'', Akira demanded with his arm out as Manion flew towards Robotallion in the sky but before Manion got any closer to Robotallion.

''You think so! Command Card Opened up...Level Down'', Niru exclaimed as the gate card underneath Robotallion and Manion started to turn a black rainbow color and then Manion's power started to get weaker.

Manions Power Level 450Gs - 350Gs

''What was that'', Akira asked totally clueless to what has happened as he looked at his Manion.

''Level Down is a command card that decreases a Bakugan whos power level that is above 400 by 100 of course my Robotallion still is too weak to beat your Manion but that would be the case if I didn't have ability card for it which I do'', Niru explained as he got his ability card much to Akira's dismay.

''Uh-Oh'', Akira exclaimed as Niru activated his ability card.

''Ability card activate...Robotallion Enforcement'', Niru said as a strong white aura surrounded his Robotallion body.

Robotallion 330Gs - 380Gs

''This isn't good'', Akira exclaimed as Robotallion power was then boosted.

''Robotallion go'', Niru demanded as Robotallion punched Manion while it was still in the air and then it was sent flying and then fell to the ground hardly and it returned to ball form and rolled back to Akira and the Robotallion returned to its ball form and returned to Niru's hand and Niru's first gate card vanished.

Niru's Victories 2/3

Akira's Victories 0/3

Niru's HSP: 200 - 600

Akira's HSP: 0

''Well if I'm not correct one more battle should end this brawl for you'', Niru reminded Akira as both got out another bakugan.

''We'll just see about that'', Akira exclaimed as he go this gate card our

Round 3

''Gate Card Set'', Akira exclaimed as he threw his gate card on the field

''Bakugan Roll'', Akira exclaimed as he threw out his bakugan and landed on his gate card then it opened up and then Centipoid appeared out of the ball.

''Another Centipoid? Well ok! Bakugan Roll...Bakugan Stand...Rise Haos Saurus'', Niru demanded as he threw his white Bakugan ball and then it landed where Centipoid was and then a tall and humongous white humanoid triceratops, with armor that looks like ancient battle clothing and can stand on two legs appeared out from the ball directly in front of Centipoid.

Centipoid Power Level: 340Gs

Saurus Power Level: 350Gs

''Now I'm going to end this quickly...Ability activate...Rapid Haos'', Niru said as he activate the ability card

''But that means'', Akira exclaimed in dismay

''That's right I get to add a Haos Bakugan to this battle and I know exactly who to choose'', Nuri said as he was about to pick a Juggernoid but was stopped when he started to see things.

''What's going on'', Nuri asked as he started to see a blinding bright light

Later in the Vestroia where there were 6 giant spirals corresponding to the six elements but something was wrong a Bakugan who looked like a Dragon and had pale skin was flying through the Haos World but was stopped by giant Bakugan.

Bakugan: A huge Bakugan humanoid Bakugan, wears a white armor plate chest, white leg plates,white arm plates, a helmet covering his head but not his eyes and has blue eyes, holding a white sword in his left hand.

''Get out of my way Zeterack'', the pale dragon demanded as Zedarack got in his way.

''Naga what do you think you're doing here'', Zedarack asked as he held out his sword in front of Naga.

''I'm going to the perfect core but I have to make a stop to the Pyrus world first'', Naga replied angrily as he tried to fly away but Zadarack wouldn't allow it as he jumped up into the air and tried to slash him with his sword but Naga dodged it.

''Get out of my way'', Naga demanded as he returned to the ground.

''I know what you're going to do, why are you so obsessed with gaining this power Naga?'', Zedarack asked as he refused to let him go through any further.

Silence! You have no idea what we feel! You know nothing of our wound'', Naga said a little angry but Zedarack knew what was happening.

''I know you're the one behind that human called Michael but all I want to know is where you found him'', Zedarack exclaimed as he waited for a answer but Naga just laughed.

''If you really want to know,then I'll send you to planet Earth'', Naga replied laughing holding out a strange black card and then threw it at Zedarack creating a square portal that tried to suck Zederack into it.

''What is this?'', Zedarak asked as he tried to keep himself from being sucked into the portal but the force was to strong and then he was sucked into the portal and the it shrank into nothing.

''You won't interfere with my plan Zedarack'', Naga exclaimed evilly as he continued to fly away planning to go the world of Fire.

Back to the human world where Niru was still battling Akira and where saw everything that had just happened in the World of Haos.

''Wow what was that'', Niru asked but he noticed his ability card glowing a white-rainbow color much to his shock

''What's happening'', Niru asked a small ball of light appeared out of the card and transformed into a bakugan ball and landed of the Gate Card Saurus and Centipoid was on and then the ability card Rapid Haos transformed into a card with Zedarack on it shooting white blast from his sword.

''What's that Bakugan'', Akira asked as it open up and then Zedarack appeared from the ball standing right next to Saurus.

Zedarack Power Level: 340Gs

''Where am I'', Zedarack asked as he looked around and saw Nuri.

''What! Did he just talk?'', Nuri asked himself as he looked at him.

''Nuri'', Zedarack asked as he looked directly at him but that's when Akira cut in with his Centipoid

''I don't care that Bakugan is I'm going to take it down Gate Card Open'', Akira demanded as the entire field turned into a desert with some Pyramids and then Centipoid got even stronger!

Centipoid Power Level 340Gs - 490Gs

''Go and take out those two Bakugan'', Akira demanded as Centipoid burrowed underground for a surprised attack but Zeterack knew what to do.

''I don't have time for this I've got to figure out what's happening...Sword Slam'', Zedarack exclaimed as he got out his blue sword and the he smashed it to the sand causing the ground to vibrate and then all the sand disappeared and Centipoid was then spotted

Centipoid Power Level 490Gs - 340Gs

''What happened'', Akira asked shocked as Zedarack the charged towards Centipoid and then he striked it with his sword.

''Holly Sword Slash'', Zedarack yelled out as his sword glowed brightly with a white glow

Zedarack's Power Level 340Gs - 440Gs

''He's strong'', Niru though as Zedarack slashed Centipoid with its reinforced sword causing it to get sent down to the ground and returned to ball form next to a shocked Akira as he fell on his knees and that's when Saurus and Zedarack returned to ball form as well.

Nuri's HSP: 600 - 1000

Akira's HSP: 0

Niru's Victories 3/3

Akira's Victories 0/3

Winner: Nuri

''How could I lose'', Akira whined reality around them turned back to normal and the Bakugan field collapses.

''I'm not going to allow this! I'm going to tell my big brother and he's going to teach you a lesson'', Akira yelled out as he grabbed his three Bakugan and ran away but Niru was more concerned about his new Bakugan.

''What is going on, I swore I heard it speak'', Niru said as he looked at Zedarack in ball form wondering what is going on